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Co-Working Presentation April 2016


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Co-Working Presentation April 2016

  2. 2. Introduction • Through focused Pioneering Research, our professional engineers can provide added value to your business investments, suitable for today's global Urbanisation Trend. Together we can offer tailored engineering solutions that deliver true business value to enhance your investment. • Question: – What have been the historical trends ? – What are the influences on the offices of the future ? – What are the areas to focus on ? – How will the office of the future affect your business ? 2016-04-06 2 Engineering solutions that deliver true business value
  3. 3. Focus on the Future • With the ever changing technological world, whether we perceive it or not, we are living in the “Third Industrial Revolution” • We have achieved advancements in Technology in the last 20 years, that took the equivalent 2nd Industrial Revolution 200 years. • This means that the old 20th Century engineering design templates need to be re-written. • New 21st Century engineering design solutions need to be developed to suit the new global Urbanisation Trend.. 2016-04-06 3 “Third Industrial Revolution”
  4. 4. Focus on the Future • Unfortunately due to the rapid pace of technology, universities / industry do not have all of the engineering answers and solutions to meet the challenges of this changing world. • Therefore, we have set up an in-house research programme and developed new engineering tools to suit our clients growing requirements. • Being prepared for society’s future global urbanisation trends, presents new challenges for the engineering services engineer. • Increased office densities and increasing power demands, needs a new innovative approach to understand and control the expanding power demands within industry. 2016-04-06 4 Increased office densities and increasing power demands
  5. 5. Focusing on the Future • British Council for Offices (BCO) guidelines for small power requirements, recommends: – 1 person per 10m2 =20 W/m2 – 1 person per 8m2 =25 W/m2 What do you apply for: – 1 person per 5m2 =40 W/m2 ? – 1 person per 4m2 =50 W/m2 ? How do you apply equivalent W/m2 figures for air Conditioning loads which are even greater? The answer is in detailed continued engineering research. 2016-04-06 5
  6. 6. Buildings • Is power capacity in office buildings increasing or is it just a perception? • We can assist in this process, through detailed in-house research and analysis of the power density requirements and power accessory demands for various desk configurations. • This approach can add value to your business portfolio by providing accurate, professional informed engineering advice, by predicating the power density for your building at Day 1, through our continued professional research programme. • Providing a new substation is not always the answer! • We at SWECO believe in offering our clients informed, tailored, expert engineering solutions to suit our clients: a. Facilities b. Business model c. Time scales d. Financial budgets 2016-04-06 6 Providing a new substation is not always the answer!
  7. 7. Approach • If you are thinking of purchasing a building with a greater population density greater than 1 person per 8m2, we can provide professional assistance, as a truly committed business partner with our expert engineering expertise. • We can provide detailed maximum demand load analysis and survey reports within 24 / 48 hours of a site survey, for your potential new investment. • We can advise whether the existing power capacity can support your re-development plans based upon: – Density of people. – Building facilities. – Restaurant / Cafe. – Air conditioning systems. – Natural ventilation. 2016-04-06 7 Building with a greater population density greater than 1 person per 8m2
  8. 8. Solutions • Through active research and listening to our clients business requirements, we have developed this approach to provide added value to our clients investment: a. Assessment of power demands through actual load monitoring of computers, visual display units, USB Chargers, laptops, I Pads etc. a. Modelling typical buildings and working out the absorbed power demands for the air conditioning loads, based upon population densities and desk power configurations. a. Applying various engineering techniques to maximise power capacities for buildings and providing simple practical solutions through our in- house research programme. 2016-04-06 8 Modelling load assessment image. Applying various engineering techniques to maximise power capacities
  9. 9. Team Focus • Our focus is in fully understanding our clients business requirements and being readily accessible and truly committed in delivering the right solutions to meet our clients business goals. • We apply forward thinking engineering expertise through our in-house research programme to deliver the appropriate design solutions to meet our clients business requirements / time scales. • Above all, we listen and strive to understand our clients key business drivers and adapt the engineering solutions to meet our clients needs in a professional manner. • We recognise that each client has a unique set of requirements and key criteria to support their business strategy and objectives. • Our in-house team of professional engineers can advise on all aspects of the development and we are geared to respond and deliver quickly, to meet our clients changing business challenges. 2016-04-06 9 The most approachable and committed partner with recognised expertise
  10. 10. Scope of Services • Strategic Advice a. High level site survey, to determine existing facility meets client brief b. Building load analysis based upon in-house research c. Risk analysis and advice d. Assessment of services resilience e. Sustainability and life cycle costing f. Building audits g. Lifts 2016-04-06 10 Strategic Advice
  11. 11. Scope of Services • Design & Implementation a. Feasibility reports b. Options reports c. Scheme layouts d. Tender analysis and recommendations e. Contract administration f. Monitoring of site activities g. Witness testing and commissioning h. Post occupancy reviews 2016-04-06 11 © Hufton+Crow Design & Implementation
  12. 12. Scope of Services • Specialist Capability a. Electrical load analysis b. Fire Strategy advice c. Acoustic advice d. BMS advice e. Lift analysis f. Lighting design g. Audio visual advice h. ICT / Security i. Environmental modelling j. Maintenance and aftercare 2016-04-06 12 Specialist Capability
  13. 13. Selected Clients • Allied London • Argent • Bloomberg • British Land • Canary Wharf Group • Endurance Land • Essential Living • Helical Bar • Land Securities • Oxford Brookes University • PricewaterhouseCoopers • Selfridges • Standard Life Investments • Stanhope • Wanda One 2016-04-06 13 © Nick Kane