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Use Marketing Menu as a local Platform to Research, Plan and Purchase your next Advertising Campaign.

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  1. 1. Marketing Menu 1.866.614.4429 toll free 530.231.7729 local 530.267.3331 fax Simplified Decisions, Amplified Results pg 3 pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 Pg 54 pg 56 pg 59
  2. 2. Community Demographics 5 Star Personal Service Guarantee Local Demographics & Advertising Stats Local Advertising Opportunities About Marketing Menu(offered by Marketing Menu inc.) Zip Codes Population Households Avg HH Price Avg Income/HH Chico 86,290 95926 37,725 15,419 216,500 36,566 95927 (p.o.boxes ) 95928 36,511 14480 227,100 38,572 95973 31,957 12793 233,900 51,887 Magalia 95954 12,251 5210 137,300 40,342 Paradise 95969 27,549 12475 155,800 39,671 Oroville 95965 22,675 7198 114,100 29,085 95966 30,643 11789 128,800 38,051 Orland 95963 15,493 5445 118,700 37,584 Corning 96021 16,097 5632 85,100 33,656 1 *1 *2 *3 Marketing Menu offers business Owners and Executives a Simple Platform to Research, Plan & Purchase Premier Local Marketing Campaigns in Multiple Advertising Channels with Any Budget. Marketing Menu servings are prepared with ingredient mixtures that Leverage Boldly Effective Best Practice Techniques such as 80/20 rule Lowest Hanging Fruit First Principle Multi-Channel Integration aka Combined Arms Systematization & Scalability Clarity Trumps Persuasion Approach Consider enhancing your lifestyle with simpler & more effective marketing decisions. Become a Marketing Menu Client today. Our Clients, Our Royalty 100% Client Satisfaction Clear Performance Guarantees “Welcome to the Platform that’s going to Simplify & Amplify your marketing forever! We would be thrilled to serve your business and I personally invite you to contact me direct at 530.570.0040 or Together we are sure to succeed -let’s enjoy that as soon as possible.” Garrett Vatcher Marketing Menu inc. CEO 1.866.614.4429 x9 Connect & Please Allow Us to Show Our Appreciation by Accepting One of Three Free Advertising Gifts. Print Publications: Radio: T.V. Outdoor Online Marketing Chico News & Review (CNR) 90.1 KZFR Channel 2 KO2OA Billboards Facebook Chico Enterprise Record 91.7 KCHO Channel 12 KHSL-TV Jr. Billboards Twitter Yellow Magazine 92.7 KLRS Channel 22 KZVU Bus Stops Google Yellow Pages: ATT 93.9 KFMF Channel 24 KNVN Busses Youtube Yellow Pages: Yellow Book 95.1 KMXI Channel 28 KKPM Mobile Linked In Yellow Pages: Valley Yellow Pages 96.7 KZAP Channel 30 KCVU Mall Kiosks Yellow Pages: Butte County Directory 97.7 KHHZ Channel 53 K53FT …& more Upgraded Living 101.5 KMJE …& more The Orion 103.1 KKCY Synthesis 104.9 KYIX Craigslist Lotus Guide 106.7 ZROC Yelp Growing Up Chico 930 KKXX Google Plus Local Todays Senior Magazine 1290 KPAY Urban Spoon The Shoppers Guide 1140 KHTK Foursquare The Digger Shopper & News 1530 KFBK Instagram The Nickel Classifieds …& more Pinterest 50 plus senior lifestyle …& more Market Value Place Classifieds & More ...& more
  3. 3. How to Use… Page(s) Local Demographics 1 Table of Contents 2 1. Social Media Marketing 3-13 2. Mobile & Email Marketing 14-19 3. Video Production & Promotion 20-24 4. Online Ads 25-30 5. Local Maps, Directories, Review & Check in Sites 31-35 6. Website Development & S.E.O. 36-42 7. Digital Displays 43-45 8. Print Publications & Mail 46-49 9. Outdoor Billboards and Signs 50-51 10. Radio Marketing 52-53 11. T.V. Marketing 54-55 12. HR Recruitment 56-58 13. Consulting 59-61 Client FAQs, References, Agreement 62 Order Form (back page) 63 Table of Contents We invite you to use Marketing Menu to Research, Plan & Purchase Your Next Marketing Campaign. Marketing Menu -call us at 1-866-614-4429 or 530-231-7729 -or Scan QR code to order -or visit -or request invoice via email 1. 2. 3. Select Marketing Campaign(s)Research& Consider your Budget, Media Preference & Timeline Identify Advertising Channel Priorities Identify Timeline Best Practice Plan by Quarter (3-month increments) Identify Marketing Budget 15% of Revenue Typical Best Practice Online Ads Social Media T.V. & Radio Other 2  Review the services offered in the Advertising Channel that Interest You Complete Page 63 and look to hear from us to Schedule the initial appointment. Make your Purchase on the Order Form page 63(backpage)  Take Advantage of Integration Incentives 
  4. 4. There are numerous studies and surveys on this subject. Here's how some of them break down…  2 cents: (offer for 500 new fans for $10.51; eBay).  57 cents: (offer for 1000 new fans for $57 by this fan-creating agency).  $1.07: (the cost of advertising on Facebook that encourages a user to become a “fan”; Webtrends).  $3.60: (as a media buy to reach 1 million fans; Vitrue).  $9.56: (money saved in triggering a fan into a purchase or other action assuming a constant acquisition cost of $1-per-click, compared to the cost for a non-fan; calculated by SocialCode).  $71.84: (extra amount fans spend vs. non-fans; Syncapse)  $136.38: (average annualized value of total fan purchases; Syncapse). 20 extra visits to your website: (vs. one visit from a non-fan; Hitwise). pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Spend 53% Loyalty 32% Recommendations 10% Earned media Value 5% Value of a Facebook Fan*Synapse = $136.38 Famous IBM study in 2011 found success in businesses with high marketing innovation. Social Media Marketing has to be the vanguard of the innovation for your business to survive in 2013. 75.5% of the US population uses the iIternet. Facebook reach = 75% Internet population 50% users log on once a day or more 45% of Internet users Use Facebook via Mobile Dec 2012 4 x Facebook friends are four times more valuable than Twitter followers. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTube Google +, Linked In 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life. 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. The Neilsen company 95% = average ROI (Return on Investment) of Social Media Marketing for over 700 CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) surveyed. (25% were doubling their Social Media Marketing Spend) Social cent$: What’s the Value of a Friend? Creative first movers show higher ROI Traditional vs Digital Breakdown of U.S. Local Ad Market Steady Shift Toward Digital Media 2013 Social Media Budget 8.4% 2018 Social Media Budget 21.6% To Of Total Marketing Budget Social Media Spending by marketers to skyrocket 20% Reach Digital CAGR: 18% (2008-2013) Traditional CAGR: - 4.5% *CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate% 1 Fan = 20 Visits Duke University Professor Christine Moorman's analysis of the CMO survey results. Study of “The CMO Survey” 468* CMOs 3 *4 *7 *5 *6 *8 *9 *10 *11 *12 *14 Social Media Facts & Trends *13
  5. 5. Social Media Network Development & Integration…………. Strategic Roadmap & Comparison Reports………………. Promotions & Engagement Campaign………………….... Content Contribution Plan with Industry Authority Positioning… PR (Press Releases & Public Relations) with Advanced Reputation Management………………... Movers & Shakers Connection Plan……………………. Facebook Community on a Platter…………………….. Social Commerce………………………………..... Serving 1.1 Social Media Network Development & Integration Social Media Marketing Serving1.1 - Social Media Network Development & Integration (Ongoing Development with 6 months management) Value: $3,600.00 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: InfrastructureDevelopment & Integration Accountdevelopment and customization of most influential Social Networks: Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram &/or built to Suit.Integration of Social networks with each other and with current platforms. » Multi-SourcedMutually Supporting Thriving Online Social Communities » Increasessize of sales funnel intake » Prospects referred from friends have high conversion rates GraphicArt 12 Branded Hi-ResolutionGraphics,creatively designed graphics orientated for social branding and/or specific call to actions, think stunning timeline images, Local Photo connections,beautiful people, fresh updates. Print ad compatible. » Designed with Sales Tactics in mind » Keeping Content and Brand Fresh means higher quality branding » Meets customers’ preferences and expectations Analytics& Optimization Development of Top, Middle and End of Social Media Sales Funnel, Monitoring, Reporting and Optimization of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), A/B split testing » Develops & Systematizes Reliable Sales Funnel » Optimumuse of time and resources=HighestProfit Margins » Teaches us what advertising is wasteful and should be dumped,and what should be pumped. Description: We’ll provide the social media network infrastructure your business needs to capitalize on the most modern best practices in social media marketing. We will help crystallize your business goals into a social media marketing strategic roadmap. We will develop and/or customize your social media infrastructure to coordinate with your marketing strategy as well as exploit near term profit opportunities (low hanging fruit picked first can often finance the longer term strategic investment!). Harvest leads from your social media platforms utilizing the best practices for lead generation and optimization. Integrating social media platforms into your current marketing systems, such as your website, in-store signage, business cards, billboards, T.V., radio, print and/or other advertising production. 6 Social Media Platforms 6 Best Practices 6 Months of Scheduled Content     Infrastructure Development Graphic Art Analysis and Reporting Community Engagement Campaign Platform Integration Offline Media Support  Prime Benefits •Effective Lead Generation •Synchronized & Customized Branding across leading Social Media Platforms •Regularly Engage & Impress your audience 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 594
  6. 6. Serving1.2 Social Media Strategic Roadmap & Comparison reporting (12 months coverage) value: $1,400 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Strategic Roadmap Taking a strategic view of your goals we will recommend a path to greater market share and profits. Budget Executable Action Plan, Maintenance list, Pro forma upgrade recommendations. » Businesses with Clear Social Media Goals are much more likely to gain Market Share » Coordination,Centralization & Integration increase efficiency,lowercosts, raise profits. » Force Multiplier Executive Reporting Clean monthly reporting focused on driving the most vital KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) » Measure Goal Progress » Crystal Clear Intelligence = Better Marketing = Higher Cash Flow Future Watch Newsletter Monthly Newsletter exposing the hottest trends in your industry, focused on the opportunities you can take advantage of within the next 12 months. » First movers have more Leverage to Capitalize on Market Share Opportunities » Keeping up on Industry Best Practices Community Engagement Support Weekly Engagements (or customized schedule) designed to promote brand and increase: awareness, audience, word of mouth, industry authority, customer entertainment, reputability, and Interactions. Content is pre- authorized. » Great way to promote Top of Mind Awareness and Reputation boost » Gain more prospects (upper funnel) » Direct sales » Viral opportunity » Increased Referrals Offline Marketing Collateral & On-Site Signage Social Media Cards 500 premium social media business cards -with call to action , 1,000 Coupon/Promotional Hand Outs, Advertising Signage: In – Store / Vehicle / In – Field. » Physical handouts will increase social media engagement » Easy no-pressure solicitations and high conversion » Personal Connection Dedicated Social Media Camera with hi-def Video & Employee Training Hi-Resolution Camera with Wi-Fi /Auto Upload. Strategic integration of SOP (standard operating procedures) to systematize and regulate use. Training & Support for 6 months. » Increase value of employees by making them social media Powerhouses » Decrease Friction of Sharing Serving 1.2 Strategic Roadmap & Comparison Evaluation Reports Did you know? 71% of corporate CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) surveyed (population=1,530) rated Competitor Benchmarking as Effective or Very Effective *Marketing Sherpa Search Benchmark survey 2011 Does your business have well designed funnels? •A series of pages through which a visitor must pass before reaching the conversion goal •A funnel allows you to: -Examine where visitors enter and exit your conversion process -Eliminate bottlenecks in your process -Identify which site paths lead to the most goal completions -Split Test and use findings to test changes to site, strategy and branding message Monthly Executive Reporting and Optimization Conferencing Benchmarking& Competitor Tracking Strategic Roadmap customized for your businessusing proven best practices Prime Benefits: Identify & Explore Highest Profit Margin Opportunities Outcompete Your Peers Intelligence before Action, Measurement before Systematization pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 5 *15 Description: Because identification of your current market share and current local competitive landscape should be the first step in determining your next best move, we will provide you a recurring comprehensive report and strategic implementation plan aimed at getting you all the information you need to make intelligent informed choices on the future of your online social media presence. If you want to increase your profits systematically the first priority is to measure systematically. We’ll make sure you have the best analytics installed and we’ll identify, measure and report specific KPIs (key performance indicators) of your businesses social network including: social graphing, sales conversion rates, phone conversion rates, social media footprint. Visual social graphing of your own and your competitor’s social networks can drastically change your strategies for the better with the briefest of glances and the deepest of convictions. Probably the main reason for this is because of the new immediate understanding of where your ‘lowest hanging fruit’ lies. Reports are provided via Mail and Online access for 12 months.
