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The PowaMETER Dash & Analyst


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A new, highly flexible way to monitor your site energy use or renewable generation. You get site hardware, an easy to use browser & energy analytics apps ….and at a great monthly cost.

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The PowaMETER Dash & Analyst

  1. 1. Help your energy efficiency projects stand out. The InSiTE Dash & Analyst. 2 new, powerful, highly flexible & monthly subscription based energy monitoring packages that highlights your site or load specific energy, cost & carbon use.
  2. 2. Get to grips with your building energy costs The InSiTE Dash & Analyst answers key FAQ’s quickly & easily 3 1. 2. 3. How can I view & understand my building, process or load energy use? How can I plan for, verify & report on energy retrofit investments? What returns are my energy based efficiency & renewable investments giving?
  3. 3. SiTE Energy Dashboard 3 Pulse inputs CTmonitoredloads,,Incomers,HVAC 3 2 Pulse outputs, kWh & kVAh BMS The InSiTE Dash
  4. 4. SiTE Energy Dashboard The InSiTE Analyst POWAROUTER Energy Analytics 3 Pulse inputs CTmonitoredloads,,Incomers,HVAC 3 2 Pulse outputs, kWh & kVAh BMS Ability to implement Demand Side Management programs from Aggregators
  5. 5. Sample view of the InSiTE Dash software. Timeline of a LED retrofit. 315 x 400W metal halide lamps replaced by 315 x 120W LED’s. LED Retrofit Period, 2nd - 15th June 15
  6. 6. Before & After Retrofit. Using the Verify Element. This view shows the monitored consumption before & after LED retrofit This is a 1-day view showing before, after & savings data. See above for kWh & % savings (differences)
  7. 7. InSiTE Analyst. Delivered by the PowaMETER range. From minute based demand, through power demand curves and a full electrical parameter selection, e.g. volts, current, power, power factor etc. This view shows the pre- LED retrofit demand from an Indoor Tennis Arena.
  8. 8. What does InSiTE Dash & Analyst do the same? Features Dash Analyst KwH level monitoring   Money spent & carbon used   Monitors 1 x 3 phase, 2 x 3 phase or 3 x 3-phase loads or generation or Single phase   Displays & maps to energy tariffs, i.e. capacity use, Time of Use, Day/Night   Observe energy use in & out of working hours and at weekends.   Overlay energy use with ambient temperature & humidty   Show before and after energy retrofits energy use for ROI reporting   Before & After verification of energy retrofits/upgrades, inc cost & carbon   User defined KPI's   Savings reports   Pulse inputs for additional monitoring of electricity, gas, water & heat consumption   Energy Dashboard software for non-technical/building occupant engagement  
  9. 9. What does InSiTE Dash & Analyst do differently? Features Dash Analyst Scalable. Can add upto 256 PowaMETER 3, 6 or 9 devices   Energy use reporting, every minute (every hour for Dash)   Full electrical property views, V, I, kW, kVA, kWh, kVAh, kVAR & Power Factor   Peak Demand Curves   Analytics software for technical teams analysis of all electrical properties   Ability to control demand management via BACnet controls to BMS   Monitor, report & alert on water use/leaks  
  10. 10. What does InSiTE Dash & Analyst cost? Features Dash Analyst PowaMETER Dash, RRP subscription Cost per month £33 PowaMETER Analyst 3, RRP subscription Cost per month £40 PowaMETER Analyst 6, RRP subscription Cost per month £43 PowaMETER Analyst 9, RRP subscription Cost per month £47 Purchase Note: All InSiTE Dash and Analyst products can be purchased. If purchased, the InSiTE Energy Information System is eligible for a 20% cost benefit via the UK Government Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.
  11. 11. envisij Ltd. 6 Birkdale Mews, 15A Liverpool Rd Southport, Merseyside, PR8 4AS, UK E: W: T: +44 (0) 1704 741177 M: +44(0) 7833 220535 envisij delivers insightful, understandable & useful energy information to building occupants, executives, sustainability & facilities teams. Our Demand Management technology works with building systems to shift or shed energy use especially during Peak Demand Periods.