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                                 TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS
Here is a history of helpful troubleshooting tips.

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     These customers must perform an update to the handset and an update to the Palm
     Desktop & HotSync ...
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        the customer to perform a HotSync before every Reset and to read all the instructions
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          "Unnamed Audio Device" or it will not operate correctly. Wait for "Treo Headset" to
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2/1/05          Power Cycling Handsets
Like computers, wireless handsets function better if they are shut do...
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   • Insert SIM
   • Power ON
   • Press Menu Key
   • Go to Settings
   • Go to Initial Setup
   • Go to Ma...
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9/22/03           Saving Numbers to GAIT and GSM Handsets
GAIT and GSM phones can be set to save numbers to...
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Troubleshooting Tips


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Troubleshooting Tips

  1. 1. Page 1 of 8 TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS Here is a history of helpful troubleshooting tips. 6/20/07 Viewing IMEI You may view the IMIE on a GSM handset by pressing *#06#. 6/8/06 Samsung ZX10, ZX20, D307, D347, D407, X497, and X507 Chargers Recent investigation has found customers using a 2G charger with a 3G device. While the two chargers are similar in appearance (same slotted head) the prongs on the underside are different. The Samsung 3G phones (ZX10 and ZX20) use a different charger (both the wall charger and Vehicle Power Adapter) than the Samsung 2G phones (Samsung D307, D347, D407, X497 and X507). While the 3G chargers can be forced into 2G devices, and vice versa, they will not charge when the wrong charger is used. The packaging for these accessory items is correctly marked for compatibility. 6/1/06 Cingular HTC 2125, 8100, and 8125 Battery Charging Issue When battery voltage is too low (less than 3.2 volts) which is identifiable when the device won’t turn on, the customer must use a Cingular HTC AC adapter to charge and not a USB connector. If a non Cingular HTC AC adapter is used to charge the device, it may not charge or may damage the device. 5/17/06 Treo 600 & 650 Basic Troubleshooting Checklist 1) Check Features/SOCs – * AS400 must have a PDA feature * AS400 must not have a Media Package (individual Text/WIX/MMS packages are ok) * Call Activations to verify the PDA codes are in the switch – and Media Packages are not (Note: Treos activated between 10/22/04-12/31/04 were allowed to use MediaNet codes. This is the only exception to the requirement for PDA features/rates on Treo handsets. If these codes are removed, they can not be added back to the switch – PDA codes will be required.) 2) Check Software Version – Press Phone Key Press Menu Key Select “Options” at top of screen Select “Phone Info” from drop-down list Software Version # will be displayed Model Type Current Software Version Treo 600 Handset 1.16 CNG Treo 600 Desktop* Palm Desktop 4.1 Treo 650 Handset 1.17-CNG Treo 650 Desktop* Palm Desktop 4.1.4 Treo 650 Desktop* Hotsync Manager 6.0.1 Treo 650 Desktop* Versamail 3.0 Conduit * Listings are for Windows XP. For other systems visit 3) If the handset does not have the updated software: Treo 650 - Update the Handset The customer needs to sync the Treo and update the software version on the handheld. This must be completed on the PC normally used for syncing with the Treo – it can not be done from another computer. The Palm website has free downloads available for customers, along with handy tips for troubleshooting. Visit for more information. Treo 600 – Update the Handset and the PC
  2. 2. Page 2 of 8 These customers must perform an update to the handset and an update to the Palm Desktop & HotSync Manager software on the PC. Palm Desktop Version 4.1 is the most up-to-date version available. Downloadable updates are available at the Palm website. The customer must complete this on the PC normally used for syncing with the Treo – it can not be done from another computer. Treo 600 – Audio Problems Continue after the Handset Update If a Treo 600 customer is experiencing audio problems while using voice mail, IVR systems or Recorded Phone Menus, a second handset update to version 1.16-CNG should be completed to correct this problem. If the customer is not experiencing this kind of audio trouble they do not need to perform the update to 1.16-CNG. 4) If the handset/PC does have the updated software: Check the items below for more information or visit the Knowledge Library section of Palm’s web site ( - select Knowledge Library from the left side of the page). HotSync Problems HotSync issues are rarely caused by hardware problems. Because the process