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2 - TCO Intro Attachment

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2 - TCO Intro Attachment

  1. 1. Coach-Train-Succeed Page 1 of 2 Allow us to build the right program to enhance your company! An innovative approach to success! Conventional Training - Sales 1, 2 and 3 day sales development programs that help transform and shape selling skills.  Transform inexperienced reps into functional sales reps.  Transform functional sales reps into productive sales reps.  Transform productive sales reps into great sales reps. Advanced Training - Sales 1 day and 1/2 day programs dealing with a variety of selling and personal skills.  Mirroring  Listening  Call Control - the power of questions!  Closing  Self Confidence  Self Image  Stress Management Coaching Our ongoing Coaching - Mentoring program focuses on problems and issues being met in the performance of one's duties and/or career. This program gives participants the opportunity to be open and frank about the issues facing them ... from frustration and concerns about their own performance and skill sets to career guidance. It is ideal for Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, Customer Service Managers and Customer Service Representatives. Departmental Re-Structuring Departmental re-structuring can be required to realize economic efficiencies either directly or indirectly and can be used to improve the performance or resulting performance to maximize the client's experience. I work with executive and upper management to develop a series of outcome cycles that meet or exceed the overall desired outcome for a particular department, group or division.  Improve financial efficiencies.  Maximize sales opportunities.  Improve and maximize the client's experience.
  2. 2. Coach-Train-Succeed Page 2 of 2 With over 10 years in progressive Territorial Sales, Sales Management, Regional Sales Management and Sales Training and with over 25 years in the Senior Management and the entrepreneurial arena, I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to your table! I've combined all of this experience and success with recently acquired skills sets in the areas of Hypnosis and in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Combining these skills has lead to a new, very interesting and productive approach to Training, Coaching and Mentoring - an approach that leads to unheard of success in relatively short periods of time. For more information or set up an appointment, either email or call me at your convenience. Sincerely Gary Barone Sales Trainer, Coach, Mentor Intellectual Selling Skills Therapeutic Hypnotist CCH - NGH - Certified Consulting Hypnotist CSHT - Certified Self Hypnosis Trainer HSP Practitioner - Hypnosis for Sales People 905-464-2527