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Heart and Stroke Foundation letter


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Received June 2013 H & S Foundation CC'd to manager of the 'WORKS' Toronto Public Health and Dr. Laurie Morrison of this live human study Can. J. Public Health 2013;104(3):e200-4 'Development and implementation of an opioid overdose prevention and response program in Toronto, Ontario.'

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Heart and Stroke Foundation letter

  1. 1. PublicHealth Ontario'straining literature. Proves the heart isbeating and patient isdying lack of oxygen. Give rescue breathing ASAPjust basic first aid knowledge. Training video Training Power PointSlide 23 PP.pdf Naloxone Training VideoListen9:20 secs signsof respiratory emergency Signs ofOD and proper treatment,rescue breathingany respiratory emergency PublicHealthborrowedthe illustrationsfromthe ChicagoRecoveryAlliancesprotocol of 1996.
  2. 2. Inside TorontoPublicHealth'sOffice 277 VictoriaSt@ DundasSt East. I tookthistrainingSept.2, 2011 the liesjustgetbiggerandbiggerfromPublicHealth.
  3. 3. Newprotocol Feb 1, 2016 now they have everyone confused. The above protocol remains?