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Gary Beal, a.k.a GaryTheScubaGuy has been doing SEO since he was a Super Affiliate in the Gaming Industry in the US. 6 Years ago he moved to the UK and was the first recognised Gaming SEO in Europe. Since then he has spoken at over 50 conferences,published dozens of articles in all of the Affiliate Magazines and is best known for his “Top 12 SEO Tips for 20__”. He has worked with most of the big players, but he gives his hands-on tactics away for free to Affiliates on forums like GPWA and SEOChat, and conferences like this one!

- Gary Beal currently lives in Malta - Malta

Гари Бил, так же известный как GaryTheScubaGuy занимается SEO с тех пор как он был Супер Аффилиэйт в Игровой Индустрии в Соединенных Штатах. 6 лет назад он переехал в Англию и стал первым признанным Игровым SEO в Европе. С тех пор он произносил речи на более чем 50-и конференциях, опубликовал десятки статей во всех журналах аффилиэйтов на форумах как GPWA, SEOChat и конференциях как эта.

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Press top 12 seo tips for 2103 v3.1 - race conference - moscow russia 11-12 - Gary Beal Malta

  1. 1. Top 12 SEO Tips for 2013 – Russian Affiliate Conference & Expo Moscow, Russia Author – Gary R Beal Page 1
  2. 2. Top 12 SEO Tips for 2013 AffiliatesPenguin 3.0 and the Google Disavow Tool were released recently and they haveimpacted a huge number of websites to a certain extent.Although the Panda update was targeting Affiliates, this update also contains certainmetrics that seem to be affecting Affiliate-type websites like portal sites.I have a lot of these and have seen a significant change, both good and bad.I am writing this for other Affiliates in hopes that everyone, Affiliate or SEO, willtake at least one thing home with them that they didnt start with.I work as an SEO and as an Affiliate – in both cases for majorcasino, gambling and Bingo websitesThis industry is considered to be one of the “Three Ps”.The “Three Ps” are named this because they are the most difficult industries online.They are Poker, Pills and Porn. I do Poker and other Gaming websites.We do things in these industries that most do not do, or do not have to do.So these tactics/methods are very aggressive, and very successful. The tools and theshortcuts are meant to get the most value from the time you spend each day. I havetried most of the tools out there so save your money and your time and write thesedown. Or go the the website at the bottom of the slides for a list of links.Some of the 50+ tools and websites I will talk about are used by many people formany different reasons, and a lot of these are considered Black Hat methods. I do notendorse the use of these tools in this way, but I will be showing you how it is done. Ibelieve you need to know what the competition is doing in order to compete.What I will say is that I have what SEOs call “Sacrificial Lamb” websites that areregularly used to test the limits of these tools and also Yandex/Googles red flaglimits. We want to find out what affects a website positively and negatively in thesearch engine results.So beware. Some of this information can negatively affect your website if usedimproperly.You need to know what you are up against in any market. Page 2
  3. 3. The last thing I will tell you is that Google and Yandex are very similar in the waythat they operate.In terms of organic SEO and Pay Per Click (Yandex.Direct/Google Adwords) bothcompanies share many similarities. Although certain things are different internally theresults are similar. Some of the tools each Search Engines provides are different, butboth can be useful (Then you have tools like Google Translate)What are your Geographic Targets?I spoke at a couple of conferences in Romania and other Eastern European countriesrecently and what I found is that most Affiliates and companies, and companies withAffiliates are only targeting their own country. Since Russias 83 regions are similarto the USs 50 states you may choose to just target a regional market. If this is youthere are many differences in Local, Regional and Worldwide SEO, but there aremany similarities as well.The SEO tips I give are for a worldwide campaign but most tips are for Local Searchas well.In some situations it is impossible to market outside of your own country for variousreasons. As an Affiliate though you have the unique opportunity to target a globalmarket if you are marketing the right product.Take online gambling for instance. You can market all over the world. Many productsare this way. As an Affiliate you can sell services such as Canon or FedEX if youwant. Companies like Commission Junction and TradeDoubler even do some of thework for