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  1. 1. WCDMA (UMTS) part GSM part General specifications General specifications Item Specifications Item Specifications Band UARFCN Band ARFCN 1 9612 to 9888 0 to 124 9262 to 9538 Frequency GSM900/DCS1800 2 955 to 1023 12 to 287 512 to 885 3 8562 to 8913 (BCCH/TCH) 128 to 251 Frequency 8562 to 8763 GSM850/PCS1900 4 512 to 810 (Reception) 1162 to 1362 4123 to 4233 782 to 787 Downlink transmission section 5 807 to 812 Item Specifications 837, 862 Frequency offset -75 to +75kHz (resolution 1kHz) (TXRXmode only) 4162 to 4188 -120.0 to -10.0 dBm (resolution 0.1dBm) 6 Transmission power 812, 837 Accuracy: ±1.0dB (>-110.0 dBm) Downlink transmission section Uplink reception section Item Specifications Item Specifications -120.0 to -10.0 dBm (resolution 0.1dBm) Maximum input level +35dBm (CW), +40dBm (GSM single burst) Transmission power Reception power Accuracy: ±1.0dB (>-110.0 dBm) Minimum sensitivity -40 dBm Modulation accuracy 4% or less (when trasmitting DPCH 1ch) Measurement range -40 dBm to +35 dBm Power measurement Accuracy ±1.0 dB Measurement range peak 0.5 to 45.0 deg, rms 0.5 to 20.0 deg Uplink reception section Phase error measurement Residual error Approx. 1.4 deg (rms value) Item Specifications Frequency error Measurement range 0 to ±10 kHz Reception power Maximum input level +35dBm measurement Residual error ±0.01 ppm Minimum sensitivity -70 dBm Measurement range -70 dBm to +35 dBm Power measurement Accuracy ±1.0 dB Measurement function EVM Residual EVM 3% rms Typical (input level >-30 dBm) Item Frequency error Measurement range 0 to ±10 kHz Location update measurement Residual error ±0.01 ppm Call setup/release Emergency call Signaling function Frequency handover Measurement function System handover Item Dialing number display Registration Speech function PN signal transmission and voice loop back Call setup/release Transmission power Test loop (RMC 12.2k) Frequency error Signaling function Emergency call Phase error (rms and peak) Frequency handover Burst timing System handover Spectrum (modulation) Offset 100,200,250,400 to 1800 (step 200) kHz Dialing number display Radio characteristics measurement Spectrum (switching) Offset 400, 600, 1200 to 1800 kHz Speech function PN signal transmission and voice loop back RX quality (UE report) Transmission power RX level (UE report) Frequency error FER (loopback) Modulation accuracy BER (loopback) Open loop power control Actual MS power level Inner loop power control 1 dB step and 2 dB step Radio characteristics measurement Transmission OFF power ON/OFF time mask Model Suffix code Description Occupied bandwidth 733020 VC3300 Main frame Spectrum emission mask Power cable -D UL and CSA Adjacent channel leakage power ratio ±5 MHz and 10 MHz -F VDE Bit error rate -Q BS -R AS -H GB Base unit general specifications Options /G*1 GSM test software pre-install Item Specitications /E*1*2 GSM/GPRS/EDGE test software pre-install Input/output impedance 50Ω(Typical) /W*1 WCDMA test software pre-install RF input/output Maximum input power 4W /C1*2 GPIB Interface connector type N Input frequency 10 MHz ±3ppm Model Description External reference Input impedance 5 kΩ(Typical) frequency(REF IN) 733021 GSM Test software Connector type BNC 733022 WCDMA Test software Display 8.4 inch color TFT LCD 733023 GSM/GPRS/EDGE test software*2 Interface 100BASE-TX, RS232, GPIB(option)* 733065-E02 TEST-USIM card External dimensions 426(W) x 177(H) x 300(D) [mm] Weight Approx. 