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DAI Matflo Supply Chain Brochure


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DAI Matflo Supply Chain Brochure

  1. 1. Integrated software to manage omni-channel fulfilment Matflo Supply Chain
  2. 2. About Us DAI (Digital Applications International) are leaders in the provision of standard and specialist supply chain IT solutions, based on our Matflo product suite. We deliver to manufacturers, retailers and service providers within the omni-channel fulfilment sector. We work with 6 of the top 10 UK online retailers1 . We are an independent British company, dependable and straightforward to deal with. We still have the flexibility normally associated with dynamic small to medium companies, yet the dependability and assurance offered by our larger size. We have offices in London, Manchester, Aberdeen, and Basel (Switzerland). Quality is embedded throughout and DAI is accredited to ISO 9001. Our customer base is enviable. If this is aligned with your own culture and aspirations then a partnership with DAI could bring great benefit to your business. ( 1 Source: IMRG Retailers Ranking Report ) Contents About us.................................................................................................................... 1 Matflo Supply Chain Infographic.................................... 3 Matflo Supply Chain............................................................................. .4 Supply Chain Visibility..................................................................... 6 Omni-channel Fulfilment.......................................................... 18 Home Delivery Grocery............................................................... 22 Distribution Centre Management............................... 28 Delivery Management..................................................................... 30 Transport Solutions........................................................................... 34 Returns.................................................................................................................... 38 We Make It Easy....................................................................................... 40 Contact..................................................................................................................... 44 1
  3. 3. Matflo Supply Chain Infographic Financials Purchase Order Management Website Customers Suppliers Customers Transport Management Yard Management Returns Supplier and Customer Portals In-store Fulfilment Fulfilment Determination Distribution Centre Management Automated Materials Handling Grocery Fulfilment Centre Management Click & Collect Replenishment Stock Accounting Order Management Global Inventory Delivery Management Activity Based Costing Parcel Carriers £ Powered by Matflo controls over 500 different sites worldwide, from the UK and Europe, through to sites in the Americas and Australia. Clients 2 3
  4. 4. Matflo Supply Chain software components cover virtually all aspects of omni-channel fulfilment. When deployed together these components provide complete control and visibility across the entire supply chain. In today’s omni-channel mix of bricks and mortar set against eCommerce retail, supply chains which integrate both these different channels are standing out. Be it in terms of flexibility to deliver many permutations of the customer shopping experience, or being able to adapt rapidly to change as new retailing concepts evolve. Matflo Supply Chain software components integrate seamlessly via a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), allowing you to take control of your Supply Chain based on real-time information exchange. You can mix and match when selecting the right components for your business, taking individual components or a more comprehensive suite. Our customers are predominantly pure play eCommerce and more mature omni-channel retail businesses, based both within and outside the UK. Matflo Supply Chain Matflo Supply Chain software components cover virtually all aspects of omni-channel fulfilment. 4 5 Quayside Matflo Hub Matflo Hub • Automated Gatehouse • Yard Management • Slot Booking • Quayside Management Grocery Fulfilment Centre Matflo Fulfilment Centre Management System Returns Matflo Carrier Management System Matflo Warehouse Management System Transportation Matflo Transport Management System Delivery Matflo Carrier Management System Distribution Centre (DC) Matflo Warehouse Management System Supply Chain Visibility Matflo 360o Store Matflo C+C Matflo In-Store • In-Store Fulfilment • Replenishment Handling • Returns Handling Home
  5. 5. Supply Chain Visibility To facilitate an optimised supply chain, accurate real time information and an end-to-end view of your entire supply chain is essential. Matflo 360o offers total visibility through the provision of components to give you a control tower view of your entire supply chain, and the ability to take action when appropriate. As a leading provider of supply chain software, a common problem that we encounter is the perception amongst customers that fulfilment systems are just about warehouse management. In reality, fulfilment is about much more than this; once orders are captured via various channels, to optimise performance customers need systems to handle global inventory, order fulfilment determination, store replenishment, parcel carrier management and customer/supplier integration. All of these are satisfied by Matflo software components. Global inventory management underpins the entire supply chain. 6 7