you for a fee. Other Affiliate offers are direct from the company and you cannegotiate for higher commissions or get white label websites that are not just theusual Affiliate website that has banners and lists of other websites. An example wouldbe a Bingo Website where they play on your website instead of getting sent to anotherwebsite.The only thing standing between you and success is choosing the right product for theright demographic and geographic targets.I wouldnt pick to market Bingo in the UK because the market is saturated. I wouldmarket Bingo in the US and Canada. Most companies do not target the US so itmakes it a “soft market” or more simple to have success in. There are reasons for thisthat I wont get into. The point I am making is you find the right product and the rightmarket and all you need to do is the right Search Engine Optimisation. Page 3
  4. 4. How Do I Find The Right Market and Product?I use Google News, Google Trends, Google Alerts and some type of RSS populateddesktop or automatic email program. I monitor the top 10 markets by “TwitterTrending” and then I do keyword research (WordTracker or Google KeywordTool).Google Trends identifies the top geographical markets, the top languages and citiesby keyword search history.I know that Yandex has great tools for SEO. My target region is global so I useGoogles first, then Yandex if the Russian market is Top 10 for my websites productor language. So most of what I say applies to Google.As an Affiliate my next step is to compare the average commission against myestimated PPC conversion cost – or what each sale cost me in advertising.If these figures are positive then I have my new product.I run PPC campaigns on the assumption that if I break even I did good. That isbecause I get traffic to the site to test SEO and user navigation issues, I discover if themarket is profitable enough to stay involved in and I get valuable information on thebest keywords and landing pages to use on my website and in my SEO tactics.So thats my big speech on becoming a successful Affiliate – Find theright product and offer by using the right tools. Page 4
  5. 5. Organic SEOThe next step is to rank organically. The information you have from the previousinformation will be utilised here.The first thing I do is find a domain. If I were in Russia and my target is the world Ineed to consider a couple things; • Do I buy a Russian domain – • Do I buy a .com? • Do I find a domain that I can buy both? • Do I get content in Russian or English? Both? Additional Languages? • Where do I host the website?These are all important questions. My answer is that I do them both. I will look atthe top 10 regions that are searching my products keyword. Then I want to see ifthere are duplicate languages. If my top 3 countries are English speaking then I am ina good position. If I can target 6-10 of the top 10 countries with just 2 or 3 languagesI am doing better.This is because I can buy hosting in target countries for just a few Euros per month. IfI were to buy translation for 6-10 languages it would be expensive.I should point out right now that it is very important you research all sources ofinformation very well. Take your time. There are a dozen tools to help you determinea market for your product and you need to look at what sites you are up against andwhat gets them top rankings. Tools like SEOMoz, SEO Powersuite, MajesticSEO,LinkResearchTools, SearchMetrics, and Spyfu are all tools I have used, and stilluse. You should look into each and see what is best for your need. Each will compareverified SEO elements important to ranking. It will compare things like back links,content and traffic statistics.Search Engine RankingsYou need to set this up from the beginning while you are doing keyword research.You need to have a start date or a Pre-SEO Report. I use rank results as an Affiliateand as the starting point for my SEO clients. Some may already rank so it isimportant to establish a starting point. You need to know how what you are doing isimproving or harming your rankings.I have used them all and still use 3 or 4 different tools for different reasons. Theprimary tool I use for commercial level search rankings is a tool called RankTracker. There is a link to it at There is also a link toOverPlay which you must use with Rank Tracker if you run rank results like I do. Page 5