involves many pieces of software working together, HotSync problems usually come from incorrect settings, third-party software conflicts or file corruption. Visit support for the complete HotSync troubleshooting guide (Knowledge Library Solution ID 2630). Hardware Hardware issues can often be corrected by making adjustments to the settings. These include: Knowledge Library Solution ID Won’t turn on 1398 Battery life is short 30425 Battery won’t charge 30029 Touchscreen out of alignment 24443 SD or MMC expansion cards 26565 Built-in camera 31126 Software Some software issues can make the device appear to be broken when it really isn’t. These include: Knowledge Library Solution ID Frozen or Looping 26419 Fatal Error messages 28963 Other Error messages* 28998 Third-party software problems 27908 * To view an Error message # on the handset, press the Phone key and use the dialing pad to enter #*ERR (#*377). The Error message # will appear and the customer can use the Palm Knowledge Library to learn more about the problem and how to correct it. Wireless Treo’s utilize several types of wireless systems. Help is available for the topics below. For detailed information, visit the “Knowledge Library” at the Palm web site and follow the links or search by topic. For signal/service issues on our network, follow normal cellular troubleshooting procedures. Search for Topic Knowledge Library Results Bluetooth 95 topics found Smartphone 97 topics found Infrared 93 topics found 5) Resetting the device Resetting the device is a general purpose solution to multiple problems. The customer should begin with a soft reset and check to see if the problem continues. If so, they should progress through the System Reset and eventually the Hard Reset. Encourage
  3. 3. Page 3 of 8 the customer to perform a HotSync before every Reset and to read all the instructions before beginning any type of Reset. There are several types of Resets, all described in Palm’s Knowledge Library in Solution ID #887. These are also described in the Treo User Guide. Soft Reset – Similar to restarting a desktop a computer; rarely affects data stored on the handset unless the battery is extremely low System (Warm) Reset – Similar to ending a non-responsive program on a desktop computer using Ctrl-Alt-Del and the Task Manager option Hard Reset – This will erase all the data on the handset and restore it to factory settings. Customers should not perform a Hard Reset unless they’ve made a back up of all their information – or unless they’re willing to risk losing all their information. Recovering data after a hard reset –see Palm’s web site for Knowledge Library Solution ID #16478. 6) Replacing the device Once steps 1-5 above have been completed and all troubleshooting options have been exhausted, the Store Manager or CCare Supervisor may consider replacing the handset. Please note the customer’s account with the date/time of their Software Update and/or any Hard Resets performed. Devices returned to the warehouse without the current handset software, without performing a Hard Reset or without the date/time of the updates/resets will not receive full credit for the transaction. 5/18/06 BlackBerry Handheld Software 4.1 Cingular has provided technical acceptance of RIM’s handheld software version 4.1.0 bundle 314 maintenance release for use with Blackberry 7100g, and BlackBerry 7290 handhelds. Customers may wish to upgrade their handhelds to this latest handheld code. With the release of 4.1.0 bundle 314, the following features/changes are: • Enhanced attachment viewing • Improved Cingular network selection in border situations • Updated browsing support for discarding cookies For customers wanting to maintain the most current software release, please direct them to the Cingular Wireless download site This software is now available. To check the current version of software on the device, click Settings / Options / Advanced Options / Applications. 4/24/06 Pairing with a Treo 650 Smartphone If your customer is having trouble pairing their Treo Bluetooth headset to Treo 650 mobile phone, try these troubleshooting steps: 1. Make sure the headset is turned off: a. Press and hold the multifunction button for 3 to 5 seconds. b. Keep holding until you see a burst of four flashes on the blue indicator light. c. After the four flashes, the indicator light will stop flashing and will remain unlit. This indicates the headset is now turned off. 2. On your Treo 650, press Applications Launcher . 3. Launch the Bluetooth application. 4. At the top of the screen, make sure Bluetooth is on. 5. Select Setup Devices. 6. On the next screen, select Hands-Free Setup. 7. You'll see the Handsfree Setup screen with introductory text ("This guide will help you pair your Treo..."). With your smartphone on this screen, press and hold the multifunction button for 8 seconds until you see a solid blue light. 8. On your smartphone, select Next. 9. When you smartphone discovers the headset, it first display "Unnamed Audio Device" and then it will display "Treo Headset" with a headphone icon next to it. Wait until it displays "Treo Headset," then select this item, and then select OK. Note:Do not pair to