  7. 7. Description: Give your social media audience something to get excited about and they will return the favor with Loyalty, Referrals and Profits. We’ll help expand your social network size and quality by enticing prospects to connect with your brand for a specific reason, motivated by “Pull Forces”. People are funneled into your social network, where targeted prospects are enticed to opt into your social network and prospect database via customized ‘squeeze pages’ and ‘Like Gates’ (Visitor’s must Like &/or Connect/Engage with your Facebook before they reach desired goal. Coupon, sweepstakes, voting, discounts, promotions, downloads, club inclusion, etc. are some opportunities that we can customize based on your goals.) Auto-response follow-up engagement with your new network will continually net future sales and referrals. Serving 1.3 - Promotions & Engagement Campaign Prime Benefits: Huge influx of traffic and lead generation within short amount of time Automated follow-up and re-solicitations Increased Conversion Rates Repeatable Promotions coordinated multi-channel integrated assault with measurable end goals such as direct sales or social network growth. Serving1.3 Social Media Promotions and Engagement Campaign (4-12 weeks) Value: $2,500 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Promotional Traffic Campaign Strategy is to create attention, generate interest and be clear in call to action. Tools used are customized for your goals and can include: Sweepstakes,Coupons, Deals, Discounts, Clubs, Insider gifts, paid advertising,Free P.R.,postings etc.. These will generate traffic which will typically be routed to a “Like Gate”, which requires opt-in contact info or other valuable engagement from prospect. 500+ Visitor Guarantee 50,000 advertising/posting impressions geo-targeted on Facebook » Reignite Public Awareness of your Brand » Builds in-house marketing asset (social network) which can continually benefit your business with decreased customer acquisition cost. » Attribute revenue directly to promotion. » Generate Social Proof Community Engagement Campaign ‘Live Updates’ Up to 5 shared posts per week with compelling pre-authorized content posted not only on your social media but also other community/peer members,focused on driving traffic and opt-ins. » Exciting and Fresh content is much appreciated by your fans. » Tracked Responses » RecommendedBest Practice » “Live Updating” will completely trounce your competitors’ stale engagement pattern. Phone Call Conversion Report MMinc. provides a unique phone line for your business, used only on your social media/promotion to measure the exact number of calls the promotion generates. » Track Phone Calls » 1,000-minute credit » ConversionRate of phone calls per visitor measured. Revenue Tracking Manual Review and/or automatic integration with your businesses POS (point of sale) software &/or Customer Registry to attribute specific revenue attributed to your promotions. » Clearunderstanding of Return on Investment » ‘Funnel Tip’ KPI is most important KPI of all. Highly Leveraged Campaigns Guerrilla tactics pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 596 *16
  8. 8.      Description: The Profit Margins and Market Share are highest for Industry Thought Leaders & Authorities. One of the best ways to become an Industry Authority is to develop and distribute regular, relevant content which is interesting to your target demographic, and interesting to your Peers in the Industry. Original Content is King! Your business will enjoy more productive engagement and efficiency of marketing as we help you leverage your brand into a Thought Leader & Industry Authority. Our Services may take the form of professional, amateur, or employee blogging, industry interviews with current Leaders & Authorities, local and offline engagement, press releases, interactive surveys, podcasts, online videos, team member contributions etc. The main thing is to ‘become known for your main thing’ – but a unique way. We will help you monetize your uniqueness with the type of relevant content necessary to establish your brand as a local social media powerhouse! Serving 1.4 Audience Content Contribution Serving1.4 Audience Content Contribution (6 months coverage) Value: $3,600 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: 6 months Live Updates Over 150 original content posts, scheduled & pre-authorized, distributed on your appropriate social network. » Depth of Quality always benefits your business in many ways whether that be in your own product or your social engagement. » Huge SEO boost (Search Engine Optimization = better Google rankings) » ‘Setit and Forget it’ keeps your valuable time on most profitable Endeavors while maintaining your brand authority. Community Manager We will facilitate,train and manage a figurehead for your business’social networks. Community Managers may be your approved appointees, employees,or 3rd Party. MMinc. provides Up to $600 (annualized) Community Manager budget, which helps provide incentives and rewards for goals reached. » Cultured Local Touch is appreciated and rewarded by your local fans » Leverage your own in-house assets first! Think Human Resources » GreatIncentives make Great Results. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 7 Most content marketing aims to drive pre- and post-sales activity Targeting Audiences Directly, Grassroots, referral heavy, entertainment as well as call to actions. Targeting Mass Appeal Social Media Content Creation & Distribution 2 Quarterly Engagement Campaigns = 6 months of scheduled content delivery that your audience will enjoy Mo. 1 Mo. 2 Mo. 3 Mo. 4 Mo. 5 Mo. 6 Prime Benefits Contributes to compounded investment growth over time as a larger social footprint builds upon itself Content can be redistributed and revamped, keeping your marketing fresh for years! Differentiate Yourself! Industry Authorities enjoy “The Snowball Effect” 1. Higher Profit Margins 2. Lower costs of prospect acquisition. 3. Higher referrals by word of mouth. 4. Increased referrals from peers.
