Antislip brochure nov 2013


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Antislip /Safety Direct Egypt, New product Brochure.
Antislip Floor Treatment, Potema Mattress Cleaning Service, Antislip Paints, Sun & Glass Gard, Energy and Water saving Devices

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Antislip brochure nov 2013

  1. 1. Antislip Egypt Office 113 Regency Towers, El Kawther, Hurghada. Tel: 0122 340 3872 or 0106 976 0246 Email: Website: Skype: Antislipegypt
  2. 2. Antislip Egypt is now part of a New Company Contents... SAFETY DIRECT EGYPT Slip and fall accidents is a major Health and Safety Issue worldwide. 03. About us 04. How it works ANTI SLIP EGYPT together with SAFETY DIRECT EGYPT our mother company, provides a large range Health and Safety products. 05. Benefits For Everyone We can help save you money too with our energy /water saving devices product range. 07. Residential & Commercial 06. Safety & Statistics 08. Residential Property 09. Potema Mattress Cleaning 10. ECARF Approved 11. Sun & Glass Gard 12. Who Uses Glass Gard 13. New Products Energy & Water Saving Devices 14. Contact Information & Projects 01 02
  3. 3. How it works... ASE is a truly unique product. Unlike Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Bifluoride based products which etch and take the shine off polished floors, it will not etch or damage the treated surface ASE is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. The anti-slip effect is created by micro particles which are dispersed evenly over the surface of the tile creating a perfect and even thread of micropores. The anti slip effect is injected into the tile surface pores. ASE is not a coating. Once applied it becomes part of the tile and increases the tile's strength. The product's non-slip characteristics become effective when the floor is wet, in fact, the wetter the floor, the more effective the anti-slip works.. Microscopic pattern of a surface injected with Anti-Slip, The pattern of the positioning of the micro particles are evident. Floors can be treated in minutes. ASE: ANTI-SLIP CLEANER & MAINTAINER Multi-purpose cleaner especially developed to maintain and clean floors If you have just invested in a specialised anti-slip floor treatment then it makes sense to be careful with the products you use to clean that floor. The use of chemical or bleach-based cleaning products would weaken the anti-slip properties of the floor. We recommend cleaning the floor with uniquely designed cleaning product that removes soiling and grease without leaving a slippery detergent residue. It's a simple replacement product for your current cleaning chemical. No other cleaning products are required. About us... Anti slip Egypt product info: The effectiveness of our products has been tested by an internationally recognized laboratory. Tests carried out according to Standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 Annexure A, Determination of Slip Resistance (Pendulum), show an increase of 200% in the coefficient of friction for tiles treated with ASE anti-slip products against the same tiles non-treated. Antislip Egypt Is a company specializing in anti-slip products, we offer high quality products and effective solutions to slip related accidents; conforming to European standards. We have a wide range of products that allow us to offer solutions for all kinds of surfaces, both for existing and projected flooring. Antislip Egypt treats: ceramic & porcelain tiles, concrete, granite marble, mosaic, slate, terrazzo, thermoplastics, vinyl, wood, and linoleum. Treated floors are ready for use in minutes. We choose optimal solutions to minimize the risk of accidents due to slipping. Anti Slip Egypt is the leader in the anti-slip industry in Egypt, for our range of cutting-edge products and qualified technical and sales assistance. Why take the risk, when we have the solution? ASE: Around Pools Entryways Locker Rooms Restaurants Kitchens Laundry Rooms Lunchrooms BEFORE Shower Stalls Patios Public/Residential Bathrooms Work Areas Spa centres Malls Bathrooms AFTER We provide Anti slip treatments all over Egypt and provide solutions for: Hotels, schools, hospitals, governmental buildings, industrial sectors, airports, restaurants, kitchens, swimming pools, laundry rooms, including Marine division sectors. Anti Slip treatments will reduce the risk of accidents due to slipping & falling by increasing the co-efficient of friction for floor surfaces by more than 200% in wet & dry conditions Do It Yourself (DIY) packages are coming soon. Safety Comes First! 03 04