  6. 6. Global Inventory Matflo offers an inventory service providing a centralised global view of underlying inventory, across multiple fulfilment centres, stores, in-transit items and direct supplier systems. • Provides global visibility of inventory throughout the enterprise • Publishing this data in real-time to a website • Enables sharing of a common inventory pool across multiple channels – stores and eCommerce • High level of real-time inventory accuracy maximises stock availability and minimises fulfilment failure • Prevents the same item being sold simultaneously by accident in different channels • Handling of inventory reservation and release (e.g. basket times out without being confirmed) • Ease of integration of additional WMS and other inventory systems as new sites are introduced • Ability to expose data to customers and suppliers via portals Supply Chain Visibility 8 9
  7. 7. Supply Chain Visibility Functionality and benefits include: • Valuation of inventory held within DCs, fulfilment centres and stores using weighted average costing • Inventory valuation is performed within SAS; removes the need for underlying WMS systems to perform valuation • Retailers can maintain sensitive valuation information within their own systems estate; third party systems e.g. WMS do not need to know • Integration of finance-related information to connected retail replenishment and store sales systems • Integration of credit and debit transactions to ERP financials • Advanced alerting with end-user configurable alerts and alerting dashboard • Financial reporting with end-user configurable reports • Full audit trail Stock Accounting Management of inventory financials can be over-simplistic in many ERP packages. Integration of inventory movements from WMS to ERP can also be fraught with difficulties where eCommerce fulfilment is introduced, as many retailer systems have been adapted to consider an eCommerce fulfilment centre both as a distribution centre and as a store. The Matflo SAS (Stock Accounting System), a plug-in component to Matflo 360o Global Inventory, delivers a solution to these problems. 10 11 Matflo Stock Accounting delivers full inventory valuation at a level beyond that achieved by ERP systems.
  8. 8. Supply Chain Visibility Matflo 360o Order Management allows you to fulfil orders from one source or several, taking into account the customer’s location, delivery preferences and many other factors. Order Fulfilment Determination Where a customer’s order contains lines which can be fulfilled from a mixture of fulfilment centres, stores and direct suppliers, Fulfilment Determination can break down the order into consignments where each consignment is shipped from one fulfilment site on one day using one carrier service. This can take into account where best to ship from, inventory availability, manufacturing lead times, whether to consolidate to a single site prior to shipping to customer or whether to ship site specific consignments, carrier capability and handling methods etc. Dynamic Delivery Options If you want to offer different delivery options to the customer for different items in the order, Matflo components can help you to achieve this: • The website accesses fulfilment determination in real time with the customer at checkout to break the customer’s multi-line order into consignments. • Order Management then calls the Carrier Management System (CMS) Delivery Options Service for each consignment, so that CMS can establish a set of delivery dates separately for each consignment and offer these back to the customer via the website dynamically, thus significantly improving the customer experience. Order Management Once Global Inventory visibility is achieved, multiple fulfilment opportunities arise. Matflo 360o Order Management allows you to fulfil orders from one source or several, taking into account the customer’s location, delivery preferences and many other factors. • Global visibility of all orders and order lines captured from multiple sources • Breakdown of multi-line orders into consignments using fulfilment determination rules • Visibility of consignments and original orders, and their progress • Publishing of order / line status to websites • Determination of Delivery Promise, factoring in: • Time of day vs. order cut-off time • Day of week (where weekends are treated differently) • Delivery option selected by customer (e.g. standard, next day) • Fulfilment source (e.g. direct suppliers could have longer lead time) • Alerting of risk to delivery promise, via WMS status updates of late despatch, or CMS late delivery status updates 12 13
  9. 9. “… measurably the best …” 14 15
  10. 10. Supply Chain Visibility Supplier and Customer Portals Integrating customers and suppliers closely into your supply chain via easily accessible secure web portals can bring numerous benefits to all. At a headline level these include improved visibility of deliveries in transit into your network, and enabling the flexibility of direct supplier fulfilment to the end customer. Supplier Portal • Secure supplier specific web portal • Ability to view and edit their specific data • Visibility of relevant purchase orders, and creation of advanced shipping notices (ASN) • Inbound supply chain and projected forward workload visibility • An alternative to direct systems integration into an order management system, particularly for small/medium or infrequent suppliers • Allows direct suppliers to publish inventory levels to a central global inventory service and onwards to the web site, without the need for direct systems integration • Allows direct suppliers access to fulfilment instructions, despatch documentation and address or carrier labels (sourced via CMS) without systems integration Customer Portal • Secure customer specific web portal • Ability to view their specific data • Out-bound delivery visibility • Stock status visibility Integrating customers and suppliers closely into your supply chain via easily accessible secure web portals can bring numerous benefits to all. Improved visibility of deliveries in transit into your network and enabling the flexibility of direct supplier fulfilment to the end customer. 16 17