  9. 9. Serving 1.5 Movers & Shakers Engagement Plan Selective appeal targeted to create a reciprocal relationship with the top social influencers in your field. Serving1.5 Movers & Shakers Engagement Plan (2-26 weeks) Value: $3,000 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Industry Leadership Connection & Contribution Campaign Identificationof 10-50 Industry Thought Leaders who can add value your business via social connections, both online and offline,on a national and local level,and contributing valuable content to them …think shared branding,surveys,articles, publicity,audience growth, support, cash etc. Offeringswhich tend to facilitate ‘good karma’ » Reputation Boost » Free P.R.and/or history of credible connections which will facilitate positive PR in multiple future events. » Gets the Best in the Industry to recommend your brand. OfflineFollow-Up and Support List follow-up and connection via offline methods, phone, in person, mail, socialsetc. designed to make sure that enough thought leaders are engaged with your business development. » Persistence Pays Off » Connect brand to the Top Industry Leaders by Any Means Necessary Prime Benefits: Huge Quality Referral Source, High Leverage, High Exposure Credibility & Reputation Boost Immediate and Long Term Returns Excellent for SEO (Google rankings) Increased Industry Awareness, More Partnership Opportunities Capitalize on first mover opportunities and Increased Partnership opportunities Increased social footprint, deeper “Soil” More Organic Traffic, Less Cost & More Control = Less Risk Targeting Audiences Directly, Grassroots,referral heavy, entertainment as well as call to actions. Description: We will actively connect your business with industry leaders who wield influence in your target community. We start by facilitating added value to the target organizations and/or networks, so that when the Karma strikes back your business is in position to use the target’s influence to profit. Adding value to those ‘hub centers’ will produce authority ‘juice’ which will heavily benefit your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts as well as propel your social network in a very organic, repeatable and sustainable style. Long-term benefits are numerous and multifaceted. As an example, we could facilitate a large customer survey relevant to your industry. We share those interesting results over a national radio show in a guest appearance, name dropping your website and social network. This national platform prompts 10,000 visitors over the weekend. Not all the visitors convert into clients as your product/service is highly local, however, because Google now sees your website associated with industry leadership and national demand your website enjoys number one ranking for 7 of your most profitable Google search keywords for the next year. Another welcome benefit is your social media network increases in size 1,000%. In the eyes of new prospects your business is now ‘highly credible’ because they can see your large social network. They automatically and subliminally raise your status to ‘credible to do business with’, the Most Crucial Factor for Every Business. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 598 For more about the “ Movers & ShakersConnection” Strategies,see Serving6.5 pg 40 & 3.4 pg 22
  10. 10. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 2 Serving1.6 PR (Press Releases & Public Relations) + Online Reputation Management Targets root channel sources of traffic Prime Benefits: More active control over your brand Reputation Boost More website and facebook traffic Positive positioning as industry authority SEO SUPER BOOST! –tremendous benefits for your businesses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Perception of a more caring, engaged, and interactive brand Serving1.6 - PR2 + Online Reputation Management (6 months) Value: $2,400 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Media Kit Professionaland creative designed media kit for your business which will provide a lasting impression of professionalism, clarity in call to actions, verified citations and 3rd party endorsements,Testimonials and SocialConnections. » Clarity Trumps Persuasion » Useful for many years » Greatfor S.E.O. » 100’s of Quality Backlinks Guaranteed Local Press Release Customized content distributed to local popular media sources + direct & offline follow up. Ex. Butte County: Chico News & Review,Chico Enterprise Record,Oroville Mercury Register, Paradise Post, Lotus Guide, Synthesis. » Local Impact » OfflineSupport proves very effective here. » Virtual control of local public perception Press Release:2.5k Strategic & Customized Content released ‘syndicated’to AP newswireconnected to 2,500 important news sources. » AppreciableS.E.O.(Search Engine Optimization) Boost …think much better Google Rankings » 250 PR#1 Backlinks (other websites linking to your website) Guarantee » Fresh and Creative Description: An effective press release can launch tremendous opportunities your way, exploding your social network inside your niche, and even launch your brand into National Publicity! Keep in mind online content and value doesn’t disappear like traditional advertising, so the benefits are cumulative. With your guidance we will help create and fully distribute a professional, creative Press Release & syndication of customized content and/or media packets to major targeted demographic hubs including all major local community news organizations. The starting point is creating value, either thru; news, announcements, articles, videos, blogs, media packets, industry surveys, activism, events, dialectics, performances, guerilla & viral tactics etc) which we then syndicate to 1,000’s of Local & National Press Publications. Our monthly online reputation reports will track the resulting conversations and community engagement that result from your contribution of value and/or interesting information. Relevant social media platforms are continuously monitored for mentions, reviews, or discussions about your brand. Risk mitigation is a dimension of online reputation management and consists of auto-resolving and/or mitigating potential reputation risks with pre-approved response plan. 9
  11. 11. 500 pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving1.7 Community on a Platter 500 Social Connections (2-26 weeks) Value: $5,000.00 Includes: Details: Purpose: 500 Valued Social Connections MMinc. will drive one or combo of: 500 Facebook Likes,Twitter followers, Pinterest Pins, Linked In connections, Instagram shares, Google + contacts, etc into your social network. » Instant Results » Guaranteed! » Instant in-house valuable marketing asset which will loweroverall costs per unit sold » Starts Compound Growth ASAP Description: Because connections with real local people matter more than the advertising hype, we’ll orchestrate a community for you within 3 months, and even guarantee you 500 real person Facebook Likes/Social Connections which will give your business immediate impact and buzz but also forevermore offer you an efficient vehicle of audience communication. Your Community is “Cherry Picked” according to your target market demographics. Did You Know ‘Likes’ increase website visitors too, 3.2 average unique visitors per share. OnlineReputation Tracking & Alerts Based on your business identification and questionnaire answers we will monitor, identify and notify you of market or industry news directly pertinent to your brand name, local competitors, and other keywords. » Stay on top of your online reputation » IncreasesCredibility » Protects your hard earned reputation » Provides opportunities for ‘News jacking’,which can be highly profitable Public Relations 24/7 Public Relations Support and Servicing,Press Release list follow-up, relationship solicitation and Spokespersonservices » Assuresyour Press Release won’t go unnoticed! » Spokespersonservices are a great way to promote your brand with professionalism& enthusiasm to media sources you should connect with but can’t spare the time. » A ‘Pivot Point’ which can offer support as either an independent 3rd party OR an in-house representative. Active Reputation Management Monitoring,reporting, active responses & mitigation to breaking news effecting brand reputation. Sources= Online search engines, news wires,major social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, reddit, dig, stumble on, & other outlets) 3rd party support coordination & facilitation. » Protect your hard earned reputation » Takes advantage of both negative and positive news opportunities. Serving 1.7 Community on a Platter: 500 Social Connections Once you have an engaged Facebook audience, what next? 1. Direct Sales Opportunities –pick the “low hanging fruit’ first. 2. Engagement Tactics, Branding, Top of Mind Awareness, Referral Harvesting Create Community with ANY Social Network 10 *17      ?
  12. 12. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving -1.7 – Social Media Commerce 100’s of optional Social Media Storefront Features & Promotional Tactics Storefront on Facebook, Easy installation and set-up, Full store functionality, Customizable display banner and Storefront Custom Header, Product search and browsing, Animated product carousels, Payment gateway choices and Checkout functionality, Account creation and management, Orders and returns via Facebook, Product ratings and reviews, Product sorting and filtering, Full product merchandising, Pre-Configured Product Social Share (Facebook & Twitter), Customizable Proven Store Template Options, Twitter Badge On Your Storefront, Feature/Highlight Product Product Import from existing eCommerce sites, Clone Storefronts to multiple business pages (Affiliate Marketing), Customize Your Buy Now Button, Mirrored on multiple sites, Detailed Analytics, & more Some features not available on all platforms 11 •1/4 people have made a purchase via a brand’s Facebook page. •90% of all purchases are subject to social influence. •60% of consumers are more likely to buy from and recommend to others businesses and brands they are fans of on Facebook •According to various studies Fans are … 41% more likely to recommend a fanned product to a friend. Spend 67% more online after recommendations. worth an average of $136.38 ….$72 coming from referral worth worth an average of $8, $14 for a share …$5 for a tweet, $2 Twitter follower Worth an average of $3 Worth an average of $10 ….assuming a constant cost-per-click of $1 Spent $71.84 more per year than a Non-Fan (analysis from 5M fans) 291% More Likely to Engage With Brand Than Non-Fans 67% of consumers researched online prior to purchase during the holiday season. *19 *20 *18 *21 *22 *23 *24 *22 *25 We’ll Help You Use Social Media to Sell Anything: Beauty Products, Jewelry, Services, Digital Information •Social commerce sales should total $14.25 billion in 2013 and $30 billion in 2015 •Some 167 million people will shop online this year, which will increase to 192 million by 2016 (spending an average of $1,800 per person per year) •20% would purchase within a social media site •40% of Twitter users regularly search for products via Twitter •12% of consumers have purchased a product online because of info they found from Twitter •60% are willing to post about products/services in FB If they get a deal or discount ( *21 *134 Social Sharing Incentives Special Memberships/Clubs for Fans only, verifiable and integrated with your POS Every Social Media Platform has the capability for Direct Sales. •28% more likely to continue using the brand •average share generates about $2.10 •20 extra visits to your web site •50% users log on once a day or more *16 *8 *27 *28 *29
  13. 13. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving1.8 Social Media Commerce (4 weeks implementation 6 months coverage) Value: $4,000 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: SocialCommerce Platform with Secure Payment CommercePlatform Customized for your goals and strengths integrated-(conditions may apply) with existing or new merchant account / vendor such as Intuit, Paypal, Square,etc. Accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, or Checking account . Facebook iframe page and/or eCommerceconnections which allows the Facebook community to browse and purchase your products/services. » Direct Sales from Social Media SocialSharing and Direct SalesIncentives SpecificReasons offered to connections to share offer with friends and to purchase ASAP. » Increase Social referrals POS/RegistryIntegration & Optimization We will help integrate and customize your new social media sales into your specific accounting system recording and attribution. Online Access to account. Detailed Transaction Reports. OptimizationRecommendations. » Syncs Social Media sales to Accounting Reports Once your business’ social media platform is e-Commerce enabled, optimization becomes the most important priority. As best practice enthusiasts, we will seek out friction points slowing your customer’s purchases. It’s a custom job which largely depends on your business model, goals and current capabilities. We can most likely integrate your f-commerce with your current POS (point of sale) inventory management and CRM (customer relationship management) software and if we can’t integrate then we will customize an accounting system with minimal friction to your current accounting procedures. The Social Media Ecosystem is complex and ever-changing, but with our help your business will focus like a laser on the right platform capabilities, promotions and sharing incentives to generate profit. Best Practice: Integrate Social Sales into POS (point of sale) system We Implement Shopping Carts that are Safe & Secure, Hosted by the merchant account that is right for your business. Accounting reports: Auto response, Email receipt, 24/7 access to accounting reports, visual charts, KPI reporting and optimization recommendations Key Identity Protocols keep your users’ identitiessafe 12 “mCommerce sales will soon account for $1 of every $4 spent online. When you keep in mind that almost 50% of Internet users log onto Facebook from their phones every single day it makes good sense to create an environment conducive for mCommercie via social media platforms.” -Garrett Vatcher MMinc. President We Connect Your Brand with the right Social Commerce & Payments Platform Buy, sell & pay in-stream on Facebook &/or other Social Networks Utilize all Platforms in Concert *32*132