  6. 6. My typical work load is searching 1000s of terms on dozens of websites and it mustlook like I am searching from that country. So Terms x Engines x Countries. Theproblem is that most of the search engines will block you. Google does this withcaptchas. When you must identify a picture of skewed letters to verify you arehuman. There are captcha tools you can pay for that will solve these, but its better tobe nice with the Search Engines.OverplaySo I use OverPlay.OverPlay masks my IP. It can make it appear as if I am searching from any country Iwant. Its $8 a month and invaluable. (I even use it in Malta to Get NetFlix).I recommend running this the first time on a massive keyword list. This shouldinclude; • Hollywood Terms (Bingo, Online Bingo, Free Bingo) • Primary Keywords (Free Online Bingo) • Secondary Terms (Play Free Online Bingo) • Long-tail Terms (Play Free Online Bingo 90 Ball)My first Pre-SEO Reports usually contains over 100 terms. This will take a lot oftime but you will reduce this number down to around 25 after the first time you run it.I would also double the number that the program uses as its default settings to double,or twice the numbers they recommend for human emulation. Page 6
  7. 7. Note - Search only 5 terms at a time. Sort by date submitted. Select the nextfive.Change OverPlay to a new location in your target country and start it again.Repeat this until you are finished with the list. Save this in DropBox or a Cloudbecause this is a very important document.Okay. So far we have; • Our domain • Our keywords • Our language and country targets • Our Pre-SEO Report run and Rank Tracking setupNow we will set up our campaignsWhen I begin a campaign I use multiple tools. Some of these are paid and some arefree. I log in to each of these and bookmark each in a folder that is named for thetask. If I am doing market research I have a set of websites in one folder. When I startmy research I just right click on the folder and open all in tabs. If I am doing PPC Ihave a folder with Adwords, MSN, Yahoo, AdBright, Adsense and a few others thatautomatically open to my account. I use LastPass to auto-login to save time.The Difference Between Yandex, and regardingTheir Search ResultsIf you search for any English word or phrase on, you will get results fromRussian sites ending in .ru. If you search on and have a Russian IPaddress you will not get Russian results if you are searching in English.Yandex looks at geographical regions based on your IP that you are searching from.What happens if you search Russian terms on Yandex from a UK IP address?What happens if I search from Spain in Russian?There are many combinations in you what will see in these results.These are areas that can be exploited by an Affiliate.Subdomains – The Key to Blanket Coverage of Multiple Geotargetsand LanguagesRather than build multiple sites to target multiple language you can use your primarydomains to target any region and any language. This is definitely recommended ifyou have an existing strong domain.You can transfer the trust and authority from your main site to your subdomains by Page 7
  8. 8. linking to them. The amount that they send the subdomains is not diluted or degradedby having 10, 20 or even 30 subdomains.A subdomain linked to from a PR5 domain will transfer a PR5(Google Page Rank). Page 8
  9. 9. The primary domain passes 100% of PR to the subdomains Page 9
  10. 10. Trust and Authority is also passed to subdomainsTransferred Trust and Authority PointsCreating subdomains is best left up to a webmaster of you can hire someone to do iton Odesk. I use Odesk for many of my jobs. Otherwise there are many tutorialsavailable.The most significant reason that you want to create subdomains is this: Google andYandex see subdomains as individual websites.Here is an example from a search on for Bingo Games; Page 10
  11. 11. Other important reasons subdomains are an excellent choice; • You can set Geotargeting in Webmaster Central Tools to target regions • Subdomains can be hosted separately in each target region/country • Links are reciprocal (equal) benefits to both domains • If your site is penalised you can use a 301 and restore rankings • I hire translators for .005 per word on Odesk Geotargeting & Regional HostingNext – The WebsiteI use TemplateMonster Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) for most ofmy websites because most hosting companies have a 1-button install. Page 11
