The	main	task	of	GSM-Control	is	to	          used	by	remote	operator(s).	Also	the	
work	as	a	gateway	between	GSM	envi-    ...
Basically,	the	data	exchange	through	                   trol.	In	this	case	GSM-Control	will	
GSM-Control	can	be	initiated	...
The	GSM-Control	may	be	accessed	by	          The	GSM-Control	has	extended	func-
 any	Microsoft	Windows	(9x,	NT,	2000,	    ...
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GSM-Control SMS software for PC


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  • You can use this commercial software for send Bulk SMS PC to mobile and make more powerful, you can even send personalized SMS to different contacts using the data from the Excel sheet. It can handle unlimited mobile phones connected through Bluetooth or USB. It is compatible with GSM mobiles phones.

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GSM-Control SMS software for PC

  1. 1. Newon i GSM-Control Vers39 4. SMS software for PC • Makes a PC as SMS gateway 08.08.07 11:33 MACHINE #3 MR JONES • SMS sending/receiving with mobile TEMPER +30 C SERVICE W. SHIFT WEEKS phones and any devices with GSM/GPRS-modem ALARM HOURS 245 CONTACT: ACKNOW. ID: _ _ PH. 09-234567 GSM-Control SMS Gateway is Micro- devices, GSM-Control offers a low-cost soft Windows PC software used for and easy alternative to create wireless The easy and economical 2-way remote control in automation control and monitoring applications. and other applications using standard Implementation of SMS (SMS Message way to make your GSM/GPRS modems, cellular phones Service) technology secures reliable application wireless: and GSM-network. Based on standard transmission even in the most error- • akes a PC as 2-way communi- m GSM-modems and other GSM-capable sensitive applications. cation center with GSM-modem using standard SMS service Mobile phones, • nterfaces devices with GSM- i Devices with field personnel LAN, modems, users with phones and GSM-modem Excel, SCADA/HMI/DBs web etc. existing PC applications together DDE/OPC/SQL/Lmx Proxy • onfigures, transfers, reports, c Control SMS GSM- DDE/OPC devices secures and interfaces Control Server the applications SMS • 2M automation, info systems, M GSM-Control software field personnel guidance, customer service etc. PLC with GSM-modem SMS • pen interfaces to o other PC applications: DDE, OPC, SQL, Lmx Proxy • ew extended features n PC with GSM modem
  2. 2. The main task of GSM-Control is to used by remote operator(s). Also the work as a gateway between GSM envi- communication between GSM-modems Reference ronment at one side (interfacing with is supported, i.e. remote GSM-modems Finn-Power GSM environment by sending/receiv- can be used instead of GSM phone. ing SMS messages) and MS Windows metal working machines environment (by using DDE (Dynamic The GSM-Control software includes two Data Exchange), OPC (OLE for Proc- MS Windows application programs: GSM- ess Control) or SQL (Structured Query Control Configuration Program (GSM- Language) interfaces) or Lmx Proxy CFG) and GSM-Control Communication (Wonderware proprietary interface to Program (GSMCTRL, further in the text access of data in a Galaxy using native also GSM-Control). The GSMCFG is used ArchestrA data types) at another side. to prepare the source (configuration) information and GSMCTRL is used to per- • eading metal working machine l manufacturer in Europe • achines equipped with PCs, m where Klinkmann’s GSM-Con- trol SMS software installed • achines send alarms and m operation information via SMS locally and to service centre • reventive maintenance, after- p sales services/charges based on real use volumes GSM-Control Configuration Program allows quickly and easily link SMS messages with DDE, OPC and SQL items Reference The GSM-Control runs on a PC and ac- form the GSM SMS communications and Woikoski cesses operator interface applications DDE/OPC/SQL/Lmx Proxy data exchange gas distribution or directly field devices by using DDE, on the basis on information prepared by OPC or Lmx Proxy interfaces. GSM-Con- GSMCFG. These two application pro- trol also supports the reading/writing grams are completely independent, i.e. of data from/to SQL databases. The each can work separately and doesn’t remote control is based on GSM SMS need another program to be started. messages two-direction communication, The data prepared by GSMCFG is saved where GSM-modem (e.g. Siemens in GSM-Control configuration file - XML MC35iT) is connected to the computer’s (eXtensible Markup Language) format standard (RS-232) serial port and GSM file used as an input file for GSMCTRL cellular phone (remote GSM phone) is program. As many GSM-Control configu- ration files can be created as necessary. • istribution of industrial and d hospital gas tanks and gas bot- tles, monitoring of stations • SM-modem and Klinkmann G SMS sw installed into stations’ automation systems • ehicle and service field person- v nel using phones as HMI • ast responces, information to f correct persons considering work shifts etc. GSM-Control reports all events and communication traffic as well as result of GSM-modem initialization
