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National symbols


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National Symbols of the Philippines

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National symbols

  2. 2. THE PHILIPPINE FLAG Our flag stands for our country. Our flag has four colors. They are red, white, bule and yellow. Red stands for bravery, white for purity and blue for peace. Our flag has three stars and a sun. The three stars stand for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The sun stands for freedom and its eight rays stand for the eight provinces that revolted against the Spaniards.
  3. 3. LUPANG HINIRANG  It is our national anthem  We sing it during flag ceremony  Julian Felipe composed the music  Jose Palma wrote the words of the song  It tells about our beautiful country and our willingness to die for her freedom
  4. 4. It is our national house. It is built from nipa and bamboo and is usually seen in the barrios. BAHAY- KUBO
  5. 5.  This is our national animal. The domesticated carabao is persevering, industrious, and strong. These are qualities that Filipinos possess. CARABAO
  6. 6.  National Fruit. This very delicious fruit has very smooth skin. It is green when unripe and yellow when ripe.
  7. 7. National Flower. Its petals are fragrant and milky-white. The flower symbolises purity.
  8. 8. BARONG TAGALOG AND BARO’T SAYA National costumes. The barong- Tagalog is worn by men ehile the baro’t saya is worn by women during important occasions.
  9. 9. BANGUS National fish. The milkfish has white sparkling scales; its flesh has a deliciously exquisite taste.
  10. 10. Narra National tree. This tree has qualities like that of the Filipinos: sturdy, upright, firm and durable.
  11. 11. Philippine Eagle National bird. The Philippine eagle is a large bird of prey, strong and fearless. It represents the Philippines as a solid and stable nation.
  12. 12. Cariñosa NATIONAL DANCE
  13. 13. SIPA National Game.
  14. 14. ANAHAW National leaf.
  15. 15. DR. JOSE RIZAL National Hero. An admirable and brilliant writer and doctor, Rizal wrote the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo which opened the minds or many Filipinos to fight for freedom from foreign colonizers.