  12. 12. I do mostly gaming and target globally so I use companies that offer a white label. Inyears past you had to spend thousands to get a “Branded” website. In the gamblingindustry it is very hard to get White Labels because of the way their odds andgambling platforms function. They only offered Banners and Affiliate links.I want to capture the user data to build an email list and I want the ability to testdifferent landing pages. Most affiliate programs rarely allow you thatprivilege/benefit.You have the option of buying a website and having it built, or building a Portal sitewhich is a website with banners and comparisons. Commission Junction andTradeDoubler are great for this type of website. Personally I prefer a white label site.A white label is the best because you get to do anything you want with it, and youkeep the player until they deposit or buy something. I keep the emails and sell lists toother websites. This is a good example of the aggregate value of this data that mostAffiliates give away to their Operators.In the past White Label Websites were very expensive, and that is if they even offeredthem. There are a few companies that see the value and are offeringdiscounted/reduced pricing on white labels.For Casinos and Bingo I use Vista Gaming. You can see two of my sites at and reason I like what they offer is that I control everything and I can even put otherbanners and money generating applications like Adense and AdBright wherever Iwant. I sell ad space to websites on some of my best ranking sites for thousands ofEuros* Page 12
  13. 13. Now For The Juicy Bits – The Top 12 SEO Tips and Tools for Affiliatesin 2013There are 3 primary items that are the base behind most successful websites; 1. Great end-user experience - Attractive site (This is ugly (slide) this is not (slide) - Easy to navigate (Silo Technique) - Not over “busy”-TMI - (Ie. Google) 2. 1000+ pages of very good and related content - Use Latent Semantics - Teach content writers and Developers/Programmers basic SEO - Link Internally 3. Quality and Relevant Back Links - Back links from relevant sites that have relevant sites linking to it - Deep back links – 70% of links go to internal pages - Links from trusted & authority sites (PRWeb, MarketWire, etc.) Page 13
  14. 14. Top 12 SEO Tips for 2013Many of this years tips are based on CMSs or Content Management Systems. This isbecause Google has been saying for years that “Content is King”, and now they areproving it - so most of the tips and tools this year are targeting content and how tooptimise it. Ill assume you have nothing in place right now, but if you do have anexisting website a CMS can be added to it very easily, or for $10 at Odesk.Instead of giving full access of the site to someone to post new pages you can create ausername and password to your CMS and they would log in just as if it were theirblog.I pay $6 - $10 for a writer to create a 100% unique 550 word article using SEOtechniques that I give them instruction on how to create a proper document. When Ihire them I ask if they know Wordpress. If they do not I have a 3 step tutorial teach them how to set the tweaks in the plugins I have installed and they include; 1. SEO Ultimate 2. G+ Button 3. Google Author Tag 4. Facebook Like Button 5. Juggernaut Keywords 6. Tags, Title & Descriptions 7. An optimised Image Page 14
  15. 15. 8. RSS feed 9. Automatic Canonicalisation 10. Optimisation for Social Networks – ALL THIS FOR $6-$10 I have 15 writers and 5 translators posting to 9 blogs for 600 Euros pcm.Tip 1. Install an CMS WebsiteYou can use Drupal, Magento, Wordpress or one of many CMSs. These arebeneficial because they have important SEO elements like title tags, URL rewritesand many other SEO enhancements that work very well.There are many other SEO plugins/widgets. Some includes RSS (multiple feed)features, additional social network elements, more on-page SEO and navigationaloptions such as 301 redirects and canonicalisation.Tip 2. Use Googles New rel=Author Tag and G+The Google author tag is a new tag that Google has added to allow authors to claimtheir hard work. In testing 70% to 80% of the top 10 rankings in dozens of searchresult tests showed top 10 sites included the author link.Google +Google Plus Page URL will look like this :• 109412257237874861202rel+Author Tag <a href="HTTPS:// rel=author">Gary Beal</a>Place the above in your post before the </HEAD>Wordpress has many plug-ins for this as well; Page 15
  16. 16. Tip 3. Use Juggernauts in WordPressA Juggernaut change a word that is in text form into a link. You set the number oflinks and how many pages in posts the link on.This is what the Juggernauts look like; Page 16
  17. 17. You have options to change specific keywords to links and you can select allinstances that it shows up or any number of link combinations.I only change my target keyword to a link only once per post and only 2 or 3keywords.Note - Be very careful not to confuse the search engine robots by linking to the samepage with different anchor text. Also beware of sending the robot into an infiniteloop. The search robot will not get to the inner subdirectories if its spinning in a circleuntil it times out and leaves your site.Tip 4. Use Latent Semantics when creating your content. Especially when you are targeting specific regions/countries. Page 17
