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Detailed information on becoming a member of Parkside Hotels.

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Parkside Hotels & Resorts - Brand

  3. 3. YOUR CONSORTIUM FOR THE FUTURE TODAYWHO IS PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTSParkside Hotels & Resorts division of Parkside Hotel Group started back in 1975 in London,England. After many years later and changes, Parkside has evolved into the fastest growingfranchise program in the world. Parkside is dedicated to expanding the franchise programworldwide. Parkside Hotels & Resorts short and long-term goal is to expand the franchise andfocusing on the business needs of the Parkside members. Parkside is made of four sections:Parkside Inn, Parkside Hotel, Parkside Resort, and Parkside Suites.Parkside committed to: 1. Providing the reservations, marketing, management and member services necessary to make Parkside the best price/value membership in the lodging industry. 2. Expanding the Parkside brand nationally and worldwideOUTSTANDING BENEFITS OF PARKSIDE HOTELS Reservation referral between hotels An efficient toll free numbers service available throughout the United States and Canada A professional sales staff in major markets, calling on travel agents and business sources A professional convention and conference sales department Inclusion in “PARKSIDE FASTLINK” – Parkside’s fully automated reservation system which requires no equipment purchase or lease on the hotel part Use of an industry and consumer trademark recognized for quality In house advertising agency to develop cost effective joint advertising campaigns, package or custom promotions aimed to build occupancy during off season periods Advertising discounts on major travel publications Connected to Parkside Central Reservation service and affiliates worldwide Advisory and consultation services for our hotels Hotel will be listed on the website for online real-time distribution networkWHO OPERATES PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTSThe Chief Executive, Brad L. Johnson, directs a highly motivated professional team. Mr. Johnsonwas formerly with Europe Hotels as General Manager/Vice President before joining Parkside Hotels& Resorts. He also has been involved with International sales and marketing activities. The ChiefExecutive is responsible for all policy with Parkside Hotels & Resorts. 3
  4. 4. PARKSIDE BRANDSPARKSIDE INNThese establishments appeal to the traveler seeking more than the basicaccommodations. There are modest enhancements to the overall physical attributes,design elements, and amenities of the facility typically at a moderate price. Theseestablishments typically appeal to the budget-minded traveler. They provideessential, no-frills accommodations. They meet the basic requirements pertaining tocomfort, cleanliness, and hospitality.PARKSIDE HOTELThese establishments appeal to the traveler with comprehensive needs. Propertiesare multifaceted with a distinguished style, including marked upgrades in the qualityof physical attributes, amenities, and level of comfort provided.PARKSIDE SUITESThese establishments are upscale in all areas. Accommodations are progressivelymore refined and stylish. The physical attributes reflect an obvious enhanced level ofquality throughout. The fundamental hallmarks at this level include an extensivearray of amenities combined with a high degree of hospitality, service, and attentionto detail.PARKSIDE RESORTThese establishments reflect the characteristics of the ultimate in luxury andsophistication. Accommodations are first class. The physical attributes areextraordinary in every manner. The fundamental hallmarks at this level are tometiculously serve and exceed all guest expectations while maintaining animpeccable standard of excellence. Many personalized services and amenitiesenhance an unmatched level of comfort.PARKSIDE COLLECTIONThese luxury properties are members of an elite group of hotels that exhibit anexceptionally high degree of service and hospitality. These properties display anoriginal design, elegant room decor, exceptional dining, and meticulous grounds. Theflawless execution of guest services is the staffs prevailing concern. These superiorproperties distinguish themselves with a high level of service and hospitality, as wellas a wide variety of amenities and upscale facilities. A well-integrated design,stylized room décor, excellent restaurant facilities, and landscaped grounds are allpresent. The comfort and convenience of the guest is the staffs prevailing concern. 4