10kg *1 either option must be selected *2 under development Supply voltage 100 to 120 VAC/200 to 240 VAC Power supply frequency 50/60Hz Maximum power 250 VA or less Dimensions Unit : mm consumption Note q Before operating the product, read the user's manual thoroughly Y CTPKPI F q"pqv"qr gt cvg"y kvj qwv" tgcf kpi "uchgv{ "r tgecwvkqpu"kp wugt)u"o cpwcn 0 322/342X1 422/462X CE 472XC OCZ *T U/ 454+ 721 82J | CN GZ V"K 4 P UGT K for proper and safe operation. GVJ GT PGV 322DCUG/ V GZ V"K 3 P OCKP RQY GT V q If this product is for use with a system requiring safeguards that XK GQ QW QP *ZI C+ QHH F QWV VK PI OK T GH K P WUD ECWVKQP directly involve personnel safety, please contact the Yokogawa J ct f "f kum"f t kxg"kpuvcnngf 0 Vq"r t gxgpv"f co ci g"f q"pqv"cr r n{ "xkdt cvkqp"qt uj qem"vq"vj g"kpuvt wo gpv"y j gp"vj g"r qy gt "ku"QP 0 32O J | 3/ 7Xr / r P 422 sales offices. Microsoft, MS, and Windows are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. LabVIEW is a U.S. registered trademark of National Instruments. 13 426 13 16.2 23 278.2 30 Other company names and product names appearing in this document are the registered trade- marks of their respective comparnies. VC3300 WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TESTER GUE TGUGV RCIG UGVWR U[UVGO OQFG UVCPFD[ JCTF"FK TGOQVG UM EQPPGEV RCT CO "Typical" or "typ." in this document means "Typical value", which is for reference, not guaranteed WPNQEM HK NG MG[ "NQEM RCIG UGV HT GS RT Y GT K VK G PK CNK UGV OGPW / a*+' CDE FGH OK UE RTK PV OGCUWTG specification. 3 4 5 DU 177 IJK LMN OPQ TGRGCV 6 7 8 UJ K HV VZ TZ UK NG PI RSTU VWX Y Z[ 9 : ; UVCTV OQPKVQT QRVKQP 1UVQR URCEG -1/ 2 0 GPVGT 72 6Y "OCZ WUD RQY GT TH K QW P1 V 20 YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION Subject to change without notice. Communication & Measurement Business Headquarters /Phone: (81)-422-52-6768, Fax: (81)-422-52-6624 [Ed : 01/b] Copyright ©2006 E-mail: tm@cs.jp.yokogawa.com Printed in Japan, 603(KP) YOKOGAWA CORPORATION OF AMERICA Phone: (1)-770-253-7000, Fax: (1)-770-251-6427 YOKOGAWA EUROPE B.V. Phone: (31)-33-4641858, Fax: (31)-33-4641859 YOKOGAWA ENGINEERING ASIA PTE. LTD. Phone: (65)-62419933, Fax: (65)-62412606 MS-16E Bulletin 7330-20E
  2. 2. High-end tester • Fast test speed With the functionality and accuracy required for accurac • High accuracy The VC3300 combines • Functionality targeted for R&D high-performance tuning, the VC3300 is the most • Large size the benefits of both worlds cost-effective tester. Go/No-Go tester The VC3300 is a powerful tester for mobile phone or • Easy operation manufacturing and repair service. man • Compact design • Moderate accuracy • Limited test function 3 test mode for each usage Cover each frequency band Software update and upgrade TxRx mode (Non-signaling) : for the component calibration GSM (GSM900/DCS1800, GSM850/PCS1900) Update (No charge): download the latest software file via Web site. High-end tester class performance Manual mode (Signaling) : for Radio characteristics test WCDMA ( I, II, III, IV, V, VI ) Upgrade (Additional charge): receive the Upgrade CD. - Good power accuracy Scenario mode* (Signaling) : for automatic Go/No-Go test Function test Compact design and light weight - Typical test items are measured: approx 0.2s Support several wireless systems Call processing, Voice loopback, Emergency call, frequency The main frame has the ability to add future test functions. GSM / GPRS* / EDGE* / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA* handover, system handover (WCDMA to GSM) Planning: HSDPA/HSUPA, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, etc. Cost-effective Radio characteristics test *Under development Small space required for installation 02 Automatic test by Scenario mode* The VC3300 covers high-performance tuning at the production line or the repair center. 03