  18. 18. OK who wants to solve this for me?Lets be honest, most of us will never run through formulas like this. If wewere going to do that I have a few theoretical Algorithm formulas that willmake your head spin.Let X be a matrix where element (i,j) describes the occurrence of term I in document j (this can be, for example, the frequency). X willlook like this:Now a row in this matrix will be a vector corresponding to a term, giving its relation to each document:Likewise, a column in this matrix will be a vector corresponding to a document, giving its relation to each term:Now the dot product between two term vectors gives the correlation between the terms over the documents. The matrix product XXT contains all thesedot products. Element (i,p) (which is equal to element (p,i)) contains the dot product ( ). Likewise, the matrix XTX contains the dot productsbetween all the document vectors, giving their correlation over the terms: .Now assume that there exists a decomposition of X such that U and V are orthogonal matrices and Σ is a diagonal matrix. This is called a singular valuedecomposition (SVD):The matrix products giving us the term and document correlations then becomeIn simple words; LSA is the process of comparing documents to find relevantkeywords that normally surround the targeted keyword.Example: You create an article based on the keyword Lory. This is a word they use inthe UK for truck. Latent Semantic Analysis would analyse the article and thearticles/websites that are linking to it and look for relative terms.If the content surrounding the target term or the links from other documents orwebsites, or both of these combined are referring to Cardinals, BlueJays and Mockingbirds the algorithm would tag this page as the English version of a bird because ofthe related articles and LSA.If the linking documents and links referenced Ford, Mercedes and Volvo, thealgorithm would tag the topic as being about trucks. Page 18
  19. 19. The reason LSA is so important to use in your content as well as the anchor text inyour back links is because of LSI. These let Google figure out what to classify thedocument as and what authority to give it, then it indexes the page accordingly.If your entire site is about Lories you are doing well. Otherwise I would create a siloif I expected to rank well for Lories.When running campaigns that target multiple countries and languages this becomeextremely important.The complexity of multiple languages, the algorithmsconsideration of regional and local slang terminology and surrounding content, andalso back links create an even more difficult task.Now I am going to throw one more item in to this confusion.Lets say you are in Australia, you speak English, and your target is the US and theUK. Trucks are referred to as Utes in Australia. Utes are called Lories in the UK.Lories are called trucks in the US.We are trying to target truck buyers in 3 countries that call trucks different names.What are your options? (For all of these options you need back links from relevantsites and using relevant anchor text); Option 1. Create an article that references each of them Option 2. Create an individual post for each type of truck name (Truck, Lory, Ute) Option 3. Create silos for each type of truck Option 4. Create subdomains for each, with geographical targeting, titles and descriptions for the type of truck you are targeting.My choice is number 4.As I said earlier subdomains are considered stand-alone or completely separatewebsites and will therefor have the best chance at ranking well. I also gain authoritypoints from Google.TIP 5. Important elements in the Penguin 3.0 update** Page 19
  20. 20. These ranking factors are tested by taking the top 100 websites that improved themost and were negatively impacted – So the top 50 and the top 50 that were winnersand the top 50 that were losers. (Ie. Increases & Decreases in the SERPs)This is no definitive and it only applies to this specific update. Google has on average1 or 2 algorithm tweaks/adjustments every day. The significant ones like Panda,Jagger. 