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UNIVOICITY: Enabling Voice Assistants on College Campuses


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Learn about what university students (Gen Z) think about voice assistants. How often are they using them and for what purposes? What voice platforms do they prefer? What do they think is missing in voice? How could a voice assistant support students within a university context?

MadValley Labs has been working with students and universities to help them understand the power of voice, and how digital assistants and customized voice skills can be used to support the college campus environment. This presentation was delivered by Garrick Gauch at Voice Summit, and shares insights from our on-campus surveys and workshops we have led with both students and administrators.

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UNIVOICITY: Enabling Voice Assistants on College Campuses

  1. 1. UNIVOICITY Enabling Voice Assistants on College Campuses
  2. 2. About MadValley Labs We build brand experiences by leveraging mobile and emerging technology MadValley is an innovation lab focused on creating brand experiences through mobile design, development, and emerging technology deployment and integration. We love brands. We know tech. And we bring them together to help build great experiences.
  3. 3. Our Work in Higher Ed Emerson College est. 1880 Students: 4500+ Core Curriculum: Arts, Marketing, and Communication Alum: Bobbi Brown, Jay Leno, Henry Winkler Emerson Launch Managing the Business Incubator at Emerson College Workshops: Seminars and speakers Voice Lab: Demo and teach Voice Enabling Campus Environment: Creating campus specific voice skills
  4. 4. Study Focused Exclusively on College Students Online Survey 150 Respondents Ages 18-27 30 question survey Voice Assistants Across Modalities Mobile and Home based voice assistants Voice Workshops Student teams identified skills that were most important to them Interviews and Discussions With University administration
  5. 5. Students Have Adopted Voice Assistants Mobile Versions Still Reign Supreme 70%of students surveyed own and use a voice assistant at least once per month 2.5Xstudents own/use mobile voice assistants over home based voice assistants
  6. 6. Habits in Voice Assistant Usage are being Formed Helped by Home Devices 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Mobile Home Once a Month Once a Week Once a Day Several Times a Day
  7. 7. Siri Reigns Supreme on Mobile Alexa Retains a Lead in Home Mobile 3.3:1 Ratio of students using Siri to Google Assistant Google has the Clear and Strong Cross-Platform Advantage Home 2.5:1 Ratio of students using Alexa to Google Home
  8. 8. Most Important Attributes in a Voice Assistant 0 80 Personalization Relevance Privacy Convenience Ease of Use
  9. 9. Rank of Issues Preventing Greater Use of Virtual Assistants Mobile Home Ease of Use #1 #2 Privacy #3 #1 Social Awkwardness #2 NA Personalized NA #3
  10. 10. Discovering New Uses for The Home Voice Assistant is a Social Experience 80% >50% of students are NOT familiar with Voice Skills and Actions of students learn new uses through friends, social media, or word of mouth
  11. 11. Top Uses for Home Voice Assistant 0 55 Mapping Edu/Reference Smart Home Games/Trivia Podcasts/Audiobooks Making Calls News/Weather Info Search Alarms/Reminders Music
  12. 12. Students are More Interested in Voice Assistants Helping Them With Academic Activities Over Administrative Tasks 66%keeping track of assignments, campus events and calendar information 10%streamlining admin procedures such as paying bills, checking balances, enrollment process How can voice assistants be most useful to students? VS
  13. 13. Student Lounges Libraries Student Dormitories Common Areas What places on campus would you want voice enabled? Voice-Enabled Campus Environments Students suggest public places on campus where they congregate socially to be voice enabled
  14. 14. Thank you! Garrick Gauch