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  1. 1. A Web Based Monitoring System using GSM/GPRS technology for the publishing of real time management information of Cities, Towns, Districts and Utilities. The MyCity GSM based Remote Telemetry Unit communicates across the mobile phone network directly with the MyCity Web enabled reporting software. This allows users to remotely monitor their machinery, processes, plant and recourses wherever they are, wherever their equipment is. The MyCity Outstation The MyCity GSM RTU was created as a universal “wireless device” that works via GSM mobile phone networks. It was created for mainstream Municipal and Industrial applications, encompassing areas such as Power, Water and Stormwater, Sewage and Effluent, Emergency Services and Traffic and Industrial Application. The possibilities are almost endless. The MyCity RTU allows operators to become more cost effective in monitoring their daily business activity and is simple and easy to install. The MyCity telemetry outstations can be easily integrated into operator's equipment and report online system failures and faults, as well as collect data, switch components, detect change in performance and even allow you to activate and de-activate processes. MyCity Web Enabled Reporting Software The MyCity RTU will report on changes in state and threshold movements and immediately update the MyCity Web Enabled online server. Data Logging and Reporting Any or all of the points being monitored is data logged and can be viewed online. Data can also be downloaded in CSV format. The data can be easily manipulated in a spreadsheet to suit the user’s requirements. It is possible to monitor analogue and digital signals and display all values including total flows etc... Graphing and Trending Stored data may be viewed in a graphic format online without downloading it to a computer first and without having to open a dedicated spreadsheet program. There is also the option to save the graph as a picture file. SMS Messages and Control Mobile phones can also receive pre-canned SMS text messages, such as alarms and status changes as well as perform control functions of the remote plant. Applications • Real time monitoring device for industrial, municipal and many other applications. • Flexible, scalable and easy to install. • Ease of interfacing capability to other equipment and devices • Software with configurable threshold settings • Remote switching capability via digital outputs • Immediate fault and alarm monitoring • Offers high level preventative, diagnostic and management monitoring • No unnecessary site visits for the collection of data • Data logging facility • Flexible and visual front-end software for ease of use • Multi site capability
  2. 2. Benefits • Accurate and immediate information - in real-time • Instant fault reporting and diagnostics • Reduced data collection costs • Increased productivity and process control • Integrates into a wide range of equipment, devices and sensors • Low cost GSM data & SMS text messages, via our easy billing. • Fast, easy installation MyCity has been received and accepted by the industry as the bench-mark for the publishing of real time information of Cities, Towns, Districts or Utilities. The system makes use of GPRS and other services offered by the various GSM network operators and information can also be transmitted to the platform by third party SCADA systems, directly from outstations in the field supporting the protocol or a MyCity outstation. Parties requiring more information on the MyCity products please contact the author. Release Date: 2 June 2009 Author: Clive Maasch Title: Marketing Director Company: Flotron Cell: 0836583231 Email: Website: For Immediate Release.
  3. 3. Images Above: Example of a MyCity mounted on the lid of a sewage manhole. Self powered, GSM communications, the unit will monitor the flow in and out of the manhole – in the sewage line..
  4. 4. Images Above: The MyCity outstation is equipped to monitor the pressure in a fire hydrant.
  5. 5. Above: The MyCity Outstation installed in the fire hydrant. Again self powered, reporting vie the GSM Network. Images
  6. 6. Above: Actual Screen shot showing the screen presented once a user has logged into the MyCity website. Above: Screenshot showing a data selection chart. Users can preselect what information they want presented on a graph online.
  7. 7. Above: A typical graph showing daily representation of a weeks water flow, upstream and downstream pressure in municipally water network.