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  1. 1. 2 L U K E S T R E E T • P R O S P E C T , C T . 0 6 7 1 2 P H O N E ( 2 0 3 ) 7 0 6 - 7 6 4 3 • E - M A I L F O X S Q L D E V E L O P E R @ C O M C A S T . N E T G A R Y G . F O X ORACLE PL/SQL - SQL SERVER TSQL DEVELOPER - ETL AND MIGRATIONS SPECIALIST Applications Developer / Relational Database Specialist - Embedded SQL Professional with 28 years experience in the full project development life cycle. Self starter with advanced analytical problem solving skills and unique ability to bridge the technological gap between customers, business, operations support and development staff. Specialized Development High speed RDBMS data loading applications. Oracle SPARC - Maestro scheduler, Korn shell scripts, PL/SQL, Dynamic SQL, SQL Loader. SQL Server - SQL Agent, Dynamic TSQL functions and procedures, BCP, SSIS. TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems – Oracle SPARC SunOS, Windows Server, Tandem Guardian G15, Stratus VOS. Relational Database – Oracle 11G, PL/SQL, Tandem NonStop SQL, SQL Server 2014 TSQL, PDW DSQL SQL Tools - Toad for Oracle , Microsoft SSMS, PDW Nexus Query Chameleon Data Loading Methods - Oracle SQL Loader, Microsoft BCP, Bulk Insert, SSIS, Open Query Insert. PostgreSQL Tools - Greenplum PGAdmin III, RedShift AWS Aginity Workbench. Schedulers - IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (Maestro), Cron, Microsoft SQL Agent. File Transfer - FTP, SFTP, PSFTP, Email Applications Programming - C/C++, VB, Cobol, TACL, KShell Scripting, Perl, Tandem Pathway, Java. Web Development - HTML, ASP, IIS, VBScript, JavaScript, ADO, SS certificates. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 12/28/1987 - 4/29/2015 The NASDAQ Stock Market Inc. Trumbull & Shelton, CT Senior Software Developer Specialist - Oracle SPARC / SQL Server Applications  Exchange Analysis and Compliance Tracking System (ExACT) - Responsible for Trade, Trade Summary, Quote, BBO processing pertaining to historical storage of Issue Symbol and MPID statistical daily market information. Korn shell scripts, Oracle 11g PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages, SQL Loader. All applications controlled by IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (Maestro) or Cron (2011 – 4/2015) Migration – Rewrote and/or migrated numerous applications on Oracle and SQL Server platforms. Resource planning based on host data source. Data set/join rewrites replaced slow performing cursor scripts. Eliminated network query related bottlenecks. OTCBB SAS Migration, SQL Server migration. Tuning - Toad DBA Monitor, Toad SQL Tuning Advisor, Optimizer, Explain plan, Oracle SYS V$SQL views. Alter/Create Indexes, move application to data host platform, reconstruct tables, views. Workload Scheduler (Maestro) - Primary Architect for Group - Create Schedules, Jobs, Calendars. Schedule/jobs run 24/7 - Parameter driven jobs send email to alert staff. All jobs are constructed to re- run with no intervention on error. Audit Controls - Constructed - Trade Count/Volume verify applications to compare internal vs. centralized Trade reporting activity. Nightly data loader schedule to monitor all internal and centralized historical NASDAQ market activity. Implement Date check/record count check on all Oracle and SQL
  2. 2. Server file loads to table. Limit Up Limit Down S&P 500/Russell 1000 security maintenance. Created automated process to maintain current day list of Tier 1 ETP Securities. Index historical restatement process. Update short and long term historical Index/Constituent information. Support - Provide data analysis and 24/7 production support to Computer Operations, Trading and Listing Services, NASDAQ Online,, Equity Trade Journal and FINRA. Backload and correct historical table information. Write custom SQL queries based on customers needs.  Market Data Services (MDS) – NASDAQ Historical Data Storage of Trade, Quote, Bond, Index, ETF, Mutual Funds, Dash5 SEC, MPID, Specialized Statistics on Oracle SPARC platform. C, Pro C, Korn shell scripts, PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages, SQL Loader, TOAD. All applications controlled by IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (Maestro) or Cron. (10/2003 - 4/29/2015) Migrate MDS application from IBM Sequent to Sun Solaris 9 platform. (10/2003 -2004) Historical Stock Market Daily SQL Loader scripts - Create table sub partition template construct with the ability to load 1 billion plus records per table per day. Split files into multiple tables loaded when applicable. Website Data Provisioning Historical and Dash5 SEC Data Store - Daily MPID active/withdrawn position and volume reporting, Quote inside bid/ask info, thinly traded security statistics, (2004-2014) IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler (Maestro) - 24/7 MDS Schedules run/monitored daily. Composer - Create parameter based jobs, and schedules per application. Conman - Development test and Production support monitoring. Oracle 11g - Primary RDBMS language. Efficient Table/Pkey, Index Create. Sub/Partitioning and data compression. Views, Sequences, Constraints, Triggers, Multiple table join, sub-queries, dblinks, dbms package calls. PL/SQL - Wrote multiple functions, procedures, packages to collect Bid Ask Statistics, Trade Summary, Data Conversion Routines, Data Service Routines. Records and Collections, Cursors, Bulk Collect, Dynamic SQL, Transaction processing, Exception handing, Tuning and debugging. Migrated 95% of the MDS Historical data store platform to SQL Server using SSMS, SSIS, Dynamic TSQL Functions and Procedures, BCP, SQL Agent, Linked Server Open queries. Involved with requirements, planning, design, code, build, test, documentations update, user interface and sign off. (2007 - 4/29/2015)  Data Query Services – Project Lead responsible for implementing HP ZLE technology to develop backend Tandem Server Classes with transaction rates of 24k tps. The Tandem DQS application is used to provide Super Montage and Super Inter-Market Trade Report Orders, Deliveries and Executions data to API users. C/SQL development. (2001 – 2004)  FIPS Website – Query based facility built using HTML, ASP, ADO, MS SQL 6.5, SSL.  Fixed Income Pricing System (FIPS) – Developed Trading, Securities Surveillance, CTCI Interface and Quote Management functions for the High Yield Bond Trading System using Tandem NonStop Pathway Server Technology, C/SQL development. (1992 – 2002)
  3. 3.  Private Offering and Reciprocal Trading Automated Linkage – Constructed Trading, Reconciliation, System Control, CTCI, Quote, Dynamic Update applications for a SEC 144a rule system that facilitated the trading and clearance of Primary and Secondary Non-SEC registered securities. Dynamic FMS, TPF, Client/Server, Stratus C Applications development. (1987 – 1994)  Misc Projects – TRAPS, NASDAQ Japan FIX, ACT, and TRACE. EDUCATION 1981 - 1986 Central Connecticut State University New Britain, CT Bachelor of Science – Computer Science / Minor - Business  Hardware - VAX 11/780 Mainframe, VAX/VMS Operating System  Studies – A. I., Computer Electronics, Data and File Structures, Digital Systems Design, Adv Programming Concepts. Application Studies, Design, and Development in PASCAL.  Internship – Norden Systems – SE Assistant for MIFASS (9/85 – 1/86) REFERENCES Furnished upon request.