  5. 5. PARKSIDE BUSINESS SERVICESPRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONSInfluential exposure in trade, business and public media. We have a professional marketingdepartment and you will be given opportunities and ideas to gain exposure for your hotel throughParksides Public Relations activities.STAYPASSStaypass is a sales program to individual users of hotel accommodations in large and smallbusinesses and an increasing number of national corporate members companies. Reservations willbe made direct or via Parkside Central Reservation System. Individuals will present their card atthe hotel upon check-in. All Parkside Hotels offer a minimum10% discount off published rate forholders of the Staypass Card holders.BROCHURE FULFILLMENT SERVICESParkside maintains a supply of your brochure, and are mailed to travelers requested informationthrough our toll-free reservation center and requesting information from our website Tour brochures are also available to our other offices.CONSORTIUM BUYING PROGRAM (CBP)Parkside Consortium Buying Program (CBP) is in constant contact with supplies of goods andservices to the hotel industry. Role is to save members time by relieving them of the timeconsuming hob of negotiation and price and service comparisons, and to use Parkside combinedpurchasing power to obtain the most favorable terms possible.TRAVEL GUIDETravel guides are published, featuring descriptions of each Parkside property. Each property willbenefit from the display of your property in all Parkside Worldwide. Only Parkside members can belisted in the Travel Guide, and additional advertising space may be available to enhance yourextensive listing.CO-OPERATIVE REGIONAL AND NATIONAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSHotels may, on an elective basis, participate in advertising programs, through the ParksideAdvertising Program to increase impact and reduce costs. Parkside Getaway Program whichParkside printed and distributed over 1.8 million flyers to AAA Offices, Travel Agents, Group TourOperators, Parkside International Sales Offices and major business corporate offices.PARKSIDE TECHNICAL SERVICESParkside will assist owner and its interior designer in developing a general decorating concept andtheme for the Hotel and its guest rooms, meeting, conferencing and banqueting facilities; lobbyand other public areas; restaurants and bars and offices. This assistance will include the review ofpreliminary plans, the development of functional layouts; review and approval of final plans;designs, color and lighting schemes; specification and selection of carpeting, wall and floorcoverings; specifications and selection of lighting fixtures, fabrics, drapes and curtains, andspecification and selection of paints and other decorating materials, to be reviewed and streamlinedin line with owners overall approved on scheme of things. 5
  6. 6. PARKSIDE RESERVATION SYSTEMPARKSIDE CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEMLicense is hereby granted the right to participate in the Parkside Central Reservations System(CRS), during the term of this agreement. Parkside Hotels & Resorts also have reservation officesaround the world that would have representation for each Parkside property. Each property is notrequired to purchase any equipment, although a fax machine or a computer for Internet access ishighly recommended. You will benefit from the reservations at your property, available through acomputerized central reservation office. It enables guests to book their complete itinerary with onephone call. This central toll-free service is a personalized, operator handle web site is your access to the world. All Parkside Hotels to receive a FREEweb-page with photos for our on-line distribution network, and allow you to update, market andtake reservations from customers on partner sites such as Google, YahooTravel, AOL Travel,,,, accommodations search enginesand many others.The website gives you complete control over your contents, rates and availability – 24 hours is a powerful marketing opportunities to generate has partnered with many other front-end destinations, activity and other broadtravel related web-sites to distribute your hotel through multiple channels. We also provide real-time reservations for sites like, and others. These types ofpartnership are enormous benefits to the hotels on our system.RESERVATION TECHNOLOGYParkside Hotels & Resorts has developed the next generation of reservation services technologydesigned to address both the immediate and future needs of the market. The Parkside system isbrowser-based which allows our hotels to run any of our applications securely by password via theinternet from anywhere in the world. Employing a SQL database completely redundant hardwareand software, and written in the latest web technology language. Parkside has installed T1 dataline as well as ultra-fast DSL capability insuring that the internet connection and informationexchange is as fast and reliable as possible. Most important to the hotel is the ability to completelycontrol the information about your hotel in the various distribution systems.The Parkside system allows the Parkside Hotels to enter descriptive information, room type, rates,packages and inventory, which can be freely modified and maintained at any time. Parkside isespecially proud of the rate and package to be loaded and maintained. 6