  4. 4. Page 4 of 8 "Unnamed Audio Device" or it will not operate correctly. Wait for "Treo Headset" to appear. 10. A status message appears telling you that your phone is connecting with your headset. 11. When your phone asks for a passkey, enter 0000 (four zeroes) from your keypad, and then select OK. 12. On the confirmation screen, select Done. 13. If pairing is successful, the blue indicator light flashes 10 times rapidly before going back to flashing every 3 seconds. If pairing is unsuccessful, the light remains solid, and you'll need to reattempt pairing. 12/20/05 Issue with 3G SIMs on our Network -All Markets This is currently only effecting Sierra Aircards at this time. When a phone with a 3G UICC SIM card moves from a specific network location to another, there is a 60-70% chance that authentication will fail and the phone will display "unregistered SIM", "Inactive SmartChip", no network access, or loss of alpha tag. The problem only occurs when NOT on a call. A power cycle of the phone usually temporarily fixes the problem. THIS IS A NETWORK ISSUE AND IT IS BEING ADDRESSED. PLEASE DO NOT REPLACE THE 3G UICC CARD OR EQUIPMENT. 12/15/05 Firefly Product Note: Charging Dead Battery An issued was recently identified relating to the Battery Power being low on initial setup of Firefly device. The unit is meant to be shipped from the Distribution Centers with a battery level of 40%. The firefly battery is not removable and if the battery power drops too low the unit will not power on. If there is no charge on the battery at time of sale, sellers will need to plug in the charger and wait a few minutes for the battery level to come up for operation. If the battery is in deep sleep, plugging in the charger may appear to have no impact. Do not be alarmed! The battery will enter a trickle charge state for 2-3 minutes after which time the phone will display "Charging" and charge normally. 3/9/05 Motorola Clamshells - Reception End users using the current Motorola handsets which include the following: V180, V220, V3, V400, V551, or V600 may experience increased dropped calls under the conditions described below. Please note that the chance of this happening is very rare. ALL of the stated conditions below must transpire for this incident to occur. If the end user normally powers their handset on/off every 3 days, they will not encounter this problem. An end user may experience slightly increased dropped calls if the following happen at the same time: • Phone has not been power cycled in more than 3.03 days • An internal timer (Receiving Timing Adjustment) rolls over (resets) while on a call • A receiver timing adjustment is being made at this same instant (an internal function of the phone) End users may encounter the following symptoms if and when the above 3 items are satisfied: o Dropped calls in 8 to 16 minute intervals Inform customers to power cycle the phone within three day intervals. New software will be available near the following dates for each model: • V400/V600 – Tentative approval late January/early February • V180/V220 – Tentative approval late January/early February • V551 – Tentative approval mid-February • V3 – Tentative approval mid-late April Cingular markets will be informed of the returns process once the software is available. In the interim, in the very rare chance that this has occurred, have the end user power cycle the phone and operate it as usual.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 8 2/1/05 Power Cycling Handsets Like computers, wireless handsets function better if they are shut down on a regular basis. “Rebooting” the handset will prompt more regular updates to the phone’s IRDB and can prevent coverage problems in some areas. Encourage your customers to turn their handsets off at least once a week. 1/31/05 MobiTV - Things to be aware of Unlike the Nokia 6620, which leverages the built-in Real Player functionality to display the streaming content, the Motorola devices utilize Motion JPEG. The resulting video display is usually clearer, but the video refresh rate is slower and the image is more like a slide show when compared side by side with the 6620. Since these devices are GPRS (not EDGE) capable, users may experience a little more choppiness in the audio and slower video refresh during periods of high network traffic. The MobiTV client for the Motorola v3 Razr does not have volume control capability. However, customers utilizing an ear bud with volume control capabilities or a Bluetooth headset can control the volume through that device. Early production models of the Motorola v180 and v220 have a software version that will not be supported by MobiTV on Monday (approx 75,000 devices nationwide). Customers with these devices who attempt to download MobiTV will be presented with the following message: "The version of your handset does not support MobiTV at this time. Cingular is working quickly to resolve this issue. 