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Parkside Franchise Information 2012


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Summary of member services.

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Parkside Franchise Information 2012

  2. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION “Thank you for your interest in Parkside Hotels & Resorts. We have developed what we think is the most helpful and competitive franchiseprogram in the industry today. An exciting new opportunity is now available to you through affiliation with Parkside Hotels & Resorts! With existingParkside properties around the world, Parkside is concept is an exceptional opportunity.” Brad L. Johnson P.J Patel President & CEO Vice President Parkside Hotels & Resorts UK Parkside Hotels & Resorts LLCPARKSIDE HOTEL FRANCHISE SUCCESS: • Founded in 1975, well established hotel company • Strong reservation system, seamless with all GDS connectivity • Interior or Exterior styles accepted • No structural changes required in conversions • Prototype assistance provided in new construction available upon request • Regular visits from Parkside QA department • Seasoned hotel professional assigned to your hotel • Assist your hotel in revenue maximization • Teach bottom line management objectives • Provide onsite housekeeping & front desk training programs • Develop local marketing initiatives and sales objectivesROYALITY FEE STRUCTUREAttractive & Straight Forward Deal Points!Application Fee: $1,000Initial Fee: $15,000Royalty Fee: $12.50 / Per Room / Per MonthMarketing Fee: $7.50 / Per Room / Per MonthReservation Fee: 7% of Monthly Delivered Reservations + GDSTransaction Fee 2
  3. 3. PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTSCOMPANY PROFILEFounded in 1975, Parkside Hotels & Resorts has rapidly grown to become a trulyoutstanding collection of luxury, independently-owned hotels. With worldwidedestinations Parkside Hotels & Resorts provides the ultimate in accommodations forthe discerning guests. Collectively, our hotels are linked by a common thread ofexcellence and by a passionate commitment to deliver hospitality of outstandingquality.Parkside Hotels & Resorts, now offers complete brand representation in all marketsegments without the costs & requirements of franchise brand affiliation. Unlikeexpensive franchises, Parkside Hotels & Resorts’ fee structure is based upon numberof rooms at the hotel.You have a unique opportunity to join the fastest growing hotel membershipprogram, and Parkside Hotels & Resorts for a limited time, is offering a specialincentive designed to help you to be part of the program. 24 X 7 – Receive bookings from globally situated travel agents 24 x 7. Connectivity – Connect seamlessly to the four global distribution systems - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan. Market Reach Online - Effective and easy way to market your hotel on the Internet. It is extensively used by travel agents and travel websites. . Coverage - Gain more exposure to agents and travelers through proactive marketing to travel agencies, consortia and corporate accounts. Most common booking mechanism for consortia and negotiated corporate rates. Expand Coverage - Expand reach to corporate and leisure travelers with special programs for year-round bookings, and for last-minute reservations. Online Distribution Strategy – Opening out your inventory to new online distribution channels is an effective method to capture new market share. Little maintenance effort required – The information provided to the central reservation system for your hotel chain or the representation company is copied automatically to the GDS.Parkside Hotels & Resorts commitment to growing the Parkside brand demonstratedthrough this program, which we feel is a winner with hotel owners / managers.CURRENT LOCATIONS COMING SOONBangladesh India Vietnam AustraliaBelize Israel GhanaCosta Rica Pakistan MexicoCzech Republic Philippines EgyptFrance RussiaGreece United KingdomIceland United States 3
  4. 4. PARKSIDE TEAM1. Join the Parkside TeamBeing a part of the Parkside Team include many services and benefits. The followingoverview gives a quick look at the Parkside program and all that ownership has tooffer: • Strong Growth Initiative • New Competitive Flat Fee Program • Industry Unique Support • Great Curb Appeal and Great Locations • Competitively Priced Application and Entry Fee • Strong Reservation System • Web-base PMS System available • National and Regional Marketing • Annual Company Meeting • Focus is on National & International Growth • Interior and Exterior Corridor Buildings accepted for New Build and Conversions2. Royalty Fee and Reservation SystemParkside Hotels & Resorts offers a new competitive flat fee royalty program, while atthe same time providing unique industry support and service. A. Royalty Fee Structure: • Application Fee: $1,000 • Initial Fee: $15,000 • Royalty Fee: $12.50 / Room / Month • Marketing Fee: $7.50 / Room / Month • Reservation Fee: 7% of Monthly Delivered Reservations + GDS Transaction fee B. Parkside Hotels & Resorts offers a state of the art seamless GDS and Reservation Services: • Comprehensive toll-free voice reservation services • 24/7 voice call center • Seamless connectivity to all major, worldwide Global Distribution System • (GDS) for Travel Agents • Connection to internet-based, travel web sites for consumers • Hotel listed on over 1600 Travel Websites, through GDS system • Ongoing training provided by Parkside Hotels & Resorts 4
