For GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA Wireless Networks


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For GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA Wireless Networks

  1. 1. For GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA Wireless Networks Nokia 6680 Mobile Phone Technical Specifications -Cell ID -RAC -MCC -Drop window Mobile Features -MNC -LAC -Replacement window -WCDMA 2100 / GSM/GPRS -Time to trigger 1A 900/1800 WCDMA Signaling Messages -Time to trigger 1B -GSM/GPRS/EDGE: -Layer 3 -Time to trigger 1C -Timeslots 4+1, 3+2 -RRC -Added scrambling code nr. -WCDMA -RLC -Removed scrambling code nr. -PS NRT 384/128 -Logical subchannels for all -Cell count active -CS NT 57.6 messages -Cell count monitored -CS T 64 (video calls) -Multi RAB RACH Parameters Additional 3G Information -Functionality support based on: -Random access initial TX -Compressed mode indication -Core Network: 3GPP R99 power -BS diversity state June-2004 Baseline -Random access maximum -RRC state -GERAN: 3GPP R99 July-2004 preamble count -WCDMA neighbor list with GSM Baseline -Random access preamble neighbors -WCDMA RAN: 3GPP R99 count -Inter-system GSM neighbor March-2004 Baseline -Random access preamble step measurement results -Random access message TX -Results of inter-frequency Forcing Features power neighbor measurements -Cell barring -UL interference level -Measurement events -Band lock -Used AMR codec -System lock Physical Layer Parameters -Channel lock -BLER -BER -RSSI GSM Signaling Messages -Scrambling code lock -RSCP -Layer 3 -Physical channel UL throughput -Layer 2 Application Protocols -TX power -RLC/MAC control messages -ICMP ping -Ec/No for active/neighbor/ -Logical subchannels for all -FTP protocol detected set messages -HTTP protocol -Nemo protocol (for TCP and Power Control Parameters GSM Serving Cell RF UDP testing) -BLER Parameters -SMTP and POP3 protocols (for -SIR target -DTX -RLT -FER email testing) -TX power control algorithm -C1 & C2 -MMS testing -TX power control step size -Mean BEP (8-PSK & GMSK) -WAP testing -Number of increase/decrease -Mean BEP coefficient variance -RTSP streaming UL / DL power commands (8-PSK & GMSK) -RXLEV (full & sub) Serving Cell Information Soft Handover Parameters -RXQUAL (full & sub) -Cellular system -Ec/No for active/neighbor set -Packet RXQUAL -Channel number -Soft handover status -TXPOWER -Roaming information -Soft handover event -Timing advance -Service information -Addition window -C value Last Edited: 13-Mar-2006 Information in this data sheet is subject to change without prior notice. Nemo Technologies reserves the right, without notice, to change specifications.
  2. 2. -Signal variance Call Information -Data transfer failure cause -I levels (per TN) -Call type -Data size UL/DL -Number of calls -Data disconnect cause GSM Serving Channel -Call connecting status -Ping rate Information -Call attempt time -Ping timeout -BCCH -HSN -Call failure time -Ping time (application data round -BSIC -MAIO -Call failure cause trip travel time) -ARFCN -Call duration -TCH (FR, EFR) -Call disconnect cause Statistics -Timeslot number -Call statistics -Hopping flag Packet Data Information -Handover/handoff statistics -PDP activation attempt time -Soft handover statistics GSM Neighbor Information -PDP active duration -Intersystem handover statistics -N1 - N8 BCCH -PDP activation failure time -Intersystem cell reselection -N1 - N8 BSIC -PDP activation failure cause statistics -N1 - N8 RXLEV -PDP context deactivation time -Location area statistics -N1 - N6 C1 & C2 -PDP context deactivation cause -Attach statistics -GSM neighbor list with WCDMA -Packet state -PDP context statistics neighbors -Packet protocol address -MMS statistics -Inter-system WCDMA neighbor -Attach failure time -Routing area statistics measurement results -Attach failure cause -User level data statistics -Attach attempt time SNDCP Information -Attach attempt time -Header compression status -Attach duration -Data compression status -Detach time -GMM/SM state LLC Tracing -QoS settings -Retransmitted LLC block rate -LLC data throughput UL/DL User Level Data Information -Data transfer protocol RLC/MAC Information -Data transfer direction -Retransmitted RLC block rate -Data transfer attempt number -RLC/MAC data throughput -Data transfer host address UL/DL -Data transfer host port -Number of timeslots in GPRS -Application data throughput UL/DL UL/DL -GPRS coding scheme UL/DL -Application packet error rate -EGPRS modulation and coding -Transferred bytes UL/DL scheme UL/DL -PPP layer data throughput -RLC BLER -Data connection establishment -GPRS/EGPRS indication time -TLLI -Data connection rate UL/DL -TFI UL/DL -Data connection duration -RLC window size UL/DL -Data connection failure time -Data connection failure cause Last Edited: 13-Mar-2006 Information in this data sheet is subject to change without prior notice. Nemo Technologies reserves the right, without notice, to change specifications.