  11. 11. Omni-channel Fulfilment Click & Collect Click & Collect is becoming more and more important within the omni- channel landscape. It is arguably the most important and significant change in retail behaviour to happen in recent times. By introducing Click & Collect to your online customer proposition, you are handing your customers control of their purchases and thus offering the best customer service possible. Matflo C+C can be used to track and handle your online orders once they have left the e-fulfilment operation, sorting parcels into orders, customer notifications, recording the critical customer handover and handling any returns (to the store or e-fulfilment operation) of any uncollected and/or unwanted orders. • Improves customer experience and convenience significantly in multiple ways • Provides a controlled and efficient process to manage the customer experience, thus reducing pressure on staff • No specific new staff required - just train your existing retail staff • Offering a service attractive to customers improves conversion rates • Increases footfall in store, creating additional up-sale opportunities • Typically no delivery costs, if utilising own transport fleet that has capacity (or usually cheaper carrier tariffs for B2B consolidated volumes) Key facets of an effective omni-channel landscape are the delivery variants offered to the end customer. This includes not only the physical hand over transaction, but the processes behind this to maximise the efficiency of stock utilisation. Matflo Click & Collect is deployed at over 450 different sites in the UK. 18 19
  12. 12. Omni-channel Fulfilment In-Store Fulfilment Fulfilling online orders from store can provide many benefits to the retailer. Stores can be used to offer same day delivery or click & collect, whereas an additional day’s lead time would usually apply if fulfilled from a central fulfilment centre. It can also act as an overflow during peak promotional events where capacity is breached within the fulfilment centre. In-store fulfilment can enable creative online selling strategies to drive store sales and greater inventory utilisation. Matflo In-Store enables you to leverage your existing store inventory and labour resources to maximise omni-channel sales and improve the customer experience. Designed for ease of use by today’s retail workforce, Matflo In-Store allows sales associates to fulfil orders from your store inventory and is architected to ensure you meet your customer promise. The solution also provides confirmation when orders have been picked and packed, so inventory levels can be updated and shipment notifications sent internally and externally to the customer. • Enables in-store order fulfilment, utilising all stock available, thus reducing central inventory requirements • Increased online product offering to full range, not just what is held with the fulfilment centre • Enables buy online and pick up in-store, sameday • Enables store-to-store transfers for customer pick-up • Provides integration to parcel carriers via Matflo CMS, to enable ship-to customer proposition (see Delivery Management Section, page 30) • Monitor in-store fulfilment activity from a centralised fulfilment dashboard • Enables back of store controlled inventory location management • Reduces time & cost to fulfil Matflo In-Store enables you to leverage your existing store inventory and labour resources to maximise omni- channel sales and improve the customer experience. 20 21
  13. 13. Home Delivery Grocery These solutions occupy a niche incorporating functionality derived from both the warehousing and in-store worlds, including, but not limited to: • Full support for automation solutions: conveyor-supported zonal picking, Goods to Person pick stations, high throughput storage and retrieval systems (shuttle, miniload) etc. • Communication with connected retail systems: global inventory, store replenishment, web order capture and management, transport planning and scheduling, in-vehicle delivery systems, payment systems • Maximised transport van utilisation through volumetric planning • Highly optimised picking solutions (pick trolleys, compressed pick walks) • Interoperability with existing in-store inventory • Single /multi-temperature delivery handling • Highly dynamic fulfilment to handle up-to-the-minute order planning onto van routes • Inventory date management • Customer delivery documentation Through our long history of providing fulfilment solutions to major grocery retailers both in the UK and abroad, DAI have become one of the leading providers of home delivery grocery fulfilment solutions. At the most specific level our offerings can be separated into two solutions: • Matflo FCMS (Fulfilment Centre Management System) – with strong similarities to warehouse management systems, FCMS delivers management of dedicated grocery online fulfilment centres (sometimes termed ‘dark stores’) • Matflo In-Store – delivers fulfilment of home delivery grocery orders from stores 22 23