  7. 7. Parkside GDS ( Global Distribution System ) program provides hotels with a leading CRS system toconnect your hotel to the world’s major GDS. Your property will be connected to over 600,000travel agents worldwide, using Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Amadeus. Travel agents can viewyour inventory to make real-time bookings in the certain knowledge that your hotel information isaccurate and up-to-date.Your hotel will be featured on over 1,700 of the world’s leading hotel-booking internet websites –which means that your hotel will be bookable by millions of consumers worldwide.Your hotel’s website is one of your most important sales tools. It is imperative that the bookingengine reflects the high standards of your website and the property itself. G-rez offers a tailormadebooking engine called G-wiz that works seamlessly with your hotel’s website and provides transientvisitors with the ability to make real-time bookings. This ensures hotels a higher look-to-book ratioto maximise your revenue.Parkside Hotels & Resorts operates call centers in the US and Europe to provide phone reservationsto all of our hotels from consumers worldwide. 24 X 7 – Receive bookings from globally situated travel agents 24 x 7. Connectivity – Connect seamlessly to the four global distribution systems - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan. Market Reach Online - Effective and easy way to market your hotel on the Internet. It is extensively used by travel agents and travel websites. Coverage - Gain more exposure to agents and travelers through proactive marketing to travel agencies, consortia and corporate accounts. Most common booking mechanism for consortia and negotiated corporate rates. Expand Coverage - Expand reach to corporate and leisure travelers with special programs for year-round bookings, and for last-minute reservations. Online Distribution Strategy – Opening out your inventory to new online distribution channels is an effective method to capture new market share. Little maintenance effort required – The information provided to the central reservation system for your hotel chain or the representation company is copied automatically to the GDS. 7
  8. 8. PARKSIDE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMGlobal Distribution Systems (GDS) Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are the reservation systems used by travel agents to book their air, hotel and car reservations. Parkside makes your hotel bookable in the following GDS Systems:Sabre 50000 Travel Agency Locations Americas, EMEA, Asia-PacificAmadeus 67000 Travel Agency Locations EMEA, Asia-Pacific, AmericasGalileo 43000 Travel Agency Locations EMEA, Americas, Asia-PacifcWorldspan 16000 Travel Agency Locations Americas, EMEA, Asia-PacificInternet Distribution Systems (IDS) Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) are online travel agents, travel portals, travel search engines/directories, online hotel consolidators and airline websites that offer online travel reservation to consumers. Important: Parkside cannot guarantee inclusion of your property with all IDS listed. It is upon the IDS to decide which properties they include in their site. However, most of our hotels are listed in the following IDS:AmericasExpedia USA Online Travel Agent http://www.expedia.comExpedia Canada Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Search Engine/Directory http://www.tripadvisor.comHotwire Online Travel Agent http://www.hotwire.comOrbitz Online Travel Agent http://www.orbitz.comCheapTickets Travel Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent http://www.priceline.comMyTravelGuide Online Travel Search Engine/Directory http://www.mytravelguide.comTravelocity Online Travel Agent http://www.travelocity.comTravelocity Canada Online Travel Agent http://www.travelocity.caWorld Choice Travel Online Travel Agent http://www.worldchoicetravel.comAmerican Express Travel Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.besthotel.comYahoo! Travel Online Travel Portal! Travel Canada Online Travel Portal! Vjajes Argentina Online Travel Portal! Viagens Brasil Online Travel Portal! Viajes Mexico Online Travel Portal travel Online Travel Portal Online Travel Agent Hotline Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.hotelhotline.comTravelweb Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.travelweb.comHotelLocators Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.hotellocators.comTravelToday Online Travel Agent http://www.traveltoday.comMobil Travel Guide Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent http://www.travelhero.comreservtravel Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent http://www.lowestfare.comUnited Airlines Airline http://www.united.comAmerican Airlines Airline http://www.aa.comNorthwest Airlines Airline http://www.nwa.comAir Canada Airline Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent bestday.comParkside Hotels & Resorts Parkside Hotels 8