  14. 14.         $2,450 $1,650$3,600$5,250           Social Media Marketing Menu 1.1Social Media Network Development & Integration 1.2Strategic Roadmap & Comparison Evaluation Reports 1.3 Promotions & Engagement Incentives 1.4Audience Content Development 1.5PR x2 with Advanced Reputation Management 1.6Movers & Shakers Connection 1.7Community on a Platter 1.8Social Commerce SuggestedIntegrations 1:B 1:C 1:D1:A -or go to -or complete page 63 & Mail to P.O. Box 7143 Chico, Ca 95927-7143 -or complete page 63 & Fax to 530-267-3331 Please Select Your Order & Payment Method -Scan QR code -or call us at 1-866-614-4429 for personal pick up &/or meet and greet 13 Ingredientvalue $25,500 $14,100 $7,500 $5,000 Earned Integration Credit $1,000 $600 $300 $3,000 4.C Digital Ads $2,450 5.C Local Maps , Review & Check In Sites $3,000 6.C Website Development & SEO $1,250 2.D Mobile & Email Marketing $3,600 3.C Video Production & Promotion $4,000 10.D Radio Advertising
  15. 15. Smartphone uses in-store* •Smartphone users in-store actions… TookPicture of Product: 23% Texted/Called Friend about Product:20% Scanned a Product QR code: 18% Sent Picture of Products to Family/Friends: 18% Found Store Location: 12% Compared Product Prices: 12% Found Coupons for Deals: 10% Researched Product Features: 9% Checked Product Availability: 6% Consumer Time Spent with Media Type Reach 68.6%of Facebook users Regularly Log on with Mobile Mobile Facts & Trends pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5914 •46% of Americans own a smartphone. •Over 50% of new mobile buys are smartphones. •1 in 3 would rather give up television than be deprived of their smartphones. •45% of Internet users Use Facebook via Mobile Phone •American millennials engage in over 14 different Internet activities while those ages 65+ engage in mainly 7. • Smartphones have become so indispensable to our daily lives that 80% never leave home without their phones in hand •71% of U.S. smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad. •mobile devices accounted for 10% of all traffic and 6% of all sales •53% of searchers purchase as a result of a smartphone search. •70% of smartphone users use their device while shopping in-store. •Phones aren’t just for making calls anymore: 62% of smartphone Internet users have gone online every day in the past week. •Only 33% of advertisers have a mobile optimized website *30 *31 *33 *31 *32 *41 *39 *35 *34 *37 *38 *40 *43*42 *30 *31 *132 *55
  16. 16. Stage During which US smartphone / Tablet users plan to use their devices for Holiday Shopping Oct 2012 •49.6% Planning/research •42.6% Shopping/in-store •7.8% Post-shopping (sharing shopping experiences with others) pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Mobile Facts & Trends •21% of Americans click through on mobile ads to retailer sites. •Mobile Ad spend: 62% Search, 28% Display, 10% Messaging •57% of people talk more online than they do in real life. •51% of business travelers use mobile devices to get travel information, more than double the rate of two years ago. •71% of U.S. smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad. •Mobile advertising spending will top $1 billion for the first time in 2011, before reaching $4.39 billion in 2015. •Only 33% of advertisers have a mobile optimized website •In May 2012, Google partnered with analysts at Ipsos to find some rather telling statistics about mobile advertising and consumers: 84% of mobile users notice advertising; 56% of users have performed a search related to an ad they have seen on a mobile device — compared to 51% for TV, 41% for magazines and 34% for billboards •75% of in-store shoppers prefer Promotionsdelivered with Email, Text, In-Store signs, or Social Media (less than 3% prefer promotional delivery via newspaper or TV) •51% of Marketers surveyed increased their 2012 email budgets greater than 10% •Primary Goals Achieved by Email according to survey by Strongmail… Building Customer Loyalty and retention, awareness building, driving revenue, new customer acquisition, Lead generation b2b, expanded reach to new audience •Top Uses of Email According to survey by Knotice… To share news about new products or services, organization, events, solicit feedback, e-newsletter, promote content, advertise sales or promotions, solicit donations, respond to news stories US Retail Mcommmerce Sales 2011-2016 Digital CAGR: 18%(2008-2013) Traditional CAGR: - 4.5% *CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate Ad Budgets Continue to Shift Towards Digital Media Mobile Commerce In-Store Commerce E-Commerce Holiday Sales Email Mobile Ads, Apps & Websites 41% 2012 of opened commercial emails were via Mobile source: Knotice, which sampled 500 million emails sent in 11 differentindustry verticals (such as retail,cable and telecomm, etc.)in second half of 2012. 15 *47 *48 *61 *46 *57 *44 *45 *49 *50 *53 *54 *56 *58 *51 *55 *52 *59 *61 *60
  17. 17. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Mobile Marketing:Email/Text/QR/Website/App Email Marketing…………………………............ Text & Custom QR Code Marketing…………….............. Mobile Compatible Website……………………….. Customized Business App……………………….… 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Prime Benefits Connect with your customers on their time. Giant Increase in response rate Compound Nature of Growth Description: With your help we will strategize, schedule and implement an email marketing infrastructure and solicitation campaign that Increases your Database of Social Contacts, capturing and exploiting new leads Segments your audience for highest conversion rates Nurtures leads with Quality Content, and ABOVE ALL HARVESTS PROFIT. Serving2.1 Email Marketing (6 months) Value: $1,800 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Email Database Management and Content SolicitationCampaign With your help we will strategize, schedule and implementan email marketing campaign sending mass emails to your contacts (13,000 email credits) » Email open rates have climbed with Smartphone adoption » Excellent non-intrusive branding » Keep in Prospects’ Top of Mind Awareness Customized Graphics & Integration Strategy Customized graphics integrated with promotional marketing strategy for posters,business cards, flyers,billboards and pins. » Aggressively increasesyour contact database growth in a Soft incentivizedway.  Analytics tracking & Segmentation Monthly report will show when and where your prospects have engaged in texts, which emails have been opened, which solicitations or links were effective. » Experiment and Optimize for greater profits » Email integrates well with, and increases,response rate for other advertising channels Serving 2.1 Email Marketing DegreeofDifficulty Level of effectiveness Sphere size indicates level of usage MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Survey.methodology Fielded January 2012, N = 1,915 Channels Business Executives Integrate with Email (% of respondents) SegmentationBest Practices Don’t start from scratch. Follow the lead of Best-in-Class companies who segment by: • Timing • Source. • Buying Stage These practices are essential to create and nurture a stream of Opted-in Prospects and ensures you don’t send the wrong communication that could adversely impact the buying process. Email is one of THE CHEAPEST MOST PROFITABLE ways to market especially as near ubiquitous smartphone usage has increased open rates. 16 *63 *64
  18. 18. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Description: Immediate Permission-based Marketing is one of the Best Mediums for businesses to develop and maintain close relationships with Customers & Prospects. Content and Timing are key tactics that we will help your business deploy. Two great ways to generate direct response and grow your permission-based marketing contact database is connecting to your clients through their mobile phone by advertising with Text and QR codes. Text & QR code engagement with your prospects & customers is only limited by your imagination. The more creative = the more interaction. We can help you implement a well strategized Custom Text & QR code marketing strategy. Serving2.2 Text & Custom QR Code Marketing (6 months) Value: $1,650 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Custom Text Keyword & Shortcode (text #) Choose a Keyword for your prospects to use that your clients will rememberand can text easily.Simply text “Menu” (keyword) to 31- 31-31 (shortcode) » Greatway to reinforce branding » For Prospects 31-31-31 is easy to rememberand type. » For Employees verbal solicitations flow easily with less friction in Opt-In Capture. Text Auto Response & Follow Up Solicitation Scheduled(24 weeks) Text with business solicitation will automatically respond to prospects’ text. Contact database updated and regularly scheduled solicitationswill follow.(3,000 text credits) » Customers and Prospects Love it! » Quick convenient way for prospects to Opt-in to your social network » Future cash flow will come from continued engagement Custom QR code Registry with Analytics Branded hi-res vector QR codes & registry (identification spreadsheet)for your business to use in marketing as well as analytics reporting engagement. Instantly Connect Prospects to SocialNetwork, website,coupons, contact info, email clubs etc. » Very Memorable » Separate your QR codes Above the Competitors » Instant Response and customization provides for higher engagement than regular QR codes Serving 2.3 Mobile Compatible Website Text:”Keyword” to 31-31-31 Connect with your Audience on Their Terms. Features Responsive HTML 5, One Touch Call, Appointment Connect, Maps, Coupons, Social Network connections, Opt-in, Text integration, Online Ordering, Chat capability, also available app features see page 18 & Many more –customized to suit Serving 2.2 Text & Custom QR Code Marketing Description: Today 85 percent of U.S. adults own a mobile phone and 56 percent of them use it to get online. A mobile website assures that the opportunity to connect with them is not squandered because they couldn’t see your website well enough on their phone. A mobile site redirect is code that can automatically tell if visitors are using a mobile device and send them to the mobile-friendly version of your site. When used most effectively the mobile website is coupled with a particular focus, such as opt in capture, or online ordering. We will help you develop the right tools & strategy to capitalize with your mobile website. The Results In the first month after TicketsNowlaunched the mobile site, average order values from mobile devices increased 8%, conversion rate grew by a sustained 50% and sales grew by 100%. The mobile site also increased return on ad spend by 30% 67% -“A mobile-friendly site makes me more likely to buy a product or use a service” 61% - “If I don’t see what I’m looking for right away on a mobile site, I’ll quickly move on to another site.” 33% - of advertisers have a mobile optimized website 57% - would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site 40% - have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for researching prices 79% prefer mobile sites for product reviews 63% prefer mobile sites for purchasing In 2013 more people use their mobile phones than PCs to get online. Prime Benefits: •Direct Immediate Response •Creative & Memorable = Increased Recall of Brand (& peripheral value) •Create your own Audience and Keep in Touch! 17 *65 *67 *70 *68 *66 *69