65 Pack and the Freshness Update are well known to most SEOs but it isimpossible to known or identify them all. Every update has different targets.It is important to keep in mind that if elements like Social Media, Hosting Countriesand Domain Age are not considered important in this update. This is because everyalgorithm targets different parts of the overall Google Algorithm. These are the partsthat were found to be important NOW. 1. Medium Importance** • Number of indexed pages (target 1000+ for your sites) • Deep Link Ratio - (I keep it a 30/70 split. The 30% being my homepage and my primary search term. I do not use my primary search term in more than 20% of the anchor text pointing to my website. I do include the keyword in related keyword string links. Note – Link Brand keywords to home page 40% max. • TitleRank and Power Trust – I use PRWeb and MarketWire for press releases that are syndicated across hundreds of online news sources that are considered trustworthy and authoritative. The title of the article and the snippets (H1 and H2/H3 tags) include my target keyword and they link back to a page that shares the same title, description and links within my other pages that refer back to this page. (hint – Pay $299 for a Yahoo Directory Listing. Youll never find a link from a clean PR7 website that is trusted by Google 100% for $25 per month) 1. High Importance** • Link Velocity Trend – In the past building too many links too fast was considered a bad thing to do. Based on the top 100 winners and losers this is not true. The winners added nearly 400 links per month on average while the losers lost links. Be very aggressive on links between now and the next major update. (hint – Site-wide links on Authority websites are golden. If you are in competition with any big players/websites you must set a proper budget aside for these types of links. I identify these high-value sites by analysing my competitors back links and their Trust Authority. I spend 20-40% of a budget on these links). Be sure they are on Page 20
  21. 21. related sites, they use Brand as keywords (if you have a brand) and link half of these links to the front page and the rest to internal links. • Domain Popularity – I call this the Links^3 or “Links to Links to Links”. Who links to the sites that link to you? Are they relevant? This is a perfect case for back link evaluation and getting anchor text changed. You can also run Page Strength reports on your site and find the strongest pages for the keywords in the back link that you have from big and well established websites. • Winners had TWICE the average number of links from very big (and established) websites. • This is about the time I start doing press releases and looking for guest posts to do or good links I can buy. • Domain Popularity is; ▪ Traffic to the site ▪ Link to Links to the site ▪ Top results for KW titlesNote – Regarding link buying; I do most of mine through Teliad LinkAdage or Intellilinks or some place I can measure the strength of a link. It is important to note that the number of outgoing links dilutes/degrades the value of your link so I look for under 10 outbound links maximum and I also make sure the other outbound links on the page are pointing to related pages and not unrelated websites.TIP 6. Use Googles Disavow ToolPlan a full week to do back link analysis. Proper back link analysis of your websiteand your competitors website will take this long. It is a good investment.Google has released the Disavow Tool which allows website owners to report badlinks and get them ignored by Google. This is great for many websites in Gamblingand competitive industries because in the past Google Bowling has hurt manywebsites.Google Bowling is when your competitor points a bunch of bad links at you.Buying 0 value links with porn, viagra, or other related negative terms throughcompanies like TextLinkAds and for $1 is a known method. Buyingprograms like HREFER, Market Samurai or SENuke and setting them up to targetyour competitor with nasty links could not be prevented by Google and we have beenasking for this type of tool for years. The only other option was to identify the backlink, block the IP and notify Google and hope they read the email or act on it andignore these links. That doesnt happen. Page 21
  22. 22. TIP 7. Limit adsWhen Panda was releases rumours circulated that too mamny advertisements couldhurt your rankings. We did some testing at that time and found that some of ourrankings had fallen on high-ad content websites.. The same testing done recently onthe Penguin 3.0 update and the results showed no impact of too many advertisementson a website.It also didnt show that running Adsense or spending money on Adwords had anyaffect at all. Not negative or positive. I prefer the safe route and I am selective onwhat banners I place and where I place them. I never place them on the front pageunless the offer from the advertiser is exceptional.I am different than many people when displaying banners, selling links and Adsenseor AdBrite types of advertisements. If I receive a certain amount of traffic I knowwho to talk to that will pay for the real estate (placement on my site) and what theythe traffic is worth to them. This type of advertisement is acceptable to me.I just do not like advertising. Users dont like them either. And I really havent madeenough money from them to justify taking