  9. 9. EuropeAmadeus (Consumer Site) Online Travel Agent http://www.amadeus.netExpedia UK Online Travel Agent Germany Online Travel Agent http://www.expedia.deExpedia France Online Travel Agent http://www.expedia.frExpedia Italy Online Travel Agent http://www.expedia.itExpedia Netherlands Online Travel Agent Spain Online Hotel Consolidator Italy Online Hotel Consolidator Norway Online Hotel Consolidator Sweden Online Hotel Consolidator Denmark Online Hotel Consolidator Finland Online Hotel Consolidator Netherlands Online Hotel Consolidator UK Online Hotel Consolidator Germany Online Hotel Consolidator Austria Online Hotel Consolidator Belgium Online Hotel Consolidator France Online Hotel Consolidator UK Online Travel Agent Norway Online Travel Agent http://www.reisefeber.norejseeber Denmark Online Travel Agent http://www.rejsefeber.dkresfeber Sweden Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.all-hotels.comYahoo! Reisen Deutschland Online Travel Portal! Voyages France Online Travel Portal! Viaggi Italia Online Travel Portal! Viajes Espana Online Travel Portal UK Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.hotel.deAccommodation Search Engine Online Hotel Consolidator Online Hotel Consolidator Online Hotel Consolidator Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.guide2hotel.comHorse21 Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.horse21.netIAPA Travel Club http://www.iapa.comRoomPlease Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.roomplease.comRoomBooker Online Hotel Consolidator Online Hotel Consolidator http://www.allrez.comAlitalia Airline alitalia.itFinnair Airline finnair.comAustrian Airlines Airline aua.comTUI Germany Online Travel Agent Hotels Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent http://www.hapagfly.comOpodo UK Online Travel Agent France Online Travel Agent http://www.opodo.frOpodo Germany Online Travel Agent http://www.opodo.deOpodo Spain Online Travel Agent http://www.opodo.esVentura Italy Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent primahotels.comBookit Online Travel Agent bookit.nlDirect-Hotels (Place to Stay) Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent hotelinminute.comParkside Hotels & Resorts Parkside Hotels Hotels & Resorts Parkside Hotels 9
  10. 10. Asia-PacificeLong Online Travel Agent http://www.elong.comtabini Japan Online Travel Agent http://www.tabini.comZuji Australia Online Travel Agent Hong Kong Online Travel Agent Korea Online Travel Agent Singapore Online Travel Agent Taiwan Online Travel Agent Hotels & Resorts Parkside Hotels http://www.parksidehotels.comParkside Distribution PartnersYahoo! Travel Australia & NZ Online Travel Portal! Travel Hong Kong Online Travel Portal! Travel Japan Online Travel Portal! Travel Korea Online Travel Portal! Travel Singapore Online Travel Portal Hong Kong Online Travel Agent Taiwan Online Travel Agent Singapore Online Travel Agent Online Hotel Consolidator Online Travel Agent Online Travel Agent http://www.asiatravelmart.comAsiaTravel Online Travel Agent asiatravel.comGlobal Res Network Online Travel Agent globalresnetwork.comBezurk Online Travel Agent Hotels & Resorts Parkside Hotels http://www.parksidehotels.comPlease note:Please allow for up to three month for inclusion in some of above listed IDS Systems. While we carefully monitor yourhotel listing, please do contact us should you find your hotel not listed in one of the above IDS systems.All major Online Travel Agents and Online Hotel Consolidators offer net-rate programs for hotels to participate. Pleasecontact us for more information if you would like to participate in one of these net-rate programs (require a guaranteedroom allotement and rates to be 30% and more below published rates).Your Hotel Reservation YieldFranchised hotel locations have access to all major GDS and ADS channels to increasevisibility to potential guests worldwide. Choose electronic marketing tools and sourcesthat are best suited to your property location. A variety of Retail and Merchant Modelsystems are available through Parkside Hotels & Resorts 10
  11. 11. MEMBERSHIP FEES & TERMSFEESParkside fees are surprisingly low, during the term of the agreement any extension thereofcommencing with the first month of effective date. Initial license fee that is payable upon executiveof the license agreement is U.S Dollars, if the property is not accepted as Parkside, the totaldeposit will be refunded back to the property.Parkside Hotels & Resorts will charge a continuing royalty. Charge will be imposed with respect togross room revenue, hotel restaurant, meeting rooms, functions rooms, gift shop, retail spacerental and other receipts on the Parkside Franchise Program. All terms and conditions are outlinedin the Franchise Agreement.Said fees shall not be subject to refund, prorating or adjustment in the event of early terminationof this license agreement, whether by election of license, unless otherwise provided hereafter.Property owner agrees that this is a continuing agreement until terminated as provided for hereinabove, and that the owner shall be legally responsible for payment of fees as outlined herein. Thisagreement shall be constructed and enforced according to the laws of State of California.FRANCHISE TERMSApplicants understand and agree that approval of this application entitles applicant to Franchise ofParkside Hotels & Resorts. This agreement shall be in effect form the effective date untilterminated by either party as outlined in the franchise agreement. Applicant agrees to continue tobe bound by the terms of this application and agreement for so long as applicant continues to useither Parkside name or logo, or continues to receive goods or services from Parkside Hotels &Resorts.TERMINATIONParkside may terminate the agreement whenever