  5. 5. 3. PARKSIDE SERVICE TEAMParkside Hotels & Resorts service team (PST), a new management-level position isan integral element of Parkside aggressive approach to franchising and franchiseesupport.Here’s what Parkside Hotels & Resorts does for you: 1. List your hotel in the Airlines Global Distribution System ( GDS – Apollo / Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre and Worldspan ), which will place your hotel on the computer screens of more then 600,000 travel agents and travel planners in travel agencies all around the world. 2. You’ll also get your hotel listed on as many as 5000 interactive Internet travel reservations website, enabling more than 100 million individual Internet users to find your hotel on sites like: Expedia, Travelocity,, Hotwire and Leisure Planet. 3. You also get Live Reservation Capability, Parkside have created a great website describing every aspect of your offerings to the traveling public, but to stay competitive, you need to offer live, real-time reservations and availability. 4. GDS System and out of the main stream advertising markets. But, Parkside created the solution, through the GDS System a single entry availability update calendar, with automated allocation, that you, the hotel owner or manager, can access on a daily basis to maintain your availability on a sold out / available basis. This GDS System updates all the calendar that feed the GDS System, Travel Agents and Travel Sites throughout the world simultaneously. 5. Each Parkside Hotel will receive it’s own individual GDS code to be used in the worldwide distribution. 6. The fees for this kind of global visibility are only small fraction of what it would normally cost to connect your property to these 4 airline system and thousands of internet based sites. The reservation fees on the GDS System are based on performance based. Parkside places you in as many as 5000 of these sites AND into the worldwide travel agency computer system. 7. Your hotel will also be included in the Parkside website for real-time reservation at to give you additional exposure. 5
  6. 6. 4. SUPPORTParkside Hotels & Resorts support system is designed to support all of your businessneeds.Member ServicesParkside Hotels & Resorts strive to constantly improve the support we provide to ourmember family. Highly specialized teams partnering resources with functionalexpertise in business consulting, marketing, operations and training support ourhotels. Parkside is divided into four divisions. A Division Vice President – WorldwideOperations supported by Member Business Directors, Regional Marketing Directors,and Operations Specialists support each division. The Member Business Directors ofeach region provide complete business consulting support for member groups. Theirprimary focus is to analyze evaluation results, marketing data and traininginformation and then work with hotels to create business strategies and tactics tohelp improve an organizations operations, local hotel marketing, peopledevelopment, financial opportunities and training effectiveness and efficiencies.The Regional Marketing Directors provide support and assistance to hotels inmarketing plan development, assist with local hotel marketing efforts, evaluate andanalyze marketing effectiveness and, in general, are a resource for hotels for allmarketing and advertising needs. They work closely with co-ops to help alignregional marketing efforts with our national plan. They also assist with mediaplanning, purchasing, and analysis.The Operations Specialists evaluate the efficiency of hotel operations and conductcomprehensive hotel evaluations. The results are then provided to the Hotel BusinessDirector as one means of reviewing a hotel business and selecting tactics to helphotels perform more effectively.Member Services is a partnership. Both corporate and hotel support is imperative tothe success of the hotel. The two must form relationships with the support resources,participating in efforts to identify and address business issues and following throughon agreed upon plans. As part of this partnership, Parkside Hotels and the memberhotels regularly exchange ideas to provide better service for the guests.Hotel OpeningsParkside Hotels & Resorts Development team provides customized