  19. 19. Tell a friend-by text, social.. Facebook Twitter QR codes Reservations & many more Serving 2.4 Customized Business App Prime Benefits Very Cool Branding, don’t take our word-your clients will tell you! Giant Increase in response rate Increases direct engagement offer direct secured sales communicate directly and without distraction Top Performing Push notifications have interaction rates as high as 40% Serving2.4 Customized Business Application downloadable from Android and/or Apple store. (4 weeks implementation, 6 months Support) Value: $3,250.00 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Customized Branded Mobile App Built to suit Apple App OS & Android Mobile App, Some of the Availablefeatures (over 200 available)…DirectOrders,Loyalty Programs,GPS directions,GPS coupons, one touch calling,social connections and referralfeatures, event and push notifications,business information, industry information, Opt-ins,podcasts, reservations,shopping, integrations with Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, shopify, LinkedIn, YouTube,blog website, Dynamic content and other features may be available.We will create the app that’s right for you! » Fit to your business needs » AllowsNew Revenue Sources » Create Direct Sales » Beat your competition » Excellent Branding Support/Maintenance & Reporting KPI reporting, customized sales funnel and goals visualization reports. Splittesting and Optimization. » 100% Satisfaction » All-inclusivedevelopment & support » Revenue Accounting   Platform focus might be… Revenue Information Entertainment Social Connections Reservations / Booking Internal Use or Public Consumption Premium Pricing or Free Description: Sometimes it’s the new things which have positive impact on the bottom line. Mobile Apps (applications) offer new untapped revenue opportunities which we will help you uncover by developing an App customized for your business opportunities. A Good App opportunity is as simple as offering your clients & prospects a new way to order your goods/services, saving them time, listening to your podcast, being entertained, connecting to content, cost-cutting like tracking employee deliverie. There are literally 1,000’s of options and vendors to choose from and development can be a daunting process but with your input we will design & implement the solution that is best for your goals. So sit back, relax and we’ll take care of the details. App Features Mobile Food Ordering One Touch Call Geo Locator(s) Surveys Voting Text integration Opentable Event Apps Social Connection Video Series Podcasts Coupons Location Parts/orderresupply Prime Benefits •Be where the audience is •Higher conversion rates •Direct Sales Opportunity •Customer appreciation Serving2.3 - Mobile Compatible Website (4 weeks implementation 6 months hosting) Value: $2,500.00 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Mobile ResponsiveWebsite HTML 5 coded Mobile device users will see website responsive to their mobile device in size, shape and functionality. Integrated with apps, regularwebsite, opt in forms,QR codes, text links and social media. » Takes advantage of All visitors » Integrates with apps, other websites, opt-ins and sign-ups,social media. » USER FRIENDLY » Looks great on iPhone, iPad or Android,tablets or smartphones Support/Maintenance & Reporting KPI reporting, customized sales funnel and goals visualization reports. Splittesting and Optimization. Hosting & Updating. » 100% Satisfaction » All-inclusivedevelopment & support » Revenue Accounting Don’t Miss out on 21% of Online Traffic pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5918 *80 *45 *81
  20. 20. -or go to -or complete page 63 & Mail to P.O. Box 7143 Chico, Ca 95927-7143 -or complete page 63 & Fax to 530-267-3331 Please Select Your Order & Payment Method -Scan QR code -or call us at 1-866-614-4429 for personal pick up &/or meet and greet 2.1Email Marketing 2.2Text & Custom QR Code Marketing 2.3 Mobile Compatible Website 2.4Customized BusinessApp     $2,450 $1,250$3,600$5,250         Mobile & Email Marketing Menu Choose 1 Choose 1 2:B 2:C 2:D2:A SuggestedIntegrations Ingredientvalue $9,200 $5,950 $3,450 $1,650 Earned Integration Credit $1,000 $600 $300 $3,000 4.C Digital Ads $2,450 5.C Local Maps , Review & Check In Sites $3,600 3.C Video Production & Promotion 19 $4,000 9.D Outdoor Billboards & Signage $2,450 1.C Social Media Marketing $6,250 8.B Print Publications & Mail
  21. 21. Why Video? Because 85.8 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video. In addition to the persuasive power of combining audio and moving pictures, currently videos rank more easily in search engines than static text and images, so video marketing should be a component of any business with a website. Why Video? Because Consumers exposed to a YouTube homepage ad are 437% more likely to engage in a key brand activity on the same day than those unexposed. Why Video? Because every business that doesn’t build brand with interesting video will lose market share to businesses that do, and a small video marketing investment gives your business the opportunity to engage in marketing that can potentially dwarf your other advertising initiatives even after years of steady application. Video Multiplies your ability to connect and leverages your time.. Serving 3.1 Video Production with Content Development Hi Def Equipment Pristine Audio Professional Lights Script & Storyboards On-Scene Actors & Direction Serving3.1 Video Production with Content Development (2-6 week production schedule,6 month Distribution or customizable) Value: $2,500-$9,000 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Video Production (Hi-definitionprofessionalgrade video cameras with audio & light equipment.) 4 Steps: 1. Fact-Finding interview 2. Strategic Content Planning & Script Writing, 3. On location appointment with our professionalvideographer(s) 4. Professionalvideo and audio editing. » Virtual Tours also available » No-hassle shoot scheduled at your business’ convenience » Video release forms Basic Shoot (3D) 2 Videos,2 hours of scheduled shooting, 2 hours of editing » Increase the depth of your brand Basic Plus (3C) 4 Videos,4 hours of scheduled shooting, 4 hours of editing (Course 3C may substitute for Serving 3.3) » Create a creative campaign Premier(3B, 3A) 6-12 videos, 6 hours of scheduled shooting, 6 hours of editing (actors available,multiple camera operators available,6 month shooting schedule & deployment available) (Offer 3A or 3B may substitute for Serving 3.3 at level III ) » Perfectfor a product series or customer testimonials » SmartPlanning frees your time to focus on other tasks while continually releasing new videos. » Provide content to your Audience all year Llng Description: Video offers a Rich and Engaging way to grow your business We’ll help design, direct, and produce your videos in 4 Simple Steps. 1. Goal Discovery Interview to strategically establish goals and timeline. 2. Content Plan Approval: Based on your goals we will help create a unique Storyboard & Script (collaborative or we can develop a quality 100% original script for you) (actors & spokespeople available by request) 3. On location appointment(s) with our Professional Local Videographer: Whether one-time shoot or multiple video series we’ll make sure you have a quality presentation with high definition equipment and required liability disclosures to help protect your business. 4. Professional Editing: video, sound, dubbing, graphics effects & pre-syndication approval. We create Quality Video Content for your Business Professional Camera Crew Video Production……………………………………. Integration & Syndication…………………………….. Promotional Advertising……………………………..... Movers & Shakers Connection Plan………………………. Productions All-Stars MasterMind Council…….......................... Video Production and Promotion 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 20 *82 *83
  22. 22. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving3.2 Integration & Syndication (3-26 weeks per deployment schedule) Value: $800 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Video Syndication Distribution & Analytics Reports from YouTube, Vimeo (non-commercial content only), Viddler,Amazon S3 (can keep videos behind closed doors, i.e. membersonly video) » Huge SEO (Search Engine Optimization Boost, i.e. may increase Google Rankings) » Directly Track Incoming Traffic Website,Social Media, Email,& Mobile Integration Embed video with analytics on website or mobile site, Facebook page, and email solicitations.Integrated marketing strategy. » Very popular to have local video for your local prospects » Excellent Content for your Social Network Serving 3.2 Integration & Syndication Serving 3.3 Promotional Advertising Prime Benefits Attribute new Sales to Video Marketing Compounding Investment into Brand Value Create & Expand Barriers of Entry onto your Competitors Description: Even large numbers of views on YouTube will not create profits for you unless you can integrate the marketing strategy of your videos with your business sales tactics & platforms. We’ll deploy your video to your current platforms &/or develop the necessary infrastructure if you have no current platforms from which to capitalize on your video marketing. Includes integration with Facebook, Website, Mobile site, In-store digital displays, posters, billboards, print, radio script, TV productions specifications conformity & editing. Includes original graphics customized to promote your video marketing strategy, rotational re-deployment keeps your content (video) fresh and engaging. Description: Video is an excellent way to promote your unique marketing video content to your demographically targeted local audience. Online video also creates the opportunity for direct action. “On average, we’ve found that YouTube video ads drive a 20 percent increase in traffic to your website and a 5 percent increase in searches for your business” (*Google Campaign Insights, 2011). We create from 3 to 12 ad versions to promote each promoted video, and depending on targeting goals we will either target a local audience or broader national connections. We split test and optimize your results based on branding or direct action goals. Syndication Guaranteed Views Local Targeting Distribute to Most Popular Video Platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo, Bing, Other, Plus Blogs, Industry Niches, Prospect Forums, Local Sites Integrate Video Content with Website, Landing Pages, Social Networks We are doing 400% more video views than web searching Ads appear either at the side of videos or ‘preroll’ before selected videos •Only about 10% of the population ‘always’ skip ads. 21 *84 *85 Prime Benefits Procures Massive Traffic Quickly Opportunity for Direct Sales Great Return on Investment Branding Presence Becomes VERY RECOGNIZABLE online *86
  23. 23. Ryan Holiday’s book honestly explains the amazing impact of personal connection$ in the blogosphere and how to use that to your businesses advantage. Serving3.5 Movers & Shakers Connection Plan (1 week – 6 months depending on contact goals) Value: $4,500 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Industry Leadership Connection Based on your unique brand , advice & style we will find the perfect partners, publishers,and thought leaders in your industry who can help expose and enrich your brand to a new larger audience. » Locals will see your brand as a True Industry Thought Leader » Instant National Recognition and perception as Industry Authority Content Contribution Adding value to industry leaders via video channel in creative and effective ways. Such as; video comment responses,targeting certain audiences,remixes, creative edits, interviews,follow-up videos,engagement via blogs, websites,local audience engagement,surveys, 3rd party referrals,tours, resources & support. » ‘Organic’based relationship have many benefits –cheap to maintain, continuous rewards,quality referrals » Sound basis for Vitality & Virility + Good Business Karma » Credibility& Reputation Boost Serving 3.4 Movers & Shakers Connection Plan Prime Benefits More active control over your brand Reputation Boost More website and Facebook traffic Description: Because the ‘vital few’ (see 80/20 rule) control the majority of audience referral opportunity, having personal connections and support from ‘Movers & Shakers’ whose influence can snap your business into public relevancy and bring rapid viral growth and 1,000’s of new opportunities. After your goals and the ideal referral for your business is identified we will use current online metric databases and social graphing techniques to actively seek out and commission support from members in the most recognized tier of industry power players/celebrities/insiders. We commission support by manually contributing something of value to their cause (such as a video referral, comment, link, image, social connection, views, support, emails, tweets, likes, affiliate links, gifts, cash, etc.). We can expect a massive amount of referral traffic from these Movers & Shakers who deeply desire to connect their audience to your business content. Serving3.3 - Video Promotional Advertising(2 weeks deployment scheduled promotions up to 6 months) value $2,400 Ingredient: Details: Purpose: YouTube Ads Campaign Level 1 Video Advertising development, management and promotion of YouTube and video ads to increase viewershipand response.Rich media (flash, video, interactive) specificationscompatibility. » Splittesting to find the optimum response message. » 250,000 local impressionsguaranteed » 10,000 video views guaranteed » Establish Credibility & Authority Hubs of Autonomous Groups: Industry Niche Sites & Blogs “Movers & Shakers” Modern Publicity Strategies “You’ve seen it all before. A malicious online rumor costs a company millions. A political sideshow derails the national news cycle and destroys a candidate. Some product or celebrity zooms from total obscurity to viral sensation. What you don’t know is that someone is responsible for all this. Usually, someone like me. I’m a media manipulator. In a world where blogs control and distort the news, my job is to control blogs—as much as any one person can. In today’s culture, Blogs like Gawker, BuzzFeed, and the Huffington Post drive the media agenda. Bloggers are slaves to money, technology, and deadlines. Manipulators wield these levers to shape everything you read, see, and hear—online and off.” – from Ryan Holiday’s book Trust Me, I’m Lying Audio book purchase Video Trailer Can Personal Relationships Really Help Top Influencers Recommend Your Business?...Of Course! Niche Audience Placement : Connecting with Industry Authorities, connecting to personalities, appearing on popular blogs where your prospects will see your branded video content, Industry Authorities will help capture the right kind of attention. (optionally substituted by Serving3.3 level II) pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5922 *52 For more about the “ Movers & ShakersConnection” Strategies,(see Serving1.5 pg 8 & 6.7 pg 40) -Garrett Vatcher Mminc. CEO
