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  1. 1. mobile voice/data communications mobile infrastructure terminals and devices General Membership Eligibility billing and mediation systems semiconductors and components All companies providing GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS-HSPA or LTE-related: test and measurement equipment research and development Application for Membership to 3G Americas, LLC applications and solutions content application suppliers * Carrier and Vendor General Membership Fee: $5,000 Company Name:___________________________________________________________ Company Contact:__________________________________________________________ Company Contact Title: ____________________________________________________ Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________ City/State/Post Code:_______________________________________________________ Country: ______________________ Company Website: __________________________ Voice: _____________________________ Fax: _________________________________ Contact Email: ____________________________________________________________ Public Relations Contact Name: _______________________________________________ (VP or Director of Marketing or Public Relations) PR Contact Phone: ____________________ Email: _______________________________ Describe your company’s involvement with GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA and LTE products and services: By signing this Application Form, you are hereby applying for membership in 3G Americas, L.L.C. and subject to acceptance and approval by the 3G Americas, L.L.C. Board of Governors. You hereby agree to pay the annual dues and abide by the membership policies of 3G Americas, L.L.C. All information contained in this Application Form and other 3G Americas membership materials is deemed confidential and disclosed only to members and prospective members. Please do not disseminate this information or share it in any way with third parties. Signature: _________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Completed applications can be emailed to or faxed to 1-425-372-8923. May 2009
  2. 2. 3G AMERICAS, LLC General Membership Overview 3G Americas, LLC provides a unified voice in the Americas for promoting the growth and success of the five global wireless technologies - GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA and LTE – and their seamless evolution to future generation technologies and interoperability with other global wireless technologies. The key to success in our organization lies in our ability to coordinate the efforts of member companies in the promotion of 3G GSM technologies in the Americas. The primary goal of any telecom business, from operators to vendors and service providers, is providing the highest possible degree of reliable service through the most efficient and cost-effective technologies. As an association, our ‘product’ is also service-related, focused on business networking and information sharing dedicated to advancing the level of GSM evolution throughout the Americas. 3G Americas, LLC serves as a one-stop service center for knowledge and interaction with key stakeholders in the region. Joining 3G Americas, LLC as a General Member shows the industry that you support the organization in promoting and advocating the GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA and LTE technologies in the Americas. 3G Americas, LLC will assist its members in three areas: Marketing/Public Relations, Advocacy and Information Exchange.  Marketing/Public Relations: 3G Americas, LLC will conduct aggressive marketing and public relations campaigns to inform strategic stakeholders of the merits of the GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA and LTE based evolution to 3G.  Advocacy: 3G Americas, LLC will educate telecommunications regulators and international industry organizations on the proper regulatory environment for a prosperous wireless industry.  Information Exchange: 3G Americas, LLC will utilize website, seminars, electronic database and personal visits to channel information regarding GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA and LTE to key audiences in the Americas. May 2009
  3. 3. Benefits of General Membership The following are the benefits of 3G Americas, LLC General Membership: 1. Affiliation & Networking: In our view, 3G Americas, LLC is the only wireless association for GSM operators and vendors dedicated to exchanging the necessary technical information and creating the proper marketing and regulatory environments throughout the Americas for seamless evolution to 3G services. Thus, by becoming a General Member you are associated with the only wireless industry association solely dedicated to the success of the GSM evolution in the Americas. Members’ only seminars bring together operators and vendors to discuss the latest topics of mutual interest. General Members enhance company visibility through participation in 3G Americas seminars:  Attend private 3G Americas technology seminars.*  Benefit from networking opportunities with key personnel at seminars.*  Possible discounts on registration fees for 3G Americas endorsed or sponsored conferences.  Priority input. General Members may bring issues relevant to the wireless industry in the Americas to the attention of the Board of Governors via the President. *3G Americas seminars are not regularly scheduled events but are planned on an ad hoc basis determined by market requirements. The timing of seminars is based entirely on market conditions. 2. Website:* Newsroom: Posting of General Member company news releases related to the mission of the 3G Americas organization (i.e. Press releases may be provided by the General Member company and will be posted by 3G Americas staff as significant to the GSM Family of Technologies.) Technology Center: Posting of General Member company white papers and presentations relevant to key 3G Americas technologies. Presentations provided by General Members will be subject to final approval by 3G Americas staff. May 2009
  4. 4. *All material provided as website content by General Member companies is subject to final approval by 3G Americas staff. 3. Experts Panel: Member experts will be resources for interviews with press/analysts on subjects involving GSM technologies. Efforts will be coordinated through the public relations area of General Member companies as requested. 4. Website Directory: 3G Americas General Members will be included in an inclusive online listing of 3G offerings highlighting company products and services, providing company profiles and links to company websites. General Membership Guidelines General Membership in 3G Americas, LLC is open to those carriers, manufacturers and vendors supporting the mission of 3G Americas, LLC. Companies should offer any level of mobile services, equipment or applications incorporating GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS-HSPA or LTE technologies. Each member agrees to provide technical, marketing and administrative resources, working in a spirit of collaboration for the goals of 3G Americas, LLC. The Board of Governors must approve all memberships. Annual fees for General Membership are $5,000 and are billed after your acceptance by the Board of Governors. Subsequent annual fees will be billed on the anniversary membership date. May 2009