member fails to meet the standards of operationsand fails to fully cooperate in all facts of the Parkside program, or whenever member breaches anyother clause or condition of this agreement.NOT TRANSFERABLEIt is understood that this agreement is based solely to the person or firm designated as owner ofthe property and that the agreement is personal to the owner. The rights hereunder are nottransferable, and automatically terminate in the event of a sale or transfer of ownership of theproperty. At the option of Parkside and upon payment to Parkside of a transfer fee by property,and/or purchaser, prior to the close of a sale of the property, the agreement will then terminate asto any liability on the part of the seller of the property and a new agreement will be entered intowith the purchaser to continue the terms of the agreement. Property owner agree to immediatelynotify Parkside of any pending changes of ownership. 11
  12. 12. NOTICESAll notices given by Parkside Hotels & Resorts, under this agreement or otherwise, shall be given tothe owner. Notices to the owner shall constitute notices to each person or entity signing theapplication, Any notice given to Parkside under the agreement shall be given in writing to: ParksideHotels & Resorts LLC, Attn: Franchise Department, P.O Box 10028, Anaheim, California 92812 USAor otherwise specified by Parkside Hotels & Resorts LLC. QUALITY ASSURANCEQUALITY CONTROLParkside means quality and value. Owner understands and agrees that certain standards must bemaintained for the mutual benefits of all membership holders. Each Parkside to furnish anddecorate and facilities in a comfortable and pleasant manner, and to maintain them at all times, ina clean, orderly and sanitary condition. In order to insure the maintenance or proper standards ofoperations, member agrees to submit to once a year inspection, at option of Parkside. It is agreedthat the continuance of this membership shall depend upon passing such inspection. In the eventof an adverse inspection report, the member shall receive a copy of such report, and shall have 90days from receipt of such copy to correct the report deficiencies and request a re-inspection. Ifsuch deficiencies are not corrected within the 90 days, the member will be subject to immediatetermination by Parkside at its sole discretion.QUALIFICATIONSProperties outside/within the United States should be equivalent to AAA, Mobil, AA, RAC ratedstandards. If the property is listed in AAA, Mobil, AA, RAC or equivalent then the inspection may bewaived at the option of Parkside. If the property is not listed then an inspection from Parkside maybe scheduled. No minimum rooms are required to be a member of Parkside. Member understandsand agrees that certain standards and qualifications must be maintained for the mutual benefit ofall membership holders.1. To solicit, cater to and satisfactorily serve all aspects of the traveling public.2. To fully cooperate with all other members by making reservations at, directing guests to, accepting advance reservations form, and generally promoting all other PARKSIDE INNS, HOTELS, RESORTS & SUITES in every possible way.3. In the event of the member participating in any promotion being operated by Parkside, the member hereby agrees to abide by the terms and conditions applicable to such promotions.4. To prominently display in each guest room, and front hall/lobby or near the reception area, in the members hotel, and current edition of special events brochures, and current applications of Parkside club cards.GUEST ROOMSParkside will not require properties to maintain any inventories that are not standard in theindustry. Parkside will also not require items in the guest rooms to bear the Parkside logo.However, properties may purchase at their discretion, logo items for use through they local vendor. 12
  13. 13. CONSTRUCTION AND UPGRADINGPrior to execution of the Parkside franchise agreement, the applicant shall submit one set ofprofessionally prepared drawings and outline specifications to Parkside Hotel & Resorts.INSURANCEA copy of members property liability insurance shall be furnished immediately upon acceptance asa franchise hotel. SIGNAGESIGNParkside will list the property in the directory, website and any promotional material the name“Parkside” will follow by the name of the property. Eg.. “Safari Inn” will be listed as “Parkside SafariInn”.The Parkside sign is warm and welcome sign to an extensive market of domestic and internationaltravelers. Our logo is a primary selling tool for our members and careful attention is given to thesignage for each new members.Members may obtain signs locally and all signs must meet Parkside Hotels & Resorts approvedspecifications and it is recommended that only durable, high quality, energy-efficient products beused. Since architectural diversity is a trademark of the Parkside chain, the size placement of yoursign must be carefully considered so that your property is easily identified as a Parkside property.Our professional will assist members to place new signs, fit existing support structure and whennecessary, design modified signage to comply with local ordinances or zoning restrictions. AParkside representative can provide an experienced hand to an independent owner.WEBSITES Parkside Hotels & Parkside Come stay with Come stay at Where comfort meets The world is coming to Come stay at Parkside Getaway Think of a hotel, think Parkside 13