  24. 24. Serving 3.5 Production All-Stars Mastermind Council Description: Certain nationally recognized producers have struck ‘viral gold’ consistently, multiplying returns on video spend by 10,000’s of percent. Connecting your video to these Creative Geniuses could catapult your brand into local or even national fame, or simply provide great entertainment to the viewers and a good front page story in the local paper. There are multiple fantastic opportunities that can be unlocked with the mentality of ‘going for the gold.’ Based on your vision and industry we will have an appropriate Online Video Producer Superstar consult, guide and help Produce & Edit your video. From our access to 100’s of top YouTube Producers we can find a vision & production style that’s perfect for your goals. Requirements to be considered = requires over 1 Million views from channel or original video. World Class Content Viral Capability Locally Promoted Call to Action plus Branding Top YouTube Producers: We’ll connect your brand to Super YouTube Producers, Directors and/or Editors with Proven Viral Business Results. Dollar Shave Club 10,257,233 views Tap into Celebrity We Recruit the Best to Work for You! Serving3.5 Production All-StarsMaster Mind Council (4 week- 12 weeks) Value:$6,000 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Virilitylab Experts Think Tank customized to suit including 3 one-hour or equivalent Consultation Conference calls with an inner circle of industry and promotional experts who will do their best to contribute value to your business.  Strategic Brainstorming  ScriptWriting  Top Professionals  Advanced Graphics& Editing  Multiple source approach » Experience increases marketing value » World Class Quality » Puts the most Creative Professional Minds on the Planet to work for Your Business! » Fast Track to Success AllStar ProfessionalProductions Nationally recognized Producers &/or Editors (several videos over 1M views) will create a world class video for your business. » Expert Producers and Editors with multiple videos reaching over 1M views. (optionally substituted by 200% Serving3.3) Shift it commercial 10,257,233 views “1Pound Fish” 11,821,043 views Sweet Dee does Shoreline Dental 6,767,523 views video imagesfor examplepurposes only Boldness Pays Off Growyour own star pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 23
  25. 25.      $3,600 $1,800$5,600$7,500          Video Production and Promotion 3.1Video Production with Content Development 3.2 Integration & Syndication 3.3 Promotional Advertising 3.4 Movers & Shakers Connection Plan 3.5Production All-Stars Mastermind Council 3:B 3:C 3:D3:A SuggestedIntegrations -or go to -or complete page 63 & Mail to P.O. Box 7143 Chico, Ca 95927-7143 -or complete page 63 & Fax to 530-267-3331 Please Select Your Order & Payment Method -Scan QR code -or call us at 1-866-614-4429 for personal pick up &/or meet and greet Ingredientvalue $21,300 $15,300 $8,300 $3,300 Earned Integration Credit $1,000 $600 $3,000 4.C Digital Ads $3,000 6.C Website Development & SEO $1,250 2.D Mobile & Email Marketing 24 $2,450 1.C Social Media Marketing $4,000 9.D Outdoor Billboards & Signage $6,250 8.B Print Publications & Mail
  26. 26. for Google Search Keywords with High Commercial Intent almost of Total Clicks go to Sponsored Results 2/3 Digital Ads Facts & Trends pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 25 *88 *56 *57 *60 *94 Digital CAGR: 18%(2008-2013) Traditional CAGR: - 4.5% *CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate Ad Budgets Continue to Shift Towards Digital Media *47
  27. 27. 75.5% of the US population uses the Internet. Facebook reach = 75% Internet population 50% users log on once a day or more 45% of Internet users Use Facebook via Mobile dec 2012 4xc Facebook friends are four times more valuable than Twitter follwers. 71% of US smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad. Mobile ad revenue = 2012 = $2.7 Billion , 50% Local / 50% National There will be 79.1 million US mobile social network users in 2015, up from 49.4 million in 2011 *103 *102 •16% of the daily queries on Google have never been seen before. •82.6% of Internet users use search. •Over 89% of traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic search when ads are paused •Search activity doubles after becoming a mom: US moms conduct 21 searches per week (vs. 11 for non-moms). •There are 191.4M search users. •Two-line sitelinks increase click-through rates by more than 30% •US advertisers will spend $20 billion on paid search in 2013, compared with $18 billion on display. •Advertisers achieve a 7:1 ROI on search marketing (B2B) & Sponsored clicks outnumber Organic clicks by a factor of 2 to 1 Digital Ads Facts & Trends 90% of Search Result clicks are on 1st Page Display Ads Performance & Lift Search Classified analysis found that 8% of shopping cart abandoners returned without any form of remarketing. However, when a real-time Ad Retargeting campaign was added, the total return rate increased to 26%. Advanced Targeting & Rich Media using Interests, Behaviors, Browser History, Social Groups, Zip Codes. US advertisers will spend almost $3 Billion on classifieds pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5926 *93 *94 *95 *96 *100 *105 *104 Mobile & Social *100 Gain Immediate Market Share with Search Ads *98 *97 *96 *99 •By 2015 expect that 50% of all display ads will be rich media ads. Nielsen & Google analysis revealed Massive Increase in Recall when Brands Engaged in Online Ads in addition to TV *128 Increase in Recall 18% Additional recovery with Retargeting *91 *92 •Display Ads contributed to 24% lift in searches, 40% lift in site visitation, account for 45% of online conversions, 9% lift in unit sales, 8% decline in competing label *90 *89 *101
  28. 28. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 Ad services: Dev, Analytics, Split Tests, Optimization, Reporting... Craigslist Frequent Flyer Program…………………........ Search Ads Basic....……………………………….. Display Ads Basic………...………………....…........ Social Ads Basic………………………..….…….... Advanced Targeting Boost…………………….......…. Digital Ads Serving 4.1 Ad Services: Development, Analytics, Split Tests, Optimization, Reporting Serving4.1 Ad Services Development, Analytics,Split Tests, Optimization,Reporting ( 2 week implementation 3-6 months /customized ) Value: $2,500 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: AnalyticsInstallation Google Analytics installation. Unique phone line available for revenue attribution. » Unique tracking code in every ad A/BSplit Testing A/B split tests with alternate messages to statistically substantiate the best received message. » Leads to better messages in ALL your advertising messages. » Shiftresources to top performers Optimization Weekly reviews and adjustments, maximizing population reached and conversionrates. We’re here to take care of your details. » Maximize return on ad spend » Lower costs per customer acquisition Reporting 24/7 access to reports via secure FTP website (we’ll provide you with the username,password and website address) Weekly emails. Phone support. Quick Updates, KPI reports » Simpleclear reports will leave out the jargon and focus on your bottom line. » SalesFunnel Facilitation and Conversion Measurement. Serving4.2 CraigslistFrequent Flyer Program (2 week implementation 3 -6 months/customized) Value: $1,800.00 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Google Search Optimization Tactics Craigslist ads are optimized to show up on Google results for your search terms by including SEO friendly tags into your pictures hosted by online databases. » Ads rank on Google and actually build authority over time » Optimizationbenefits CraigslistFrequent Flyer Campaign 3 weekly solicitation posts on Craigslist,&/orother Local Publishers , or online classifiedsites like, 6 months coverage or equiv. Monthly split testing and optimization reports. » Huge Local Viewership » High response rate » Increased Public Awareness OnlineClassified Postings: Secondary Tier Weekly solicitation posts on Local Publishers online classifiedsites like,,Back Page , Industry niches. Monthly split testing and optimization reports. » Premiumniche prospects » Leave nothing on the table » Reach niche audiences Prime Benefits: Make direct sales Great way to test offers before using a paid channel where mistakes can be more costly and optimization more expensive. Serving 4.2 Craigslist Frequent Flyer Program  A/B Split Testing 24/7 access to Reports KPI Reporting Description: Online Advertising is an excellent vehicle to increase your direct sales and branding awareness. The difference between the “best players” and the “average lot” in terms of ad performance can be quite drastic, on the order of 1,000’s of percent. We suggest your business invests in its online advertising quality and allows us at MMinc. (Marketing menu inc.) to implement the best practices of top performers and measure every ad and account for every response. When analyzed and optimized your ads will have a much greater impact. Primary Benefits: Lowest Hanging Fruit offers direct sales More Website & Facebook Traffic Instant Exposure Description: Craigslist is the best place to advertise for some businesses, period. For others it can often provide a surprising new source of income. Our Craigslist frequent Flyer Program will be customized for your goals and will net your business positive results. 27 Q: How many people use Craigslist? A: More than 60 million each month in the US alone *69
  29. 29. Description: Search ads are sponsored links which appear next to the “organic” website results on the Google Search Engine Results Page ‘SERP’. Working with us your business will capture immediate results from this very profitable and still underutilized channel of advertising. Whether your business already has some type of search ad campaign or has never tried search ads and has no online presence we can deploy a search advertising campaign that brings your business profitable results. Serving4.3 Search Ad Basics ( 2 week implementation 6 months coverage or customized ) Value: $1,800 (swap with 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 optional) Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Google AdwordsSearch Advertising Keyword Research,Profitability Analysis and Prioritization, Ad development, deployment,Optimization& Conversion Maximization. Traffic reports provided and verifiedwith Google Analytics. 5 ads, 5-10 keywords » ConversionRate Tracking reports which visitors turn into buyers » Capture the Low Hanging Fruit Bing,Yahoo Search Advertising 2nd tier search engines utilized (about 10-15% search reach). Primarilyused when Google ads already in play or supplemental search networks will facilitate goals » Leave no easy profit on the table » High Payoff » Non-redundant Competitive Market Share Attack Plan Zeroing in on your main competitors and brand keywords associated with them, we focus keywords & ads to compare your strengths to their weaknesses and deliver new customers. » Decrease competitor website traffic up to 8% » Increase high converting website traffic Serving4.4 Display Ad Basics ( 2 week implementation 3-6 months coverage/customized ) Value: $1,800 (swap with 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 optional) Ingredients: Details: Purpose: 300,000 Ad ImpressionGuarantee 50,000 / mo 300,000 Display ads impressions or in proportional combination with other Digital Ad Servings (swops ok). Monthly Traffic reports provided and verified with Google Analytics. » Local Internet users will see your ad » ConversionRate Tracking reports which visitors turn into buyers Serving 4.4 Display Ads Basic Keyword Research Serving 4.3 Search Ads Basic Primary Benefits: Likely Best bang for your buck Direct Sales Immediate Market Share Increase your website traffic, Capture your competitors market share Snipe competitor referrals Primary Benefits: Boost your other marketing: memory recall up 80% Top of Mind Awareness Direct Sales “Echo” effect Display Ads can appear on almost Any Website ( Reach = almost 90% of local online users) Display Ads statistically boost Search Ad Results & Recall Very Affordable CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions) •Ad Development •Competition Attack Plan •Split Testing •Optimization •Reporting Description: Display ads are image based ads. Online display ads have awesome reach (almost 90% of local population) and allow businesses to saturate the local public with branding where online users spend most of their time, not on search but on content websites. Each time an ad is served it is registered as an “Impression.” . . pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5928 *104 *107
