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Domain's Android Development Culture - GDG August Sydney


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Slides to the talk Domain Real Estate gave at Sydney's August Google Developer Group meet up.

In the short span of a few years the Domain Android App has come from a 2.4 star rating to 4.1 and tripled our user base.

The major proponent for this is a big shift in our culture and engineering practice. We definitely haven't figured everything out and have lots to learn. But here's our story so far and we hope that it'll help increase your development velocity in your Android Development team too.

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Domain's Android Development Culture - GDG August Sydney

  1. 1. Android Development Velocity Presented by Gary Lo Android Team Lead, Domain Group
  2. 2. Our journey so far Ratings 2.47 (2012) 2.8 (2013) 4.1+ (2015)
  3. 3. Improved Downloads 3x users in 2 years Disproportionate growth
  4. 4. Wearables Featured on
  5. 5. Google Now cards
  6. 6. Notifications
  7. 7. Map Redesign
  8. 8. Details Redesign
  9. 9. List Redesign
  10. 10. Under the hood Wrote a new backend - in Python! Dagger Retrofit Butterknife Espresso Timber New Relic GA Optimizely Picasso, Glide
  11. 11. Past 2 Years Shipped more features than ever before More Tech Innovation Refactored the entire app (a few times) Got a lot done
  12. 12. Life before 2014 Huge delay in shipping simple production bug fixes Poor reviews and downloads Huge releases 6 months to ship and the next 6 months to fix Very few product features being shipped
  13. 13. Life back then Credits: Spotify
  14. 14. What changed? Huge team growth? Change app radically? Radical technology change?
  15. 15. “Agile” Image by Spotify
  16. 16. Image by Spotify
  17. 17. Releases 2012 + 2013 - 8 releases 2014 - ~80 releases 2015 - already ~100 releases Google Play Rocks
  18. 18. Fear of Releases Image by Spotify
  19. 19. Measuring Success Measuring releases with REAL business value instead of #tickets closed and story points
  20. 20. Measuring Success Add custom drawable to the right of every list item 2 story points but negative value Custom View in Action bar across the app 10 story points but negative value
  21. 21. Notification GCM Push Micro-service + Device + Membership Registration + New DB for read states + Server side saving of frequency settings + Cron Job + Design = Months of work
  22. 22. Notification Release Android Client side Daily alarm service + Local diff between searches = 2 Weeks
  23. 23. Notification Release #2 Big Picture + Secondary Actions = 1 Week
  24. 24. Notification Release Android Wear = 1 day
  25. 25. Notification Release Geofencing Notification = 2 Weeks
  26. 26. Iterative Approach Easy to do on Android Learn, refine and pivot UX + Engineering + Product
  27. 27. Feature Flag Essentially an on and off button for specific features Ship unfinished features Remote is very usefulImage by Spotify
  28. 28. Feature Flag
  29. 29. AB Test Feature flags allow easy AB Testing How is this going to affect conversions on the page? Do we know how this will affect user flow?
  30. 30. VS
  31. 31. AB Test
  32. 32. AB Test Designer: I think this shade of orange is better. Engineer: But that shade of orange is in the guideline Marketing: We like this shade of orange Product: I think we should use green Let’s try them all and see which one performs
  33. 33. AB Test
  34. 34. Invest in Dev Process & Tools Tools that speed up your development velocity Anything your team has to do more than a few times Pollination rather than enforcement
  35. 35. Dev Tools
  36. 36. Dev Tools
  37. 37. Dev Tools
  38. 38. Dev Tools Image by Netflix
  39. 39. Dev Tools Image by Netflix
  40. 40. Adapter Much faster deploys Easier to test Tailor made for your device More performant
  41. 41. Continuous Integration (WIP)
  42. 42. Android Development Velocity Presented by Gary Lo Android Team Lead, Domain Group
  43. 43. Questions?
  44. 44. References Domain Tech Blog Spotify Engineering Culture Netflix Adapter API netflix.html