assistance to ourmember’s community regarding site selection, construction management and FF&E.Also provided is our on-staff Hotel Design Consultant to layout the equipment floorplan. Parkside approves every equipment floor plan and offers architectural services,if desired. If the member chooses a local architect, our Hotel Design Consultant isavailable for consultation as needed through Parkside Technical Services.Once the proper site has been selected and approved, our team of RegionalDevelopment Managers helps guide the members through the build-out of theirhotel. The RDMs offer assistance in every aspect of the pre-opening phase providingconstruction recommendations up to ordering FF&E and equipment. Weeklycommunication with the members during the build-out process is one of the keys toa successful opening. 6
  7. 7. Preferred Marketing SolutionsParkside Hotels & Resorts commitment to quality extends well beyond the "BetterService" that make our "Better Quality." To ensure superiority in every aspect ofour business, Preferred Marketing Solutions offers print and promotional items aswell as uniforms and training materials to hotels. Free-standing inserts (glossyinserts generally delivered via mail or inserted into newspapers), box-top coupons,high quality rack cards, color flyers are just a few of the many items availablethrough the Preferred Marketing Solutions Print Team.We also stock logo clothing items as well as banners, magnets, Parkside logo pens,Parkside T-Shirts and a variety of promotional items such as key chains, cups,notepads and much more that members may purchase for use in their hotel(s). Ourdirect mail system, in which a hotel operator can request that certain coupons bemailed to specific marketing zones or customers, is another unique service providedby Preferred Marketing Solutions. In addition, our Customer Relations Team worksclosely with members needing special promotional items as well as customembroidery and awards. Hotels may contact us by sending an e-mail to ParksideHotels & Resorts at sales@parksidehotels.comInformation Systems ServicesParkside Hotels & Resorts Information Systems (I.S.) department offers a wealth oftechnological resources to our members family.Other Information Systems services available to members: Field MaintenanceSupport, e-mail blasts, Parkside e-newsletter, Web-base PMS SystemRisk ServicesParkside Hotels & Resorts requires members to maintain insurance coverage. For theconvenience of our we could recommends highly qualified insurance companies thatprovide very competitive prices for our members.Quality ManagementParkside Hotels & Resorts Quality Management department is made up of threefunctional teams: Research and Development (R&D), Quality Assurance (QA); andQuality Control (QC).The R&D team is focused on developing quality hotels worldwide. This includesdeveloping ways to make existing properties better, developing new hotelsnationally and internationally to meet our growth, and developing new hotels thatare on strategy with the Parkside Hotel’s brand.The QA team is responsible for maintaining that quality worldwide. The QC team ison-site for quality inspection at member hotels. 7
  8. 8. 5. JOINING PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS ADVANTAGES OF JOINING PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTSMORE BUSINESS: More business for your hotel as a Parkside property.PARKSIDE CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM (CRS): The Parkside CRS Systemnetwork with virtually every travel agency and airline reservation system.LOW MEMBERSHIP FEES: The initial membership fee’s is the lowest in the industry.Based on number of rooms at your property.PARKSIDE WEB-SITE: Your hotel will be listed in the Parkside A FREE web page for your property with photo for our on-line real time distribution network.PARKSIDE GDS / IDS PROGRAM ( GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM ): List yourhotel in the GDS Program for worldwide exposure.MINIMUM ROOMS: No minimum rooms are required to be a franchise of ParksideHotels & Resorts.MEMBERSHIP TERMS: No long term contract.FOOD & BEVERAGE: Support in the food and beverage areas is given to all Parksidemembers who want it.BEST GRAPHICS & SIGNS: Parkside Hotels & Resorts graphics are bright, fresh andvery versatile.NO STRUCTURAL CHANGES: Architectural, mechanical and structural changes arenever required to become a member of Parkside Hotels & Resorts.ADVERTISING SUPPORT: Customized local, National and International advertisingfor use by members, at member’s discretion.PARKSIDE INSPECTIONS: In order to insure the maintenance of proper standard ofoperations, members agree to submit to once a year inspection.PARKSIDE HOTELS & RESORTS TRAVEL GUIDE: Parkside Hotels & Resorts TravelGuide featuring description of each Parkside property worldwide. 8
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