  3. 3. Automatic Test: Scenario mode* Radio characteristics test The Scenario mode automatically tests every item according to the Example of Scenario sequence The VC3300 provides a high scenario file which has been created in advance. accuracy radio characteristics test The scenario file is edited by a PC software. START with high-speed, and repeatable Automatic and stand-alone testing is possible without remote control. measurements. By setting upper and lower limitations on the scenario file it is easy to Registration All items are measured at the same judge the mobile phone quality like a Go/No-Go tester. time by using batch processing. Two Call from NW types of display are available. WCDMA An overview display shows each Release from UE test result simultaneously. Test-loop Close The detailed display narrows the Edit the test scenario file view to one specific measurement Radio Characteristics measurement and a graphical representation. Max Power, ACLR, OBW, EVM System handover WCDMA to GSM EVM detail for WCDMA Rx item overview for WCDMA Voice test Radio Characteristics measurement GSM Tx Power, Phase Error, Freq. Error Release from NW *Under development END TxRx module Evaluation: TxRx mode The TxRx mode tests the transmitter and receiver parts of a phone by Downlink signal source and Uplink signal analyzer under non-call processing. The items which cannot be measured under signaling status are available to test. Spectrum detail for GSM Burst timing detail for GSM This mode is useful to test, not only completed phones, but also the module on the way to manufacturing. Characteristics (typical data) Downlink signal Uplink Power Measurement Error (WCDMA) Downlink gererating power accuracy (WCDMA) Receiver(Rx) test band 1 1923MHz Frequency 871.4MHz band 2 1852MHz Frequency 1807.4MHz Transmitter(Tx) test band 3 1713MHz Frequency 2112.4MHz band 5 827MHz Error [dB] Error [dB] Uplink signal Power [dBm] Power [dBm] Specific Test: Manual mode The Manual mode provides more detailed test conditions. Selected test items are measured repeatedly. <WCDMA> Function <GSM> Function Each test condition can be modified during the test by key operations or external PC controls. Transmitter characteristics test Receiver characteristics test Transmitter characteristics test Receiver characteristics test Tx power (Adjustable) Reference sensitivity level (Loop back BER ) Tx power Reference sensitivity level Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) Maximum input level (Loop back BER ) Frequency Error (RX_QUALITY Report from UE) Frequency error Demodulation of DCH(BLER) Phase Error Reception level (RX_LEVEL Report from UE) Adjacent Channel Leakage power Ratio (ACLR) UE Report Burst Timing FER /RBER (Loop-back) Occupied bandwidth (OBW) Spectrum Characteristics Spectrum emission mask (SEM) Inner Loop Power Control Open Loop Power Control Transmission OFF Power ON/OFF Time mask GPRS/EDGE option* Attach / Detach Test Mode A 04 Test Mode B 05 *Under Development
  4. 4. Ease of Use: Simple and Intuitive Operation VC200 series WCDMA / GSM Mobile Phone Tester Simple operation Intuitive setting keys and menu Quick change the display between “Detail”and “Overview” by one button Power and frequency conditions can be changed Key features action. Overview display shows all measured value for TX or RX items. easily by dedicated buttons. • Very simple operation Detail display informs of detailed information for each test items. All parameters are set by very simple operation. • Quick fault finding “Detail” display for ACLR • Automatic test and data storage • System handover test “Overview ” display for TX items General Specifications <GSM> <WCDMA> Display: Color LCD VGA Model 733013 and 733015 Model 733014 and 733015 Interface: 100BASE-TX, USB, RS-232 GSM Test Functions W-CDMA Test Functions Language: English, Japanese, Chinese • Call Processing • Call Processing Operating Conditions Temperature: • Frequency Handover • Frequency Handover +5 to +35ºC • Power Measurement • Maximum Output Power Measurement Press Humidity: 20 to 80%RH • Phase and Frequency Error • Minimum Output Power Measurement "Detail" Press Rated suppy voltage: • Rx Quality • Open Loop Power Control "Overview" 100 to 120VAC / 200 to 240VAC • Rx Level • Inner Loop Power Control Allowable supply voltage • Loop Back BER / FER • EVM / Frequency Error frequency range: 48 to 63 Hz • Burst Timing • Reference Sensitivity (BER) Maximum power consumption: 150VA or less • Voice Loop Back • Maximum Input (BER) External Dimensions: GSM Band • Voice Loop Back Approx. 283(W)x176(H)x303(D)mm GSM850, P-GSM, E-GSM, R-GSM, Transmission Frequency System Use: Remote control BER Test: External data / Clock input Weight: Approx. 6.5kg DCS1800, PCS1900 Band I (2110.0 to 2170.0MHz) Transmission Power Band II (1930.0 to 1990.0MHz) Remote control by user developed software made in Visual Bit error test input under non-call processing Band III (1805.0 to 1880.0MHz) Models & Suffix Code Range: -110.0 to -10.0 dBm Basic, Visual C++, etc. Band VI (875.0 to 885.0MHz) Model Suffix code Description (resolution: 0.1dBm) 733013 VC210 GSM tester Absolute Accuracy: ±1.5dB (≥ -60dBm), Transmission Power ETHERNET(100BASE-TX) Clock In 733014 VC220 WCDMA tester ±2.0dB (<-60dBm) Range: -110.0 to -10.0 dBm Serial (RS-232) 733015 VC230 GSM/WCDMA tester (resolution: 0.1dBm) GP-IB (Option)* Reception Power (Tx power measurement) -D UL and CSA Absolute Accuracy: ±1.5dB (≥ -60dBm), Data In Maximum Input level: +40dBm(GSM Burst), -F VDE ±2.0dB (< -60dBm) +35dBm(CW) Circuit Power -Q BS Range: -40 to +35dBm Reception Frequency cable module -R AS Absolute Accuracy: ±1.5dB Band I (1920.0 to 1980.0MHz) -H GB Band II (1850.0 to 1910.0MHz) Phase Error Measurement Connector -T T type RF connector Band III (1710.0 to 1785.0MHz) Range: peak 0.5 to 45deg, type -N N type RF connector Band VI (830.0 to 840.0MHz) rms 0.5 to 20deg Reception Power (TX Power Measurement) Keeping Best Performance: Software Update and Upgrade Accessory Residual Error: Approx. 1.4deg (rms) Maximum Input level: +35dBm Frequency Error Measurement Measurement Range: -70 to +35dBm New standard functions can be updated via new firmware. The latest firmware is Model Suffix code Description Range: 0 to ±10kHz Absolute Accuracy: ±1.5dB available via the Yokogawa web site. The software update can be installed to the 733065 Test USIM card Residual Error: ±0.03ppm VC3300 by a memory device which has a USB interface. -E02 For UMTS Frequency Error Measurement By purchasing a upgrade option, the test functions for a new telecommunication Range: 0 to ±10kHz Residual Error: ±0.01ppm system can be added to the VC3300. EVM Measurement Residual EVM: approx. 4% Easy to see Call-processing status The VC3300 always shows the general setting VC-SHIELD Shield box with an antenna coupler parameters. Frequency and POWER conditions <Frequency Range: 800 ∼ 2500MHz Power and Frequency <Shield Characteristics: < -60dB conditions can be <Including the phone fixture changed very easily. <RF Cable Interface External RF connector type N Internal RF connector type SMA <External Dimensions: 280(W)x140(H)x320(D) mm <Weight: Approx. 3.4kg Model Description 06 Measurements 733062 VC-SHIELD Shield box 07