1/25/05 Blackberry Customers Unable to Receive Emails If a Blackberry customer can’t receive emails and you’ve confirmed the Blackberry and WIX SOCs, please check the GPRS connection on the handset. If the handset shows “gprs” instead of “GPRS” this means there is a problem with the Blackberry server, not with the network. The lower-case ‘gprs’ indicates that the RF and authentication networks are working properly, but that the server is not. To solve the problem: • Customers using Blackberry Enterprise servers should first re-boot their server and then re-boot the handset (click the radio icon or power off/on) to reset the system. • Customers using the Web Client server should re-boot the handset. If rebooting the handset doesn’t correct the problem, please file a trouble ticket with our Tech Support team or with Cingular’s Tier II technical support group to report problems with the Web Client server. 4/13/04 Motorola Water Damage Indicator Motorola has a water damage detection system built-in to at least some of their GSM phones. If you look inside the back cover under the battery there will normally be a white dot. In the t720 the dot at the top on the right hand side of the manufacturer's label. In the v400, the dot is just above where the SIM card is in the phone. When the phone has been subjected to water or moisture that is enough to cause damage to the phone, this WHITE dot turns red. 4/5/04 Motorola v400 Battery Life Meter Under certain network conditions, heavy MMS message usage will cause the battery meter to prematurely trip to a lower charge status than what is actually available in the battery. Entering * # 9 9 9 9 # will give you the Flex version on the handset. The upgraded software version will be 0B.09.2ER or later. Consumers with this older software version may be sent in for service. Please note that an interim solution is power cycling the handset. This should reflect the correct battery level available. 4/2/04 T720 Product Note There have been someT720 seed stock shipped that is locked onto PCS. This may cause them to appear to not pick up a signal. The phone just needs to be reset. Instructions are as follows:
  6. 6. Page 6 of 8 • Insert SIM • Power ON • Press Menu Key • Go to Settings • Go to Initial Setup • Go to Master Reset You will be prompted to "Enter Security Code". Enter "000000" (that is 6 zeros). Select "OK" "Reset all Settings?" Select "Yes" 3/15/04 Motorola v400 Bejeweled Java Game One issue that has been found with the launch of the Motorola V400 is the game Bejeweled becomes corrupt and can no longer be accessed. While a corrected version of the game is being developed, consumers can follow the process below for a free download of the game. 1) First, you will need to delete the current version from your phone, prior to downloading the new version. To do this, please execute the following steps: • Power on your phone • Hit the menu button (the top, center button) • Select "Games & Apps” • Highlight "Bejeweled" • Hit the menu key again • Select "Delete" and delete. 2) Next, go back to the main menu screen and open the Wireless Web Browser by selecting "WebAccess." 3) Scroll right to "Go to URL" and select it. 4) Enter "" using the alphanumeric keypad and press "Select." 5) "Bejeweled (free!)" should be highlighted in the next screen to appear. Press "Select”. 6) “Download Now" should be highlighted in the next screen. Press "Select" again. 7) "Bejeweled" should be highlighted in the next screen. 8) Press "Select" again. You will get the "Details" menu. 9) Press "Downld" to download Bejeweled. 10) Enjoy your game. 10/27/03 Over-the-air Activation vs. Card Station Over-the-air activation of GSM phones has high failure rate (as high as 60%?). If the over-the-air activation does not complete, power cycling the phone should trigger the over-the-air activation. There have been very few problems activating GSM phones using Card Station. 10/24/03 Changing Mobile Numbers with phones that have SIM Cards This can be done without changing the SIM. • Request number change and have change activated in Telegence. • Go to SIM Card Station and insert card. Click on cancel when the Activation box appears. • Click on the Off-Line Icon..................on the left menu. • Type in the new MDN number (DO NOT CHANGE THE MIN!!!) - Only change you make is to the MDN!!!! • Click on the Update button and you will see the card updated. • Re-insert SIM into the phone and you are in business with the NEW long as Telegence has completed the provisioning process above. • We DO NOT need to change the SIM card itself ONLY one piece of information on it. 10/21/03 Saving Phone Directories to SIM Cards The SIM can only store basic data, names and numbers. If you have a phone that attaches picture ID’s, special ringers voice tags, etc… to a stored phone number, these will not transfer to the SIM. So when a customer changes from on phone to another, they cannot transfer these extra features via the SIM. They will need to reenter them on the new phone.
