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First bathroom renovation

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First bathroom renovation

Published in: Real Estate
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First bathroom renovation

  1. 1. Your first bathroom renovation Your first bathroom renovation is going to be confusing for the first time, if you are doing a purely cosmetic renovation you may not need to lodge an application with the council for approval. Your first renovation should be kept simple. Getting some basic plans drafted up, laying out what you want to change in the bathroom is key. You will need to consult with an architect to draw up some basic plans. These plans will help the tradespeople you hire organize themselves to get our vision into reality. Without these plans no tradesperson is likely to commence working on any renovation. You will need to speak to an electrician to spruce up your lighting. You will need to consult an electrician to install your new lighting. For new lighting ideas and designs you could visit a local lighting store or bathroom Centre where you can look at different lighting ideas. You will need to speak to a tile layer to replace the tiles. Before you rip up the tiles in your bathroom, you want to choose the kind of tiles you’d like to use in your bathroom. Sometimes changing the tiles Is enough to bring new life into your bathroom but most people replace the sink and tiles together. You may even need to speak to a plumber to reinstall the sink if you are keen on switching it out for something new. If you have purchased a new sink or found a sink that suits your tastes, try finding some matching tiles or lighting that suits your taste. This is your first bathroom renovation, make sure that you take your time researching, planning and designing your new bathroom look. Don’t be afraid to look on Pinterest for bathroom design ideas. Remember, if the renovation is substantial than you may need council approval.