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Edtc 6340 ppt 2

  1. 1. EDTC 6340Week 1Copyright Crash Course
  2. 2. Public Domain & Orphan Works Old copyright laws Long protection Mass digitalization (Harper, 2007) Overprotection
  3. 3. Public Domain & Orphan Works New and better tools to identify materials in thepublic domain (Harper, 2007) Google Book Search Library UT Libraries Public Domain Project Orphan Works (Harper, 2007) When does it become part of the public domain?
  4. 4. Get involved Open Content Alliance (website) Open Library (website) Resource Shelf logs of mass digitalizationprojects (website)Georgia K. Harper. (2007). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved fromhttp://mesacc.libguides.com/content.php?pid=38266&sid=281078
  5. 5. Materials from the Internet Copyright law applies to the Internet (Harper, 2007) Internet ≠ Public domain Automatic copyright protection Implied and express licenses (Harper, 2007) Vague boundaries (Harper, 2007) Creative Commons
  6. 6. Materials from the Internet Liability RIAA lawsuits Individuals Organizations
  7. 7. Materials from the Internet Fair use Analog DigitalGeorgia K. Harper. (2007). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved fromhttp://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/useofweb.html
  8. 8. The Teach Act Section 110(1) of the Copyright Act (Harper, 2007) Educators (in the classroom) Fair use Display Perform Distance Learning (Teach Act) Shown as clips Limits and conditions - Section 110(2)
  9. 9. The Teach Act Section 110(2) – Expanded rights (Harper, 2007) Non dramatic literal or music Limited segments Still images Only applies to accredited nonprofiteducational institutions (Harper, 2007) Not educational textbooksGeorgia K. Harper. (2007). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved fromhttp://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/teachact.html
  10. 10. Fair Use Check licenses Unprotected works Public domain US government works Library Licensed Creative Commons Four factor fair use test (Harper, 2007) Character of the use Nature of the work How much of the work Effect on the market for original worksGeorgia K. Harper. (2007). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved fromhttp://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/copypol2.html
  11. 11. Getting Permission Collective Rights Organizations (Harper, 2007) Copyright Clearing Center (CCC) International collective rights (Lesley Ellen Harris in Harper,2007) Copyright Licensing Agency (UK) Freelance writers Contacting the Owner In writtingGeorgia K. Harper. (2007). Copyright Crash Course. Retrieved fromhttp://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/permissn.html