  3. 3. Basically, the data exchange through trol. In this case GSM-Control will GSM-Control can be initiated both from send the correspondingly config- Reference GSM and MS Windows environments: ured SMS message (possibly con- Otis taining also some data obtained 1. rom GSM environment - by send- F via DDE, OPC or SQL) to remote wireless elevator ing SMS message to GSM-Control, GSM operator or device linked to maintenance where the received message is this alarm or event condition. The checked and processed according receiver of such SMS message the GSM-Control current configu- can respond to GSM-Control - for ration. The received SMS mes- example, send some acknowl- sage can contain some data to edgment SMS message possibly be transferred via DDE, OPC, SQL containing some data for delivery or Lmx Proxy from GSM-Control to via DDE, OPC, SQL or Lmx Proxy. other MS Windows applications (e.g. to PC operator interface ap- Moreover, it is possible to send (manu- plications or field devices through ally or automatically through DDE, OPC appropriate communication or Lmx Proxy) any pre-configured text servers) or databases. This SMS message (“standard 1-way messages”) Otis uses the GSM-Control software, to deal with orders for spare parts message received can have the from GSM-Control to remote GSM automatically and wirelessly, directly corresponding response message operator or device. The SMS messages between the service personnel’s configured (also possibly contain- also can be received from any (not mobile phones and the computer in ing data values obtained by via configured) phone number (so called Finland. DDE, OPC, SQL or Lmx Proxy) “ANYUSER” feature) and correspond- Wireless service system minimizes response times and brings the - in this case GSM-Control will ingly replied with information depend- service, on the service personnel’s respond with SMS message to the ing on contents of received message. mobile phones. sender. The GSM-Control can be used on Inter- 2. rom MS Windows environment - F net - it is possible to send SMS mes- when some alarm or event occurs sages by e-mails from GSM-Control to Reference in MS Windows application (e.g. in GSM network and to receive SMS mes- PC operator interface application sages as e-mails from GSM network. In ABB or directly in the field device) and this case GSM-Control may run without Energy Systems the corresponding alarm or event GSM-modem connected - modem is condition is specified in GSM-Con- replaced by e-mail connection. made wireless • customer applications • Excel, SQL etc. • SCADA etc. • info systems GSM-Control software SMS • user interfaces • PCs, PDAs • phones SMS ABB Energiesysteme manufactures PC with GSM modem cogeneration energy systems 100 kW - 20 MW driven by gas engines, SMS gas turbines and fuel cells. To allow operators and mainte- nance personnel to have wireless • devices with GSM-modems access via their mobile phones into • automation, PLCs the energy systems, ABB is using • service automates Klinkmann’s GSM-Control text mes- sage software.
  4. 4. The GSM-Control may be accessed by The GSM-Control has extended func- any Microsoft Windows (9x, NT, 2000, tions and support for Wonderware In- Ordering XP) program working as a DDE or OPC Touch (for MMI), IAS (Industrial Applica- information Server (or DDE or OPC Client in case of tion Server, via Lmx Proxy) and for I/O direct sending/receiving of SMS Mes- Servers (for field interfacing) developed sages via GSM-Control). with Wonderware I/O Servers Develop- ment Toolkit. Reference Reference GSM-Control SMS Center Car industry, Wind power station, Software for PC, GSM-Control GSM-Control in 3 phone/modem numbers, sw only and Wonderware energy production PR000673 GSM-Control SMS Center Software for PC, unlimited, sw only PR00067 Hardware Kit: Siemens MC35iT GSM/GPRS-modem, antenna, power supply, modem cable to interface PC to GSM network PC GSM SET Other wireless sofware The GSM-Control software developed from Klinkmann by Klinkmann was added by Valmet Continuous running and preven- Automotive to the Wonderware tive maintenance are of prime FactorySuite concept to allow importance in energy production. wireless communication between The Kotka City Energy company is Wonderware software and super- developing wind power applications vising persons’ mobile phones. as part of its energy production. GSM-Dial The factory may now relay system Klinkmann’s GSM-Control software alarms and information to its main- and GSM-modems are used to auto- conventional data tanance staff. mate the wind power stations. connections with GSM-data Helsinki Екатеринбург Tallinn tel. +358 9 540 4940 тел. +7 343 378 4152 tel. + 372 6 684 500 Санкт-Петербург Київ Rīga тел. +7 812 327 3752 тел. +38 044 239 12 50 tel. +371 738 1617 Москва Самaра Vilnius тел. +7 495 641 1100 тел. +7 846 993 49 31 tel. +370 5 215 1646