  7. 7. Page 7 of 8 9/22/03 Saving Numbers to GAIT and GSM Handsets GAIT and GSM phones can be set to save numbers to the phone, to the SIM or to both. Be sure to tell the customer to select the desired setting. You can also copy individual numbers or the entire directory from the phone to the SIM or from the SIM to the phone. If you save numbers to the phone only, you may want to occasionally copy the directory to the SIM. If they are in the phone only, and the phone becomes damaged and the numbers are not in the card, they will be lost. Some customers (and salespeople) are under the impression that it stores them to the card automatically; they are not. 9/11/03 Removing the Battery Solves Some Problems Removing the battery from a handset works for a variety of ‘odd’ problems. If we can begin to think of our handsets as computers - rather than phones - we may find that our tricks for ‘rebooting’ can solve a number of issues. It won’t work in every case, but for some situations, it will take care of the problem. Another way to accomplish this is to put the phone into ‘Field Test’ mode, then bring it back to ‘Normal’. 2/12/03 SIM Card Locking Procedures If a customer has locked their phone against unauthorized use by setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code on the phone, the PIN number must be keyed into the phone each time before the phone is used. Resolution • The PIN default code for PIN1 is 1111 the default code for PIN2 is 2222 • A PIN code changed from the default code (PIN1 = 1111 or PIN 2 = 2222) by the customer is not retained by Cingular. • Entering an incorrect PIN number several times will lock the phone and the error response "enter PUK code" will be displayed. • The customer must obtain the PIN Unlock Code (PUK) by calling customer service. There are two PIN codes (PIN1 and PIN2) and two PUK codes (PUK1 and PUK2) associated with a phone. If PIN1 is blocked, then PUK1 is needed to unblock. If PIN2 is blocked, then PUK2 is needed to unblock. In most instances, the customer has blocked PIN1 and not PIN2. Use the following guidelines to determine which PIN is blocked: • When power cycled, if the phone immediately reports that the SIM is blocked and/or requests the customer enter a PUK code, then PIN1 is blocked and then customer needs to enter the PUK1 to unblock. • When power cycled, if the phone boots normally but reports that the SIM is blocked and/or requests the customer enter a PUK code when the user chooses a specific menu item, PIN2 is blocked and the customer needs to enter the PUK2 to unblock. To reset the customer's PIN code: 1. Retrieve the PIN Unlocking Key (PUK) codes from the billing system to unlock the phone. 1. Access the customer's account in the Telegence billing system. 2. From the Profile page, click Page Options on the menu bar, and then click on the SIM box to obtain the PUK code. 2. Provide the customer with the appropriate PUK code and advise them to enter the code into the phone. 3. The customer will be prompted to enter a new PIN code. If you are an agent and a customer has contacted you regarding this problem and you cannot access the customer's account, please contact AGENT QUEUE and they will be able to assist you. As with all customer account information, verify that you are talking to the account holder prior to releasing any information on the account. NOTES: • After 10 attempts to use the phone without entering the proper PUK, the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is rendered permanently useless. • This information only applies to GSM and GAIT phones. This feature is not available on TDMA phones.
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