  14. 14. “… Every little helps …” 24 25
  15. 15. A flexible and efficient warehouse management system is the key element underpinning the supply chain. Matflo WMS integrates planning, operations, people and equipment to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, labour efficiency and fulfilment accuracy in the warehouse. Gatehouse to Gatehouse Capability Matflo systems have added a new dimension to the traditional scope of standardised WMS packages. Based on field proven software modules but configured precisely for the customer, they give gatehouse to gatehouse capability. With a large installed customer base, our solutions are renowned for their high availability and low lifetime cost of ownership. Operanally-oriented User Interface The Matflo Operationally-oriented User Interface provides intuitive visualisation and control of warehouse processes. Far more than just queries, lists and detailed data, it provides information structured in a way which allows operational management teams to instantly visualise outstanding workload and current achievement. Distribution Centre Management DAI’s best-in-class Matflo WMS (Warehouse Management System) provides a total software solution for the management of a Distribution Centre. 26 27
  16. 16. Distribution Centre Management eCommerce and omni-channel need specialist WMS functionality, including: • Ability to handle diverse order types with highly different characteristics - eCommerce vs retail replenishment • Diversity of handling - cases, retail units, large palletised items etc. • Dynamic order processing; order flow is highly dynamic in nature. WMS should re-evaluate the order well at frequent intervals - ‘one wave per day’ won’t allow you to meet rapid delivery service levels to customer • Replenishment logic which factors in product historical movement speed, real-time order demand, and continually re-prioritises accordingly • Picking solution must be efficient for multiple small orders; e.g. trolley, cluster and ‘batch order’ picking • Voice picking option for both productivity and accuracy (Visual RF less productive but accurate; paper productive but inaccurate) • Larger volume operations may have a strong business case to invest in automation e.g. goods-to-person picking solutions with automated storage; today’s solutions are highly modular and scalable • Integration with carrier management system to provide dynamic carrier selection, accurate order prioritisation, parcel labelling etc. typically during packing operation • Scan-packing • Support for carrier sortation post-packing • Support for ratio packs and composite SKUs etc. Our biggest Matflo WMS deployment controls an automated site bigger than 15 football pitches. 28 29
  17. 17. Delivery Management The Matflo CMS (Carrier Management System) is the most flexible, configurable and performance-oriented CMS on the market. It integrates the eCommerce website, Warehouse Management System and parcel carriers’ systems to give you complete control and visibility of the home delivery process, from the point of customer checkout all the way to delivery. Uniquely within the market place of carrier management solutions, Matflo CMS has been specifically engineered to meet the rigours of high volume enterprises, giving you assurance that as your business grows, Matflo CMS will continue to perform optimally. • Seamless integration with the many UK and international carriers • Program of continual on-boarding of new carrier services • Complete flexibility and visibility through a fully configurable solution - able to grow with you • Proven business critical support infrastructure to address issues all year round up to 24x7 In the eCommerce world, successful home delivery is key to the customer experience. CMS Baseline Matflo CMS is structured in such a way to allow complete flexibility in your purchasing decision. You buy what you need now, and are then able to add components as your requirements evolve. The baseline delivers: • Carrier allocation service selects the most appropriate carrier based on a flexible and configurable rule set including product characteristics, postcode, weight, order value, carrier capacity management and others • Automatic gazetteer import for carrier routing determination • Configurable geographical areas provide full override over stated carrier capability • Real-time carrier label generation to carriers’ standards • Electronic manifest generation and transmission to carrier • Carrier tariff management and determination of delivery charge • What-if evaluation of changes to the rules configuration • Management Information and report building via industry-standard open database access • Single or multi-site operation; separate configurations for each • Create configurations for direct suppliers • Handle labelling for Click & Collect parcels and integrate with your own fleet • High performance – Matflo real-time architecture enables sub- second provision of delivery options and carrier labels, enhancing the customer experience and maximising warehouse productivity • ‘Pay per component’ – to help minimise lifetime costs you only pay for the components you use The Matflo CMS (Carrier Management System) is the most flexible, configurable and performance- oriented CMS on the market. 30 31
