Plugtests is a professional ETSI service


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Plugtests is a professional ETSI service

  1. 1. PlugtestsTM The ETSI Interoperability Service March 2005 1
  2. 2. ETSI is…  A non-profit organization, Recognized Standards Development Organization  Based in Sophia Antipolis, south of France  688 members from 55 countries  ETSI are…  manufacturers, network operators, service providers  administrations, research bodies and users  providing a forum in which all key players can contribute: GSM, UMTS, DECT, TETRA, SAT COM, DVB, NGN, VoIP, BRAN, Powerline, IP Cablecom, … 2
  3. 3. Plugtests is a professional ETSI service  Created in 1999, specialized in the organization of test events  Cost neutral  Skilled ETSI Staff managing test events  Experts from ETSI and other technical communities  Neutral and open to all organisations  Synergy Conformance & Interoperability in close cooperation with ETSI Committees and PTCC  57 events in 5 years, 3000 engineers, 900 Companies  1600 participants surveyed ranked usefulness at 4.3/5 and Service satisfaction 4.35/5  IPv6 Plugtests in October 2004 was the 3
  4. 4. The ETSI testing & interoperability Resources are unique… …and complimentary!  TC MTS (Methods for Testing and Specification)  Development of methodologies, techniques and languages   ETSI PTCC (Protocol and Testing Competence Centre)  Supports ETSI TBs on the application of formal techniques in standards on a daily basis  Development of test specifications (conformance and interop)   ETSI Plugtests Service  Validation of standards and prototypes through interoperability events 4
  5. 5. Who attends Plugtests events?  Our events are open to all sorts of companies (big and small) as well as engineers developing a product,  Participants do NOT have to be ETSI members  Plugtests are addressed to any company developing a product such as operators, vendors or equipment manufacturers, content providers or application providers  Standardization bodies, Fora or interest groups may also attend 5
  6. 6. During a Plugtests event, engineers can “Come & Test” !  Also known as bake-off (at IETF), plugfests and interop  Plugtests :  Provides useful feedback to the standardization process  Gives a unique opportunity to meet partners and competitors  Helps to ensure end users’ satisfaction  Improves both quality and features of implementations  Allows for networking with the market key players  Accelerates time to market via quick product debugging COST & TIME SAVING ! 6
  7. 7. Plugtests look like this… Oh I’ve found a BUG!!!! 7
  8. 8. PlugtestsTM :Your Fully Customizable Service Customized test bed, test cases set- Technical up with experts, tests slots Management schedule… Website, registration on-line, hosting Event site, legal aspects.. Management Event promotional kit Communication development, event presentation at Management key conferences, dissemination by internal/international press… Sponsorship Sponsor us! Your value… Opportunities 8
  9. 9. Areas of interest  SERVICES & APPLICATIONS  J2ME, OSA-PARLAY, Video over DSL, OMA IMPS, SyncML  TELECOM  Hiperlan2, DSL, SMS/MMS, NGN, Speech Quality, Powerline, Smart Card..  IP  IPv6 and Mobile IPv6, MPLS, SIGTRAN, SIP  HOT TOPICS  Grid Computing, WLAN/WMAN, LBS & ITS, Security, RF- ID, ebXML 9
  10. 10. Speech Quality Tests Events at ETSI: What has been done so far  1st SQTE, October 2000 – test labs HEAD acoustics, Deutsche Telekom – NDA – Anonymized report:  2nd SQTE, April 2002 – test labs HEAD acoustics, Deutsche Telekom – NDA – Anonymized report:  3rd SQTE June and September 2004, “twin event” EU, US – Test laboratories of Head acoustics Europe & US – NDA & tutorial – Anonymized reports on Phones and Gateways:  NGN & VoIP, November 2004 – Short VoIP tests (light programme provided by Head Acoustics) 10