the chance of drawing attention, or worse,a penalty.TIP 8. NoFollow All Outbound Affiliate Links(Most CMS programs have a NoFollow Tool as a plug-in/widget option) • PR Funnelling – my testing shows it still works in some cases • Cancel a funnel by using a NoFollow tag • Check banner and link codes for hidden links. Remove it or add a NoFollow • Outbound links to trusted sites build authority (DoFollow) • Max outbound links per page = 15 • NoFollow useless index/front page links: About Us, Terms & Conditions, Payment, Log In, etcTIP 9. Create Multiple File TypesSearch isnt just written content on your website as it was in the past. Videos, PDFFiles/White Papers, Images, Articles/Press Release and Social Media make up 40% ofthe traffic to a website with a healthy profile. I use Camtasia for videos, Jing forImages, Adobe Pro 7.0 – 10 for PDFs, and Marketwire and PRWeb for articles and Page 22
  23. 23. Press Releases. (hint; The links in PDF files are live links) (*Note -Dont forget tocreate a new sitemap and manually submit through Google.TIP 9. Use Breadcrumbs – breadcrumbs>are>these>thingsUse breadcrumbs that follow your KW Silo and your site navigation. This helps theend-user as well as the robots. Wordpress ha a widget made to create silos. This alsohelps in tracking your silos after time goes bay and you have added many pages.TIP 10. Install Automated XML Sitemap CreatorYou should be adding content every day so you need a sitemap generated every day.You are targeting “fresh” markets and hot trending events to identify product orservices. These pages need Indexed ASAP. (Pingdom)Each post has many SEO elements and links, both internal and external. Wordpress,Magento, Drupal and most CMSs have built in sitemap generators.If you do not have access to a built-in program you can use InSpyder.All of the above options will crawl and create the sitemap, upload it using FTP toyour site, and the ping it so it is found.TIP 11. Do a Health Check on Your SiteRun a comprehensive site analysis on the same day of every month. This MUSTbecome a habit.Even if you are the only person with access you may still needupdates for widgets, the CMS or something else. If there are multiple people in thesite admin it is common to find broken links and duplicated pages.I have seen websites with 6 versions of a homepage because they switched platformsand were testing. Google saw these as duplicate content and did not index theintended page. `the correct one was de-indexed and did not show in the SERPs.The Health Check includes; 1. Run Screaming Frog crawler Page 23
  24. 24. Easy to Identify duplicate titles, kws and descriptions. Will show canonicalisation, all errors and image properties, and displays them in a spread sheet format. Allows you to identify problems very quickly. 2. Check your back links are still in place LinkAssistant, MajesticSEO, Webmaster Central, etc.). Also check there are no back links going to a 404 or a bad URL. Add the page or do a 301 redirect. Also check for bad links to send to Google to Disavow. 3. Run competitor monitor tools Programs like SEO Spyglass, SEOMoz, LinkResearchTools, Majestic SEO, TweetDeck, HootSuite, Ahrefs, and many other free and for sale programs. All of these are great programs. You need to evaluate them to see which is best for you. I use a combination of most of them. I run rank reports and if I see any significant change in a competitors rankings and then I will go to other tools to try and identify what they did.If you did the competitor analysis I mentioned earlier you will have their rank resultsas a base to compare fresh rankings. This is the starting point when analysing thecompetition. From this point I start looking at historical back link comparisons, Icompare on-page SEO elements and I also search for anything off-site such aspromotions or press releases. Google Alerts is the tool I use for every topic or subjectI am tracking.TIP 12. Twelve Bonus SEO Tips Twelve (12) Quick ON-Site General SEO Tips 1. Put KW in the page title 2. Put KW In the 1st paragraph of content 3. Use KWs as internal links that point back to the page from other pages 4. Avoid using single words as navigation. 5. Use KWs as files names and directories accessed by the website 6. Use KW s as alt image tags (hint – Use for a SERP boost!) 7. Use KWs header tags (H1-H5) 8. Use bold, italics and superscript/subscript kw phrases – but not exact 9. Always use images that have kw file name, kw alt tag and description. An put a link to any other page. 10.Use your KWs as the base of your LSA. I do this on a piece of paper or an excel spread sheet. This is very important. 11.Add social media plugins like Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Page 24