  18. 18. CMS Component Options Options can be bolted on to the Baseline to enhance CMS functionality. These are available to purchase separately. Delivery Options Service • Integration of valid delivery options to a connected fulfilment website in real-time during the customer check-out process • In conjunction with fulfilment determination provides a powerful solution to dynamic delivery options for complex multi-line orders • Bring greater choice of delivery options to the customer including Click & Collect, standard, nominated day, and courier pick-up etc Track & Trace • Parcel tracking via integration into carriers’ systems • Centralised repository for parcels tracked across multiple carriers • Configurable alerting in the event of risk to delivery promise Email / SMS Alerting • Alert propagation to customer via email / SMS • Configurable alert triggers and email / SMS templates Electronic Bookings • Collection bookings transmitted electronically to carriers • Returns collections • Courier pick-up Export • Export documentation for international shipments • CN22, CN23 and commercial invoice documentation • Electronic transmission to customs authorities CMS business benefits include • Remove the burden of carrier integrations: we do the integration, you don’t need to • Save money by ensuring that the most appropriate carrier service is selected automatically • Control parcel volumes in a multi-carrier business environment – deliver on carrier tariffs and switch parcel volumes between carriers with immediate effect • Improve the certainty of delivery options offered and meet your delivery promise • Track & Trace and configurable alerting drive enhanced customer service, minimising late and missed deliveries Delivery Management ...and many more… 32 33
  19. 19. Transport Solutions Matflo Hub The Matflo Hub is an integrated set of configurable product components that address the management and control of an operational hub. Automated Gatehouse • Automated gatehouse significantly speeds up driver entry and exit to yard or quayside, thus increasing site throughout and daily receipt and despatch capacities. Slot Booking • A collaborative web portal enabling hauliers to book inbound and outbound deliveries to and from fulfilment centres, fully supportive of multi-haulier operating scenarios. Quayside • Optimised control of a quayside, including integration with weigh bridges and load cells, and also supporting the automated manifest creation process. Yard Management • Manages yard and loading bay locations to provide complete tracking and traceability for movements into and out of the yard, for operations ranging from single vendor to multi-party distribution operations. • Book your own delivery spot. Hauliers can manage their own delivery slots, which reduces site management admin overheads • No trailer congestion. Smoothed flow into, within and out of the yard preventing trailer congestion in and around the site • Reduced trailer ownership costs. Same movement volumes with a smaller fleet, due to operational improvements • Reduced labour costs. Automated gatehouse operates unmanned, delivering significant labour savings • Reduced overhead costs. More efficient use of yard can minimise overall space requirements • Productivity increase. Rapid location of drivers and increased bay utilisation through ability to effectively plan and action management control In the current economy, successful management of transport can have an enormous impact on the profitability and success of your organisation. Transport Solutions impact both movements within the confines of the Distribution Centre, and beyond the Distribution Centre. The latter is addressed through Matflo TMS (Transport Management System) (see pages 36 to 37) while the former by Matflo Hub detailed on the following page. 34 35
  20. 20. Transport Management The Matflo TMS (Transport Management System) is highly flexible, configurable and performance oriented. It integrates into any Warehouse Management System including DAI’s Matflo WMS (Warehouse Management System), and any dynamic scheduling tool to give you complete control and visibility of your transport requirements, fleet management and workforce requirements. • Auto-planning Service selects and generates trips based on current route options, restrictions for weight and capacity limits. Trips are automatically adjusted on receipt of amendments. Auto- calculation of drops, delivery times, and trip times • Designation and control of cross-dock including specification and planning of cross-dock orders • Cross-site/multi-site control • Control and planning of collections and other types of transport work • Virtual fleet planning allows manipulation of trips against a virtual fleet prior to actual resource allocation • Automatic dynamic route import from external scheduling system • Real-time interfaces to WMS and all linked solutions • Driver run sheet generation and other required documentation • Management Information and report building via industry-standard open database access • Telematics integration, to integrate external in-cab solutions for up-to-date visibility of arrival and departure times • Driver and vehicle management provides control of driver and vehicle allocation to trip • Resource scheduling - use of own fleet or 3rd party hauliers • Debrief functionality provides recording of on-time and in-full information Transport Solutions 36 37