  11. 11. Goals of ETSI Speech Quality Tests Events Evaluate all conversational aspects  Listening speech quality (“status quo”)  Detailed parameter tests  Echo measurements, EC implementation  Double talk performance tests  Quality of background noise transmission In order to  Compare different implementations  Document the state of the arte of technology  Give input to standardization  Help companies to optimize their implementations 11
  12. 12. Test Setup Gateways Packet MONITOR Gateway Gateway NISTNet IP IP IP Packet Loss Delay E1 E1 PBX ISDN DSS1 ISDN DSS1 HEAD acoustics Test System ACQUA Input Output Condition Packet Loss (Equal) Additional Delay1 Delay Variation Condition Packet Loss (Equal) Additional Delay1 Delay Variation 1a 0 0 No 1b 0 0 No 2a 1% 0 No 2b 5% 0 No 3a 2% 0 No 3b 0 50 ms 20 ms (2) 4a 3% 0 No 4b 5% 50 ms 20 ms(2) 5a 5% 0 No 6a 1% 50 ms 20 ms (2) 12
  13. 13. Test Setup IP-Phones Packet MONITOR NISTNet Gateway IP IP Packet Loss Delay IP E1 PBX IP Terminal ISDN DSS1 (Phone or PC) HEAD acoustics Test System ACQUA Input Output Condition Packet Loss (Equal) Additional Delay1) Delay Variation Condition Packet Loss (Equal) Additional Delay1) Delay Variation 1c 0 100 ms No 1d 0 100 ms No 2c 0 100 ms 20 ms(2) 2d 3% 100 ms No 3c 1% 100 ms No 3d 0 100 ms 20 ms(2) 4c 1% 100 ms 20 ms(2) 4d 3% 100 ms 20 ms(2) 5c 3% 100 ms No 13
  14. 14. ETSI SQTE events in 2005-2006  STQ mobile remote test event, April 2005  Workshop on STQ testing initiatives, Lannion, 29 April 2005  4th SQTE Asia, Big (heavy program), Taiwan (CCL/ITRI) campus, 7-11 November 2005  Supported by Head Acoustics lab, CCL/ITRI, ETSI STQ TC and Plugtests  Hosted by CCL/ITRI  NDA & tutorial to participants  Anonymized report  2nd SQTE (light program), Taiwan (CCL/ITRI) campus, 14-18 November 2005  Supported by Head Acoustics lab, CCL/ITRI, ETSI STQ TC and Plugtests  Hosted by CCL/ITRI  Light tests  Workshop & conference  5th SQTE Europe, February 2006, heavy program 14
  15. 15. 2005: Hot technologies in the pipeline Q1 Q3 WLAN Roaming SQTE RFID UWB OSA-Parlay (PARLAY X) Q2 Q4 STQ-mobile Smart Card ENUM GRID NGN@Home IPv6#6 F-SMS/MMS WIMAX DSL#4 Powerline#3 15
  16. 16. Acronyms ETSI European Telecommunications Standards ebXML Electronic Business XML (eXtensible Institute Markup ISDN integrated services digital network UWB Ultra-Wide Band GSM Global System for Mobile Communications SIGTRAN Signaling Transport (cellular phone technology) DSL Digital Dubscriber Line UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 (current version is System version 4) DECT Digital European Cordless MIP6 Mobile IPv6 Telecommunication system GRID Computer Grid (like power grid) TETRA TErrestrial TRunked RAdio SMS Short Message Service SAT COM Satellite Communications MMS Multimedia Message Service DVB Digital Video Broadcasting J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition NGN Next Generation Networks IETF The Internet Engineering Task Force VoIP Voice Over IP (Internet Protocols) TTCN The Testing and Test Control Notation (Tree BRAN Broadband Radio Access Networks and Tabular Combined Notation) Powerline, PLC Powerline Communications : W3C World Wide Web Consortium The transmission of information using the TC ESI Technical Committee Electronic existing power Signatures and Infrastructures IP Cablecom : Internet Protocol Cable OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Communications Structured Information Standards SDO Standards Development Organizations CEN/ISSS Information Society Standardization OSA Open Service Architecture,Open Service System (European Committee for Access Standardisation) SIPIT SIP Interoperability tests WLAN Wireless LAN SIP Session Initiation Protocol WIMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave ENUM E.164 Number Mapping Access SQTE Speech Quality Test Event HF Human Factors PKI Public Key Infrastructure XAdES XML Advanced Electronic Signatures 16