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Blunt reminders to be bold.


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A western interpretation of buddaian philosophies

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Blunt reminders to be bold.

  1. 1. Blunt Reminders To Be Bold: A Western Interpretation of Buddhaian Philosophies
  2. 2. get shit done today
  3. 3. try until you fail. then get your ass up and do it again
  4. 4. do the hardest thing on your to­do list right now
  5. 5. brag about someone else today, to them and to others
  6. 6. go into a store that you’ve never been into. don’t leave without buying something, even if it costs just a dollar
  7. 7. quit being angry. the only person you’re burning is yourself
  8. 8. ideas are like cars on the road. no one likes stupid drivers
  9. 9. you can either let the truth out or let it break you
  10. 10. beware: your words can kill ideas, hopes, dreams and people
  11. 11. take care of your damn self. no health, no trust
  12. 12. all those positive holy words you read? they’re shit unless you act on them
  13. 13. advice is shit. let people follow your actions, not your words
  14. 14. the more hatred, negativity and general crap you think of, the more of that you will become
  15. 15. stop fricken envying people
  16. 16. you weren’t given arms to reach out for help. you were given them to lift yourself up off the ground
  17. 17. just fucking start
  18. 18. just fucking finish
  19. 19. most bodies can’t keep up with the minds that control them. get fit.
  20. 20. if I can turn hate into love. why the hell can’t you?
  21. 21. fuck excuses. they’re all invalid
  22. 22. being angry is selfish
  23. 23. the fight never ends. deal with it.
  24. 24. don’t spit a thousand words when you can sing just one
  25. 25. you can't fully control your mind until you control what you see and hear and speak
  26. 26. drip, drip, drip
  27. 27. why dwell in the past when you have complete control over the present? did you forget you had that control?
  28. 28. travel. does it really matter where you end up?
  29. 29. you know exactly how difficult you are. imagine what it feels like to conquer yourself? quit conquering the easy people
  30. 30. an idea that is not turned into action has no value
  31. 31. salvation is doing things for yourself, not hoping others will for you
  32. 32. sometimes, just shut up
  33. 33. what you say influences people whether you notice it or not. you wonder why there is so much evil in the world? they’ve heard one negative word from too many people
  34. 34. curious why people say they are on cloud nine? it’s because there’s no sense of direction in the sky. all they can be is happy where they are
  35. 35. stop doubting. yourself, others, friends and enemies
  36. 36. who said you had to fight chaos? why not friend it?
  37. 37. what you get as consequence of doing is not nearly as bad as the consequence of not doing
  38. 38. idle people die. those who move, move forever
  39. 39. the only law you need to subject yourself to is love. and if you have to subject yourself to it, you’re loving wrong
  40. 40. it’s not that everyone is fighting their own battles. they’re losing them. show some damn compassion
  41. 41. you’re wasting your mind, your heart, your life when you fear death
  42. 42. you’re wasting your mind, your heart, your life when you fear (period.)
  43. 43. depend on yourself. whether it’s true or not, everyone else is too busy
  44. 44. the option of health or illness is your own
  45. 45. the only diagnosis is self­diagnosis
  46. 46. all things come naturally when they come naturally
  47. 47. the unity of life is not in making people think, feel and live like you, but in seeing them as such
  48. 48. there is virtue in every good deed, whether you see it or not. don’t stop doing good things because you’re not getting anything in return
  49. 49. take your shoes and socks off. feel the ground as you move through the day
  50. 50. if you’re not suffering, you’re not doing anything remarkable with your life
  51. 51. you’re not a superhero. you don’t need to conquer or stop evil. you just need to show there’s a light in the dark, purity in the world, something better above the evil
  52. 52. get rid of all your shit. abundance is a misunderstood oxymoron
  53. 53. nothing lasts forever
  54. 54. Always impatient is no way to live
  55. 55. transforming your mind sounds really hard. it is
  56. 56. you will never find yourself happy while rating things
  57. 57. everyone else in the world is subject to these same truths. tell me again why you’re trying to live with them alone? go connect with someone