  14. 14. SERVICE OFFICES: UNITED STATES – UNITED KINGDOM – PHILLIPINES – U.A.E ( UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ) THE WORLD IS COMING TO PARKSIDETMParkside Hotels & Resorts will be placed with as many as 5000 internet travel websites AND the 4 majorairline Global Travel Agency System, your reservation flow will increase substantially, allowing the hotels toselect the clients that best suit your hotel, thus have a steady flow of reservations year round. And your hotelwill also be listed with the Parkside Hotels & Resorts real-time reservations at www.Parksidehotels.comIn the past it was nearly impossible to accomplish the task of listing your hotel on the major travel agencyGDS System, as well prohibitively expensive. Now it’s easy and affordable through the Parkside Hotels &Resorts. Here’s what Parkside Hotels & Resorts does for you: 1. List your hotel in the Airlines Global Distribution System ( GDS – Apollo / Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre and Worldspan ), which will place your hotel on the computer screens of more then 600,000 travel agents and travel planners in travel agencies all around the world. 2. You’ll also get your hotel listed on as many as 5000 interactive Internet travel reservations website, enabling more than 100 million individual Internet users to find your hotel on sites like: Expedia, Travelocity,, Hotwire and Leisure Planet. 3. You also get Live Reservation Capability, Parkside have created a great website describing every aspect of your offerings to the traveling public, but to stay competitive, you need to offer live, real-time reservations and availability. 4. GDS System and out of the main stream advertising markets. But, Parkside created the solution, through the GDS System a single entry availability update calendar, with automated allocation, that you, the hotel owner or manager, can access on a daily basis to maintain your availability on a sold out / available basis. This GDS System updates all the calendar that feed the GDS System, Travel Agents and Travel Sites throughout the world simultaneously. 5. Each Parkside Hotel will receive it’s own individual GDS code to be used in the worldwide distribution. 6. The fees for this kind of global visibility are only small fraction of what it would normally cost to connect your property to these 4 airline system and thousands of internet based sites. The reservation fees on the GDS System are based on performance based. Parkside places you in as many as 5000 of these sites AND into the worldwide travel agency computer system. 7. Your hotel will also be included in the Parkside website for real-time reservation at to give you additional exposure.GDS and third party booking fees, as applicable, will be billed on a monthly basis and are due and payableupon receipt subject to timely corrections made to the billing based upon no-show, cancellations with theproperty or early check-outs. Travel Agents Fees may be billed directly to the property by the travelagencies/internet booking sites via the reservation confirmation ( refer to IATA number and travel agent nameand address thereon) and member shall timely pay said fees directly to the travel agent/booking siteaccording to the then applicable industry standard. COMFORT * VALUE * CONVENIENCE * HOSPITALITY * SERVICE PARKSIDE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS A PARKSIDE COMPANY 14
  15. 15. ADVANTAGES OF JOINING PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTSMORE BUSINESS: The great majority of our converted / new hotels are doing better as Parksideproperty.PARKSIDE CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM (CRS): The Parkside CRS System networkwith virtually every travel agency and airline reservation system.LOW MEMBERSHIP FEES: The initial membership fee’s is the lowest in the industry. Based onnumber of rooms at your property.PARKSIDE WEB-SITE: Your hotel will be listed in the Parkside Web-Site www.Parksidehotels.comA FREE web page for your property with photo for our on-line real time distribution network.PARKSIDE GDS / IDS PROGRAM ( GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM ): List your hotelin the GDS Program for worldwide exposure.MINIMUM ROOMS: No minimum rooms are required to be a member of Parkside Hotels & Resorts.MEMBERSHIP TERMS: The terms outlined in the franchise agreementFOOD & BEVERAGE: Support in the food and beverage areas is given to all Parkside members whowant it.BEST GRAPHICS & SIGNS: Parkside Hotels & Resorts graphics are bright, fresh and veryversatile. A Parkside Hotels & Resorts sign available for your hotel entrance or for your reception or frontoffice desk.NO STRUCTURAL CHANGES: Architectural, mechanical and structural changes are never requiredto become a member of Parkside Hotels & Resorts.ADVERTISING SUPPORT: Customized local, National and International advertising for use bymembers, at member’s discretion.PARKSIDE INSPECTIONS: In order to insure the maintenance of proper standard of operations,members agree to submit to once a year inspection at the option of Parkside Hotels & Resorts.PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS TRAVEL GUIDE: Parkside Hotels & Resorts Travel Guidefeaturing description of each Parkside property worldwide. COMFORT * VALUE * CONVENIENCE * HOSPITALITY * SERVICE PARKSIDE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS A PARKSIDE COMPANY 15
