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20 Minute Vacation Capabilities


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Overview of the customers and events served by 20-Minute Vacation.

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20 Minute Vacation Capabilities

  1. 1. As a former exhibit manager and massage therapist, I know how well chair massage and event marketing can work together to create successful events. We’ve proven it many times for major event marketing companies and corporate clients. We’d like to do it for you. – GARY BUZZARD
  2. 2. MASSAGE SERVICES TO MEET YOUR STANDARDS Once you have a plan for your event’s theme and environment, we can provide a total chair massage solution that is guaranteed to attract big crowds and ensure your event’s success. Our services include ● The finest, insured massage professionals ● Aesthetically pleasing black massage chairs for the massage therapists to use ● Electric foot massagers for attendees to use while they wait for their massage ● A soothing customized relaxation audio designed to fit your event’s marketing theme; attendees will hear it while receiving their massage ● A greeter/supervisor to handle sign-ups and cover for the therapists when they take breaks ● And finally we follow through; making sure everything’s set up and ready to go early on the first day of your event to ensure a smooth start. THE RIGHT MASSAGE TEAM FOR YOUR EVENT What type of massage is the best choice for your event? ● Chair massage is generally the best choice for most situations because it can be more easily recognized from a distance, and most people are familiar with it and have enjoyed it before. ● But sometimes hand massage may be a better choice – for a hand lotion promotion for instance. ● Or maybe foot reflexology would be more effective for a shoe company. Our massage therapists will be from the area near your event. They carry massage liability insurance and are certified according to local regulations. They are members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or the Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals (ABMP).
  3. 3. DIET OCEAN SPRAY SAMPLING TOUR “Take a Vacation from Ordinary Diet Drinks” was the theme of Ocean Spray’s Summer sampling tour for Ocean Spray Diet Drinks. The eight-city tour visited Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. There were 40 stops in all with three massage therapists working at each one. Our client was Arnold Brand Promotions in Boston which created the events for Ocean Spray. 20-Minute Vacation handled all the massage staffing, coordination of the massage team, and paid the massage therapists after each event. This left the Arnold staff free to concentrate on their primary marketing responsibilities. PLAYTEX LIVING GLOVES TOUR We provided hand massage therapists for a nationwide tour for Playtex Living Gloves. It visited 28 cities with 4-5 locations in each city – May through October, 2006. 20-Minute Vacation was the sole massage provider. Our client was MKTG Partners in New York City. THE CUREL “CURE THE WINTER RECENT TRADE SHOW CLIENTS. BLUES” TOUR Mayflower Transit at Society of Human ● We provided hand Resources Management (SHRM 2006 massage therapists in Orlando) for a nationwide Hitachi Consulting at America’s SAP ● tour for Curel Lotion. User’s Group (ASUG 2006 in Orlando) It visited 7 markets with more Medicis at American Academy ● than 100 stops – May through of Dermatology (AAD 2006 in October, 2006. 20-Minute San Francisco). Vacation was the sole ITxpo 2006 in San Francisco – ● massage provider. Our client (for Gartner Symposiums). was MKTG Partners in New Crocs at the Las Vegas Marathon Expo ● York City. in Las Vegas.
  4. 4. Marketing companies like Arnold and MKTG Partners are quite demanding and we pride ourselves in being able to meet their needs and gain their repeat business. 20-Minute Vacation Owner Gary Buzzard is a former exhibit manager with Hewlett-Packard and a certified massage practitioner. He has also been a speaker at Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas. WE HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT Although we are a chair massage company – we consider ourselves as a marketing support company as well. We assist your marketing efforts by helping you draw a crowd, keep them at your event longer, and if you wish – we can also help you deliver your marketing message with our Customized Relaxation Audios. Our goal is to help make you and your clients successful. ● In the past few years we have provided chair massage for trade show exhibits and multi-city marketing tours for: A&E Television Networks ● Access TCA Exhibits ● Amgen ● Arnold Worldwide ● California State Automobile Association ● Celebrity Cruises ● Dealer Impact Systems ● DVC Experiential Marketing ● Exhibitor Magazine Group ● FedEx ● Gartner ● GE Healthcare ● Judy Venn & Associates ● KPMG ● Free Spirit ● Gourmet Magazine ● GQ Magazine ● Hitachi Consulting ● Jones of New York ● Ligand Pharmaceuticals ● Macys Special Events ● Mayflower Transit ● Medicis Pharmaceuticals Inc. ● Microsoft ● MKTG Partners ● Pfizer ● Quilted Northern ● Sparks Exhibits ● Velocity Sports & Entertainment ● Wired Magazine ● And many more... ●
  5. 5. CUSTOMIZED RELAXATION AUDIO PROGRAMS This is a CD containing a 1-minute marketing message from your company, a 5-minute guided meditation, plus a closing from your company, all with soft music in the background. It will be produced by 20-Minute Vacation. Massage recipients will listen to it during their massage. Audio Equipment: CD players, headsets, batteries will be provided. Cost: $800 for audio production. ELECTRIC FOOT MASSAGERS 2-6 electric foot massagers can be provided for attendees to use while waiting for their chair massage. This adds to the impact of your attraction and creates a waiting area in which attendees can gather. Cost: Usually included with the chair massage – client pays for shipping MATCHING MASSAGE CHAIRS Matching massage chairs can be provided by 20-Minute Vacation. These are Golden Ratio brand, all black massage chairs. Normally my independent contractors provide their own chairs and they are not color matched. If aesthetics are important to you these chairs will be appreciated. Cost: $75 per chair per day plus shipping MASSAGE THERAPISTS’ ATTIRE We’ll make sure the massage therapists are attired the way you want them. They can dress in 20-Minute Vacation Shirts and dark trousers, all black, Khaki’s and white polo shirts or in shirts you provide. Cost: Varies