  4. 4. Benefits For Everyone... The problem with falls, particularly those due to slipping, is of a great magnitude. It is one of the leading causes of accidents in the world. Slip and falls are common; friends, family, Governments, companies, employers, employees, guests and clients can be affected. Anti slip Egypt provides the solution to protect your business, your friends and family on the risk of slipping and falling on wet or dry floor surfaces. Don’t wait for an accident to happen! Safety and Statistics... The Risk Wet surfaces are a big health & safety risk. Wet surface can cause injuries, from breaking bones to long term physical mental trauma. Slip and falls accidents can cause other complications including: Facts & Statistics: There are 9 million disabling slip and fall accidents each year in the U.S. according to the National Safety Council. Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. They are the single largest cause of emergency room visits and the average slip and fall injury costs $28,000.00. Over one million people in the United States experience a significant lip, trip, or fall each year. Commercial An average of 17,000 Americans die from their slip and fall accidents Save money to secure your business against slip and fall accidents and possible law suits, slipping of key personnel, and to secure the safety of your guests. When it happens, it is already too late. Falls account for one quarter of serious injuries in the workplace. The most frequently injuries incurred from all are back, wrist, elbow, shoulder and knee injuries. In general, joint injuries are most common. A death from an on-the-job slip and fall is estimated to cost an average of $940,000 - on top of the victim’s family’s loss and trauma. Benefits Our treatments reduce the risk of accidents, legal demands, official complaints, compensations, absenteeism from work, and damages to corporate images. Our products correspond with the European Directive 89/654, Risk Prevention Law 31/95 and Royal Decree 486/97 • Head trauma • Mental Trauma • Spinal Cord Injuries • Long Term Medical Complications • Broken Bones and Fractures • Incapacitation • Death Slips and falls are the third largest cause of workplace injuries. Slips and falls are the single most common reason for visits to the emergency room. The average cost of a slip and fall injury is $28,000, including medical bills, physical therapy, and missed wages. Slips and falls are the number two cause of accident death and disability, following behind automobile accidents. Slips and falls lead to 104 million lost workdays per year in North America - that’s 4,000 lifetimes! Residential Seventy percent of slips and falls occur on level ground. Provide a safe environment for you and your family. Anti-Slip Bath & Showers, kitchens and around Pools. Bathtubs & showers are the one of the most dangerous areas in the house. Treating your bathtub or shower with Antislip will ensure your bath or shower does not present any danger to your family, either the young or old, from slip & fall accidents. Trip and fall injuries cost the US $36 billion each year. Slip and fall accidents kill more workers than all other on-the-job fatalities combined. 55 percent of those over 40 have suffered a debilitating slip and fall accident during their lifetimes. We treat porcelain; enamel & fiber finished bath tubs and Shower Trays Antislip Egypt is a company specialized in anti-slip products. 05 Europe: According to workers compensation data for 2004/05, total direct costs due to slips, trips and falls on the same level in NSW were about $110 million. With an average cost to an employer of around $18,900, one workers compensation claim for a slip, trip or fall on the same level incident can have a major impact on a business. 06
  5. 5. Residential & Commercial Antislip Egypt specializes in offering Slip Solutions for Fibre Bathtubs and Showers, Ramps, Staircase Edgings, Wheel Chair Access and Wood Areas which is an essential sector in the hotel industry. Our Antislip Paints come in a range of different colours including high visibility colours. Contact us for a quote and more information. Anti-Slip PAINTS Safety Comes First! Non-Slip Resin Floors are a cost effective solution to providing a non-slip - anti-slip - anti-skid - slip resistant surface in a large amount of commercial and industrial environments. Resin flooring products and Resin floor systems come in a wide range of different types, with many different application and performance characteristics. Resin floors can be suitable for use in all types of industries to provide new or upgraded floor finishes. Whether this be in factory production facilities (for wet and dry process areas), Hygienic production Areas and Rooms, Oil Rigs , Power Production or Transmission Facilities also in Hotels, Aqua Parks and all of the Marine Industry. Antislip treatments undertaken by our company are guaranteed for up to 5 years., depending on the surface and the type of treatment. In other words Resin flooring has almost unlimited uses, and provides a very efficient and cost effective solution for the floor finishes of almost every type of building and structure. The certificate of guarantee is issued stating the contribution to comply more fully with existing national and international legislation, in particular the European Directive 89/654 and the appropriate National Health & Safety Laws... Please contact us for a presentation! 07 08