  30. 30. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving 4.6 Ad Boost & Premium Targeting Serving 4.5 Social Ads Basic Primary Benefits: ‘Lowest Hanging Fruit’ offers direct sales More Website & Facebook Traffic Instant Exposure Serving4.5 Social Ad Basics ( 2 week implementation 6 months coverage or customized ) Value: $1,800 (swap with 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 optional) Ingredients: Details: Purpose: 500,000 Ad ImpressionGuarantee 83,333/ mo 500,000 Display ads impressions or in proportional combination with other Digital Ad Servings (swaps ok). Targeted by demographics,interests, associations,past like history, geo-location etc. Ad development Analytics,split testing, reporting & optimization. » Excellent Branding and long-term benefits » “RollingSnowball effect” =Social Media Spend per customeracquisition lowers as connections raise, Cost Shape = Pyramid.Compare this with Traditional Media Ad spend cost per customer acquisition in which costs are constant, Cost Shape = Skyscraper. Sponsored Story :in-stream Ad Share posts and content. Seen by those connected to your brand or friends. Ad :Spread branding or direct sales. Targeting by interests, location, associated groups, Like history, demographics. Advanced Display & Social Ad Tactics Retargeting: identification of previous website visitors to specifically serve the ads Behavioral Targeting: identification of online users especially likely to need your product/service based on their browser history Specialty Ad Spots: Unique opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Local Website Advertising: advertise where your prospects get local news Social Influence, Connections & Like History: audience identified via friend connections and past Likes. Advanced Search Ad Tactics Competitor Keyword Campaign: Statistical surveys have showed upwards of 8% lift in website traffic when competitor brand keywords incorporated into search ad campaign High Ad Quality Scores: Increases Response Rate providing bigger bang for the buck. Long Tail: advertising MORE to LESS i.e. focused drive to capture “niche” keywords and phrases. Serving4.6 Advanced Targeting Boost ( 2 week implementation 3-6 months coverage or customized ) Value: $3,600 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Advertising Boost Increasingthe Impact of Servings 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 or combination thereof to more than 300% of original footprint i.e. 1,000,000 Targeted Display Ad Impressionsor 1,500,000 Premium Social Ad Impressions . Expanded Search Keyword advertising. » Massive Prospect Traffic » Immediate Direct Sales » Excellent Search Keyword Presence » Engaged Long Tail Advanced Targeting PremiumAudience targeting built on targeted behaviors,interests, demographics,location, social connections,Like history,income/zipcode, etc. Advanced techniques like Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Specialty Spots, Page Takeovers,Local Website Targeting, Mobile Targeting , Dynamic Ads, Echo Recall,Quality Score Enhancement, Competitor Market Share Attack Plan, Long Tail Search Optimization. » PremiumTargeting has Greater Response Rate » Brand to the Right Audience » Increased Ad Recall » ConversionRate Optimization Description: Take advantage of the latest techniques to leverage your advertising campaign. Techniques like Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Interest Based Targeting, Remnant ad buys, large RON (Run of Network) coverage. For Search Ads increase your business’ Keyword domination and results, expand with “long tail” search keywords, expanded competitor advertising. . . Primary Benefits: High Conversion Rates Direct Sales Decrease Competitors’ web traffic while increasing your own. Description: Facebook ads are necessary for every single business. They generate social proof, direct sales opportunity and with very effective results can give your business a real local audience ready to purchase your product and services &/or recommend you to others. . . 29 *104 Primary Benefits: 300% higher CTR (click thru rate) typical with Premium Targeting Affordable Top of Mind Awareness . Typically less costly CPM (cost per 1,000) reach then traditional advertising channels. Ubiquitous local presence, syncs well with other advertising
  31. 31.       $3,000 $1,800$6,000$9,000              Digital Advertising Marketing Menu Choose 1 4.1Ad Services: Dev, Analytics, Split Tests, Optimization, Reporting 4.2 Online Classifieds 4.3 Search Ads Basic 4.4Display Ads Basic 4.5 Social Ads Basic 4.6 Ad Boost & Premium Targeting 4:B 4:C 4:D4:A SuggestedIntegrations -or go to -or complete page 64 & Mail to P.O. Box 7143 Chico, Ca 95927-7143 -or complete page 64 & Fax to 530-267-3331 Please Select Your Order & Payment Method -Scan QR code -or call us at 1-866-614-4429 for personal pick up &/or meet and greet Ingredientvalue $13,300 $9,700 $7,900 $6,100 $3,000 6.C Website Development & SEO $3,600 3.C Video Production & Promotion 30 $2,450 1.C Social Media Marketing
  32. 32. 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 Local Maps, Directories, Review & Check in Sites Serving 5.1 Local Maps & Directories Search Rankings Report, Competitive Analysis & Citations Review Serving5.1 Local Maps & Directories Search Rankings Report (6 months reporting) Value: $2,000 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Rankings,Reviews& Citations Report Photo analysis, pic, video count, Google page rank, SEO competition data, citation analysis,mobile website detection flash, Facebook fan data, social media metrics,Yelp Tripadvisory,Yahoo local, Zagat, Superpages,yellow pages & more. Reputation ratings KPI’s and industry , distribution analysis,Kazoo, Urban spoon, Yahoo local,Yahoo travel,Merchant circle, Wordcloud,total social media posts, Twitter posts, check ins. » Identify industry leaders » Identify and Track local search rankings » Reconnaissance Reputation Watch 6 months ongoing brand name reputation watch reports. Service includes brand keyword surveillanceon social review sites, directories,media networks and search engines. » Keep on top of Brand name recognition and citations Description: Gain an overall picture of your local search rankings (Map & Search) and track progress over time with our report showcasing easily identifiable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) focused on profits. Our report will find Keywords related to your services, products and brands, and also identify “long tail” niche keyword opportunities often with more profit potential than more competitive keywords. Along with an analysis of competitors rankings and citations. A Competitive analysis and citations review identifies where your competitors’ businesses’ addresses, phone numbers, and/or websites are referenced online. Using this knowledge means you can rank your address & websites alongside your competition and capture market share & optimize Google local search rankings. Keep tabs on your online presence with our Monthly Reputation Reports, KPIs focused on profits. Online Maps & Directories Analysis & Reporting…………... Google Places Optimization: link expansion & customization…. 2nd Tier directory Optimization....……………………... Facebook Places Optimization……………………........ Virtual tour, Photoshoot, Reality Show Mini Series….…….... Yelp Premium Advertising…………………….......…. 31 *108 One in Four Google Searches are for Local Goods or Services *108
  33. 33. Serving 5.2 - Google + Local Maps Verification & Optimization Serving5.2 Goolge Plus Local Maps Verification & Optimization (4 weeks implementation, permanent ownership benefits, 6 months reporting & optimization) Value: $2,400 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Verification Verify your Business is Recognized and our 3rd party authorization to manage your profile via a simple mailingor receiving phone call and recording PIN or faxing power or utility bill to 530-267-3331 » With verification comes the ability to offer social deals and loyalty programs » The businesses that ‘claim’and optimize their profiles have the best rankings and most traffic. » Local Search Traffic is very high and this is the best driver of ready-to-buy shoppers to your website. » Connects to Prospects Ready to Buy Developmentand Infrastructure Optimization We optimize your account with Customized Content, graphics,SEO links,social media integration, solicitations,opt-in capture, coupons, video. » Rank Better with Local Searches! » Low hanging fruit which should be captured immediately before it ‘rots’ ie. market share devoured by competitor because they have higher map ranking. Analytics Unique Phone Number with monthly reports, online access,dashboard integration. Links tagged with identificationas coming from directory » Precision » Systematization & Optimization » Profits Serving5.3 Secondary Tier Directory Optimization (2 weeks implementation, 6 months reporting & optimization) Value: $1,500.00 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Verification Verify your Business is Recognized and our 3rd party authorization to manage your profilevia a simple mailing or receiving phone call and recording PIN or faxing power or utility bill to 530-267-3331 » With verification comes the ability to offer social deals and loyalty programs Local SEO Boost Connected listing to the most popular locally used directories and websites. Top 10 Local SEO Best Practice list. Niche site connections. Competitors citation duplication program.Backlink program. » Strong local store exposure for franchisee and company stores (which is often tough with SEO/SEMefforts-often local store/franchiseeis ‘eclipsed’by corporate presence which may not produce optimum local engagement. Analytics Unique Phone Number with monthly reports, online access, dashboard integration. Unique Links tagged with identification as coming from directory » “Long Tail” traffic » Systematization & Optimization » Profits Developmentand Infrastructure We optimize your account with Customized Content, graphics, SEO links,social media integration, solicitations, opt-in capture, coupons, video. » Rank Better with Local Searches! » Low hanging fruit which should be captured immediately before it ‘rots’ ie. market share devoured by competitor because they have higher map ranking. Serving 5.3 2nd Tier Directory Optimization Prime Benefits: •Long Lasting Benefits to your new customer acquisition •Profit Principals : Low Hanging Fruit •Pick the Prospects who are at the decision point Optimization of all the Important Local Map / Directory Solutions Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, & Others. Tailored to your industry niche Prime Benefits: •Maximize Local Search Conversions •Beginning of Brand Relationship is very important •Google Plus Local = Most Popular Local Maps/Directory Solution Description: Optimizing your Google Plus Local Business Page (aka Maps Directory) formally known as “Places” might well be the most lucrative and effective measure you can take to secure your share of the search engine results page. We will optimize your Google Local presence with best practice use of content, pictures, videos, coupons, promotions, social media integration, virtual tours inside store (available on select basis.) Included is Monthly SERP (Search Engine Results Page) “Keyword location” rank tracking and reporting of your business’ Places page. Estimates are that less than 16% of Google Places/Local Business Profiles have been verified. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5932 *109 Description: Development & Optimization of Local Listings: Yelp, Bing, Yahoo Local Listings, City Search,, Merchant Circle and more. These valuable inbound links will help your website in Search Rankings (SEO). Local franchisees and multi-location businesses are often eclipsed by their parent company. We’ll make sure you have a strong local presence with optimum local engagement.