  21. 21. Matflo CMS The returns process is frequently initiated via the retailer website. A typical scenario is supported by CMS as follows: • Customer accesses retailer website to initiate return process • Website places call to CMS Delivery Options Service in real-time to establish set of available returns options, including return via Post Office, parcel shops or collect from customer premises • CMS configurable rules engine controls options offered e.g. collect from customer premises might only be offered for large or heavy items e.g. white goods, furniture • Customer selects returns option • For own fleet collection, CMS can provide own fleet carrier / address label • DC WMS is pre-advised of inbound return • For collections from customer premises by parcel carrier, CMS Electronic Bookings option can be used to book collection electronically, removing the need for customer service organisation to request collection by phone Returns An efficient returns process is key to eCommerce operations. The level of returns in some sectors can be high, particularly in the fashion sector. Matflo software components support the Returns process at all stages. 74% of purchase decisions are influenced by your return policy before buying. Matflo WMS • Receipt of inbound return pre-advice • Checking of received items against pre-advice, or blind receipt • Return status determination, including return to good stock, rework or scrap • Management of QC status and release for items returned to good stock • Communication to Global Inventory of available returned inventory • Handling of returned item putaway, including sortation by destination zone, aisle etc. • Handling of returns locations including multi-SKU, limited SKUs, limited quantity and like-SKU segregation etc. 38 39
  22. 22. We Make It Easy We undertake to support your system, regardless of the level of customisation, for its operational lifetime. We are proud of our 100% track record of achievement in this respect for our installed Supply Chain systems dating back over 25 years. Matflo systems are designed for real-time mission-critical applications and require the highest available support service level. We deliver up to 24x7x365 support worldwide to our installed customer base via a dedicated support team backed up by experts in your particular site application. We offer a range of Service Level Agreements which provide telephone and email based operational support. Matflo operational support is managed by our UK-based Response Co-ordination Centre (RCC). The RCC is a dedicated team of engineers trained to diagnose and resolve the majority of system issues. The RCC also administer our proprietary issue management, escalation and system monitoring tools. In office hours, calls and emails are taken by the RCC. Out of office hours, calls are routed to on-call specialists. The out-of-hours service is focused on ‘keeping the system running’, i.e. providing immediate resolution to the operational issue. Our on-call specialists are part of a team that were involved in the design and implementation of the specific system they are now supporting. As well as providing out-of-hours services, they assist the RCC with high level problem diagnosis and resolution during normal office hours where necessary. Our Account Managers are part of a team of software management professionals dedicated to ensuring our customers’ support, training and system enhancement requirements are met. We deliver up to 24x7x365 support worldwide 40 41
  23. 23. KPI Reporting DAI Account Managers meet with our customers at frequent intervals to review performance against an agreed set of KPIs. These typically include: • Contact volumes • Response times by severity class • Resolution times by severity class • Headline incident summaries (time/date, severity, brief description) • Detailed incident summaries • System availability • System performance Managed Services DAI provide a range of managed services allowing us to take full responsibility for outsourcing of infrastructure. • Managed hosting • Server management • Server support • Software service management We Make It Easy Overview In summary, a Service Level Agreement for support provides the following services: • ITIL based internal processes • Email and telephone assistance with operation of the system • Secure VPN access to customer systems • Remote online investigation and recovery of system failures • Response time service level to calls • Escalation service back-up • Investigation of all reported problems (whether a software fault or not) • Ongoing monitoring of system resource utilisation • Ongoing support service reporting • Ongoing configuration control of application software 42 43
  24. 24. Tel: +44 (0)161 374 6000 E-mail: Contact Manchester Milan Court Bird Hall Lane Stockport SK3 0WZ London Axtell House 24 Warwick Street London W1B 5NQ Aberdeen 3 Kingshill Park Westhill Aberdeenshire AB32 6FL Basel (Switzerland) Clarastrasse 15 Postfach CH-4005 Basel 44
  25. 25. A Different Approach Our unique Software Component Registry (SCR) allows us to build customised solutions from standard components. All solutions are flexible to meet your specific needs and build in competitive advantage. Lifetime Support We guarantee to support your system, regardless of the level of customisation, for its operational lifetime. Upgrades are optional and we never force you to upgrade in order to retain supportability. We provide our customers with the highest service levels. Quality We are accredited to ISO 9001. High Performance Matflo software is designed for real-time mission-critical applications. The architecture enables sub-second performance, maximising productivity. Customer Focused MSB/SC/15 FM 01458 London | Manchester | Aberdeen | Basel