  16. 16. PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS PARKSIDE GDS PROGRAM ( GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM ) WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF RESERVATION TECHNOLOGY We Provide Full Service Global Distribution Representation Bookings Are Available for YOUR Property NOW Get your full share of the Reservations All Major GDS Systems and Internet Travel Sites Represented GDS Travel Agent Systems Internet Travel System Sabre ( US, CA, EU ) Parkside Hotels ( ) Amadeus ( AU, EU, SA, US ) Travelocity ( Sabre ) Apollo ( US, CA ) Expedia ( WorldSpan ) Galileo ( AU, EU, NZ ) TravelNow ( Sabre ) Abacus ( South East Asia ) Orbitz ( Pegasus ) WorldSpan ( EU, US, Middle East ) AOL Travel ( Sabre ) System One ( US, Canada ) Yahoo Travel ( Sabre ) Pegasus (Online Direct Distribution - ODD) ( Galileo ) ( Travelnow ) Travelweb ( Pegasus ) Cheap Tickets ( Pegasus ) ( Sabre ) 1,000’s More ( Pegasus ) 12 Languages 600,000 + Travel Agents 120 Major Travel Web Sites 1,000’s of smaller Travel SitesNEW STRATEGIC ALLIANCEParkside Hotels & Resorts signs agreement with GDS Representation. The combination of the resourcesof the 2 companies brings the highest levels of technology, booking resources and customer service tolevels not experienced before in the leisure hospitality market. THINK OF A HOTEL, THINK PARKSIDETM COMFORT * VALUE * CONVENIENCE * HOSPITALITY * SERVICE PARKSIDE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS A PARKSIDE COMPANY 16
  17. 17. A SUMMARY OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENTThis is a summary of Parkside Hotels & Resorts License Agreement, not a legal document, prior to submitting yourapplication and signing the actual agreement, read and understand that entire document. It presents in detail the specificperformance standards and obligations to which both Parkside Hotels & Resorts and you are agreeing.Parkside Hotels & Resorts are not to be considered as joint ventures, partners, agents or fiduciaries. The license agreementgrants you the right to a non-exclusive license to use the system in the operations of one hotel at a specified location. Thefollowing summarizes certain costs, benefits and obligations with participating in the Parkside Hotels & Resorts system. TERMS: The term of the agreement is outlined in the franchise agreement. Mutual rights to terminate is outlined in the franchise agreement YOUR OBLIGATION TO THE SYSTEM: Maintain and operate your property as a first class facility at all times Comply with the rules and regulations of the system, as well as all local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations applicable to the licensed property. Operate the licensed property exclusively under the name agreed to with all required signs and other proprietary marks meeting specifications prescribed by Parkside Hotels & Resorts. Participate in the system and make and accept reservations in accordance with the rules and regulations, and all other procedures promulgated or published by Parkside Hotels & Resorts. Maintain specified level of liability insurance. Adequate protection makes good business sense. PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS OBLIGATION TO YOU: Provide detailed manuals dealing with property operations, marketing, reservations and administration. Licensee is hereby granted the right to participate in the Parkside Central Reservations System (CRS) Provide lowest fees of any full-service chain. Provide regular mailings to the Travel Trade, Institute of Travel Managers and Guild of Business Travel Agents. List the licensed property in a travel directory published by Parkside Hotels & Resorts. Provide consultation, at reasonable times with Parkside Hotels & Resorts personnel in hotel development, design, purchasing, operations, training, administration, sales, advertising, marketing and reservations. Parkside Central Reservations System – a central toll-free service Your hotel will be listed in the Parkside Hotels & Resorts web-site a web page for your property with photos for online real-time distribution network. Copyright © 2011 Parkside Hotels & Resorts LLC. All Rights Reserved. Parkside, Our Experience Your Success, Parkside Hotels & Resorts and Come Stay With Us are registered trademarks of Parkside Hotels & Resorts LLC. Usage of any content of this Web site, including text, logos and trademarks, is prohibited without prior written permission from Parkside Hotels & Resorts LLC. PO Box 10028, Anaheim, California USA Phone: 714.442.9620 Fax: 714.276.1386 * COMFORT * VALUE * CONVENIENCE * HOSPITALITY * SERVICE PARKSIDE IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS A PARKSIDE COMPANY Updated May 1, 2011 17