  6. 6. ECARF Approved The POTEMA® Mattress cleaning system works without using any Chemicals! POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning got evaluated by the allergists of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and got assigned with a ECARF QUALITY SEAL. If you are guest in a hotel, please look out for the POTEMA® certificate, which is a guaranty of your healthy stay while you are there. That way, you are sure of not sleeping in the vaporization and residues left behind by the previous guests. Can anything be more disgusting than that? No. So, stand up and be a part of this new hygiene revolution and see to it that mattress cleaning is a duty in every housing enterprise. POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning POTEMA's Mattress Cleaning System is the hygienic NON-CHEMICAL solution to eradicate mites, the cause of most allergies and Asthma. House dust mites feed on dead skin flakes that people shed and the mattress is one of their most targeted continuous feeding grounds. The older the mattress is, the more important it is to get it cleaned. Even a new mattress can be affected by dust-mites before you buy it. And children’s mattresses have to be cleaned regularly to prevent allergies. The POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning System produces high frequented vibrations nearby ultrasound. The vibrations dissolve the dirt from inside the mattress and pulverises it, after this the particles are removed by a special vacuum, which is specially adjusted to mattressses. Simultaneously, UV-C radiation disinfects the surface of the mattress. This function ensures that all viruses, bacteria and molds are virtually eradicated. This safe disinfection system provides excellent results for maintaining good health. Having your mattress cleaned ensures good health for your family, clients and friends, – leaving you to enjoy a good night sleep! It is recommended to have a mattresses cleaned at intervals of 6 to 12 months and turn your mattress every 3 month. POTEMA® created this cleaning system, because mattresses can’t be washed. CONTACT US NOW TO OBTAIN A QUOTE AND MORE INFORMATION. 09 10
  7. 7. Sun & Glass Gard SAFETY & UV REDUCTION FILM Protection from glass-related dangers begins with GLASSGARD window film. The risk of personal injury due to a glass-related accident should weigh heavy on the mind of any business or property owner. GLASS-GARD Safety and Security films are specially designed to help hold a broken pane of glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the film’s adhesive system. Acting as a thin barrier, GLASSGARD prevents flying shards of razor sharp glass from becoming a danger. Safety & Security films are advocated by many nonprofit consumer safety organizations as an effective way of protecting against glass-related injuries. Whether you are concerned about sustaining damage from a natural disaster, dealing with the unexpected danger of a terror-ist attack, or simply wanting some protection against criminal activity, GLASS-GARD Safety & Security films will work for you. What is SUN-GARD Engineered with powerful adhesives, SUN-GARD is a thin, clear, polyester film which is laminated to the interior surface of your windows or doors. When pro-fessionally installed, this clear product provides lasting pro-tection that you can’t even see. However, SUNGARD is also available in tinted and metalized versions offering added benefits such as increased privacy. In Egypt with the ex-tremely hot climate and intense sun light, Sun Gard protects from glare and ultraviolet light 99% and heat reduction up to 77%, reduced energy consumption of 35%. Testament to Its Strength By utilizing a unique technology in its development, many of our GLASS-GARD films meet the rigorous standards established by the Dade County Small Missile Test, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American National Standards Institute and numerous other safety test standards all over the world. Who Uses Glass-Gard • • • • • • • Banks Hospitals & Clinics Hotels & Developments Property Management National State and Local Governments Store Owners Schools & Nurseries FOR MORE INFORMATION AND QUOTE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US. 11 12
  8. 8. NEW PRODUCTS ENERGY & WATER SAVING DEVICES Cut your Energy & Water bills with Antislip Energy & Water Saving Devices. Whether you are Residential Consumer or a Commercial Consumer reducing your bills and your carbon footprint is a step in the right direction to a better and more environmentally friendly future. Unnecessary energy consumption is expensive and causes environmental pollution. Save Energy! Save money! Save The Planet !- Don’t waste your money practice energy efficiency. THE TANK BAG The Tank bag sits in the water underneath your cistern float. It is made from durable heavy gauge polyethylene and has a hole in it to allow water to circulate, preventing any stagnation. Using this water saving device saves up to 2.5 litres with every flush. That's 10,000 litres a year THE WATER WIDGET The Water Widget entrains air into the shower flow to generate a 'softer' and 'fuller' shower experience and may therefore be more suitable for those showers where a very high flow rate has been experienced before. The air entrainment process is audible. You can save up to 11,000 litres of water a year. THE TAP AERATOR Save Water in the Kitchen and Bathroom. How do you save water without having to compromise on other things such as water pressure? Tap aerators may be the answer. You could save up to 6,500 litres of water a year. Without an aerator, water usually flows out of a faucet as one big stream. An aerator spreads this stream into many little droplets. This helps save water and reduce splashing. E: 13 CONTACT INFORMATION: Garry Middlehurst T: +20 0122 340 3872 E: Wendy Chiu T: +20 0106 97 60246 E: Ussama Moustafa T: +20 0121867226 14