Where we end god takes over


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Where we end god takes over

  1. 1. Where we END, GOD takes Over – Part 1 I Samuel 30
  2. 2. Introduction• We are at an exciting period in our church history• We have established the eldership to support and build this house with Ted and Solveig• Building the House of God requires tunnel focus and a spiritual awakening that we are warriors for and of God, seeking the lost and restoring the
  3. 3. Introduction• We need everyone to understand that we are here to fight to build His House and win souls for Him in the West• We need to realise if we are not focused or aware then we are fooled and not being effective for God• We need a people that is sold out for God and testify His goodness wherever we are
  4. 4. Introduction• Some of us are in a place where we are fighting and we are at our end….and• I want to teach you today…that when we think we are at the end…that’s when God begins• We need to understand how we get through every minute, hour, day, weeks, months, year s from that moment on
  5. 5. Reading 1 Samuel 30• David has a falling out with Saul• David joins the Philistines• Philistine leaders don’t trust his allegiance• David is sent home to Ziklag• The Amelekites have burned down his whole town and taken all the women and children away• David and his men return and realised what has happened and they wept and wept until there was no more strength
  6. 6. Observations• David was called “a man after God’s own heart”• David is a soldier, and he is focussed to serve even to a people (Philistines) that was represented by Goliath which David killed with a sling shot• David was a legend “Saul has killed his thousands but David killed tens thousands”
  7. 7. Observations• What happens when you wake up one day and everything turns bad and you like David had a bad day…that became worst• Your children is in trouble, your spouse is arguing with you, your finances are down to the dollar, your car has broken down, your boss is on your case, your health is deteriorating as you cant sleep thinking about all that you need to do and don’t know where to start?
  8. 8. Observations• Do you feel like running away…going somewhere and hide in a corner…shout and rant and rave at God……crying, balling your eyes out until you are totally exhausted….• David had his 2 wives and children taken from him. He had his men (fought with him) start to plot to stone him for their loss…what does he do..
  9. 9. Notes– BUT David found strength in the Lord his God– David had to refocus – he called for the priest to bring him an ephrod– David asked of the Lord 2 questions– Shall I pursue and Can I catch them?
  10. 10. Observations• BUT….David found strength in the Lord his God• The strategy that David had was to look from within where we can draw on not physical strength but spiritual strength….• When we fight and become tired, exhausted, we need to find strength from God inside of us• We need to get refocussed and like David takes his battle gear off and puts on the ephrod
  11. 11. Observations• When David wears the ephrod he is focussed and seeks God• When we are at the end….we need to take off what or who we are and all we represent and put on the garment of prayer and seek the Lord..• God wants to tell us he hears our prayer and he answers them..
  12. 12. Notes• Lets go and all his men joined with him and went after the Amelekites• 200 men were exhausted and stay behind to take care of the supplies and 400 went ahead• They met an Egyptian and got help in locating where the Amelekites were• They battled from dusk to the next evening and won. All the spoils and all the women and children
  13. 13. Observations• When we have spent time in prayer and seeking God, he restores and re-energises you to then be ready for the battle• When we are in a battle there will be some that will be in the front line and others that will stay back to protect the supplies (defend)• God often provides you with strategic items in your battle (people, events, things, information) to assist you in your fight
  14. 14. Observations• We need to look out for this like God sent David an Egyptian man along the way who provided him with information to locate the enemies• David and the army fought from dusk to the evening the next day and won….because what God has told him in prayer that he will succeed..
  15. 15. Observations• When God speaks to us from His word, in prophecies, in prayer and or worship…we must hold on to this and from this base we go forward and build…let us never never forget His word to us
  16. 16. Observations• David recovered everything, his wives, all the women and children and also on top of that all that the Amelekites had raided from previous towns• His frontline men were arguing that the spoils should only be for those who battled and not to those who stayed behind to protect the supplies (400 vs
  17. 17. Observations• The victory for David was more than just the recuing of his wives and children and everyone else, he was given more ….. God gave David all that was theirs and More…what a blessing…• David always recognised and he made it a statute and law from that day for Israel 1. God is our Provider 2. God is our Protector 3. God is our Overcomer
  18. 18. Summary• We need to get into our minds that we are all in a battle• We need to engage both physically and spiritually to fight• We need to be more intimate with our relationship with God and hold on to the promises• We are building an army and we are all soldiers of the house
  19. 19. Summary• Example – My testimony, Lauren skin healing, Lauren and Justins job situations• Fight for the lost, our family, our health, our finances, our workplace, for the House, wherever we are in the marketplace
  20. 20. Summary• God make me aware, show me and teach me how to fight, teach me how to win the battles• Never give up and stay strong in the Lord3/02/2012 20