  34. 34. pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59 Serving5.4 Facebook Places & Check Ins (2 week implementation, permanent benefits, 6 month management) Value: $1,800 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: Verification& Optimization Verify your Business is Recognized and our 3rd party authorization to manage your profile via a simple mailing or receiving phone call and recording PIN or faxing power or utility bill to 530-267-3331. Initial Optimization Development. » With verification comes the ability to offer social deals and loyalty programs » Places Optimization Facebook “Offers”Promotion Development,Promotion and monitoring of “Offers”campagin, optional offers include “In Store,” “Online,”or hybrid (“In Store & Online”).A special news feed is generated when an offer is created and this story is shared to the friends of those claiming your offer. » Very well received and easily adopted by anyone with a smartphone » Greatway to incentivize more purchases. » Viral Social Sharing.When a fan claims an offer a special news feed story is spread to their friends,giving them the chance to “claim” Facebook “Check in Deals” Promotion Development,Promotion and monitoring of Deals campaign, can include 4 types of deals: Individual,Loyalty, Friend, or Charity. » Encourage Direct Sales » Get Friends of Friends to notice your brand and increase Social Credibility In-Store Collateral & Signage Check-in stickers and posters, 2 custom marketing image designs, 500 social media business cards, 1,000 promotional print coupons,2 posters, A-frame/Standalone signage. » Efficiently invite » Add-ons » On-the-spotspecials » Unique offer distinguishes business Serving 5.4 Facebook Places Optimization, Integration with Timeline, Offers & Check In Deals Description:Facebook Places is the business directory and maps solution for local businesses. Facebook Places allows customers to share that they’ve visited a business’ physical store location by “checking in “ on their mobile phones. Not only do check-ins facilitate superior social credibility branding, they can also create direct sales. An excellent way to profit from Facebook Places Check In feature is to incorporate Facebook Deals into your business’ Places page. Deals gives businesses the opportunity to reward customers when they check in on Facebook, and this helps generate awareness to their friends, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty. Deals connects businesses with people and helps them become an even larger part of their customers’ conversations. Facebook offers four types of deals (subject to change): Individual Deals, Loyalty Deals, Friend Deals, and Charity Deals. Prime Benefits: New Revenue Channel Direct Sales Leveraged Social Sharing 42 million users have claimed Offers and 100,000 businesses have used the product. Facebook ‘Offers’ has a broader audience appeal because it is available to claim for users who are either; online, in- store, or hybrid (online or in-store). A well-orchestrated Offer promotion can reach an entire community or even national levels. A best practice is to split test and rotate offers to find the path of least resistance and then vigorously promote those winning deals and offers with various combinations and frequency. , 33 *110
  35. 35. 360 o Serving5.5 Virtual Tour, Professional Photo Shoot & Reality Mini-Series (3-12 weeks Production to Syndication) value: $2,500 Ingredients: Details: Purpose: PhotoShoot 4hours of in-store and/or in-field photography with hi-def cameras for photo, panorama, & video. Includes product showcase photo series » Polished Professional Imaging for your business’ Products & Services Editing & Development PanoramicVirtual Tour-Interactive Image with user manipulated perspective control and associated landing page platform(s). Action Videos, Sound tracking, Professional Actor Voice-Over's,Image manipulation (adding Product Numbers or Business Contact info, blurring,etc) » Provides Depth of Brand » Outshine Competition » More info, more entertainment, better look Integration & SEO Boost Embedded Virtual Tours and Business maps page, website, landing page, Facebook, Pinterest & social media integration. » More quality links » IncreasesGoogle SERP(Search Engine Results Page) Content Themed Series; Mini Reality Show / Virtual Tour Live action ‘documentary style’ video series showcasing services, products,customer engagement, Video Testimonials,Presentations or another aspect of your business from the “backend” perspective. » GivesStrategic Direction » Increase Recall and Return of Prospects Serving 5.5 Virtual Tour, Professional Photo Shoot & Reality Mini-Series Serving 5.6 - Yelp Premium Membership Serving5.6 Yelp Premium Membership (6 months managed sponsorship) Value: $2,500 Ingredient: Details: Purpose: Yelp Advertising Enhanced Listing Keyword initiated advertising. Industry, Brand, Competition Targeting. Display ads and Blocking Competitors ‘Ads on Directory Page. » Outshine Competition » 100% more response than non-advertised accounts (*Yelp Statistics ) Check Ins & Deal offerings Development,Promotion and monitoring of Check In deals campaign. When elected by businesses Yelp users can purchase Gift Certificates &/or Deals right from Yelp (Yelp receives 10-30% of purchase value) » Very well received and easily adopted by anyone with a smart phone » Greatway to incentivize more purchases. » Reporting identifies most successful strategies ReviewOversight& Negative Publicity Mitigation Response 24 /7 Yelp ReviewTracking with appropriate pre-authorized yet customized response posting to mitigate and repair potential damage to your brands’ perception value. » Prevention is the Best Medicine » Turns Lemons into Lemonade » The most vocal negative reviewers are often also the most ardent business referrers…ifthey can be satisfied &/or pacified. Description: Yelp is a popular directory offering direct advertising to its directory members including Targeted Local Advertising. We will coordinate an effective Yelp advertising campaign for your business. Advertisements on Yelp Search Yelp Ads are placed on search result pages, so that users searching in your area will see your business above Yelp's natural search results. Advertisements on Related Businesses Ads are also placed on the business pages of nearby businesses in your category. Removal of Competitor Ads Advertising on Yelp will remove competitor ads from your Yelp business page, allowing you to keep the purchasing focus on your business. Description: We’ll coordinate a convenient photo shoot inside your business or out in the “field”. On-site photographer will capture and develop a stunning perspective of your business in-store &/or in-field with 360 degree Panoramic Hi-Definition Interactive Imagery. Geared to create familiarity with your business from your prospects’ perspective, especially those using the internet to guide their purchase decision. Virtual Tours can be viewed online on your business’ website &/or landing page &/or Local Maps directory. Perceived Value is REAL VALUE Organic Optimization Paid Optimization pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 5934 Our photographers use high-quality panoramic imagery, allowing businesses to offer customers an interactive tour without physically setting foot inside - perfect for showcasing the ambiance of a wine bar or the layout of a gym.
  36. 36.       $2,450 $1,250$3,600$5,250            5.1Maps & Directories Search Rankings Report, Competitive Analysis & Citations Review 5.2Google Places Optimization: link expansion & customization 5.3 2nd Tier Directory Optimization 5.4 Facebook Places Optimization, Integration with Timeline & Check In Deals 5.5 Virtual Tour, Photoshoot and Reality Show Mini-Series 5.6 Yelp Premium Membership Local Maps, Directories, Review sites & Check ins 5:B 5:C 5:D5:A SuggestedIntegrations -or go to -or complete page 63 & Mail to P.O. Box 7143 Chico, Ca 95927-7143 -or complete page 63 & Fax to 530-267-3331 Please Select Your Order & Payment Method -Scan QR code -or call us at 1-866-614-4429 for personal pick up &/or meet and greet Ingredientvalue $12,700 $10,200 $7,700 $4,400 Earned Integration Credit $500 $500 $3,000 4.C Digital Ads $3,000 6.C Website Development & SEO $1,250 2.D Mobile & Email Marketing $3,600 3.C Video Production & Promotion 35
  37. 37. Overall SEO Strategies are still one of the Most Profitable Business Marketing Opportunities. SE Marketing Menu inc. President Garrett Vatcher and ChicoBusiness owner Mike Hidahl Celebrating another successfulConversionReport. 90% Search Clicks are on the a1st Page of Results. •93% of Marketers surveyed (n=1530) said Content creation was the most effective SEO tactic •More than 88% of marketers surveyed reported effective to very effective SEO and SERP results for the techniques of title tags, keyword and keyphrase research, seo landing pages, url structure and external link building, meta description tags blogging xml sitemap •67% of consumers researched online prior to purchase during the holiday season. •A Website Ecosystem is the Command and Control Hub for all other business public relations platforms. •Competitive benchmarking is important! “the competition sets your prices.” –Brian Tracy 71% of corporate CMOs (chief marketing officers) surveyed (population=1,530) rated Competitor Benchmarking as Effective or Very Effective. Successful SEO can Increase Your business Market Share Year-After-Year S.E.O. Facts & Trends 36 *93 *111 *77 *112 *114 *111 *113 *115 *114 pg 3 Pg 14 pg 20 pg 25 pg 36 pg 43 pg 46 pg 31 pg 50 pg 52 pg 54 pg 56 pg 59