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Google Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data


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Finally! Google Analytics simplified...

The following presentation was given at General Assembly in Santa Monica, CA. It dives into the basics of analytic modeling and then utilizes universal Jquery to help set up event tracking on wordpress and any other CMS platform!

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Google Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data

  1. 1. Analytics 101: Harnessing the power of data Garrett Mehrguth, MBA Directive Consulting | CEO
  2. 2. The plan: AGENDA ‣ Introduction ‣ Overview of Analytic modeling ‣ How to Set Up Analytics ‣ Implementing Event Tracking (I have a code that makes it easy!!) ‣ Reporting with Conversion Tracking and Goal Values ‣ Understanding the Power of Segmentation 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION 3 A little about me ‣ I am the CEO and Founder of Directive Consulting. We do SEO, PPC, and CRO. ‣ I like to play soccer and surf! ‣ In my free-time I also like playing with capital and learning how to grow money through proper allocation.
  4. 4. Analytic Modeling OHHHH YEAAAAA!!!! Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data
  5. 5. Hold everything constant and test one thing. 5Analytic Modeling What is it and why should I care?
  6. 6. You can’t test everything at once 6Analytic Modeling Know what your testing The Office
  7. 7. How to Set up Google analytics Don’t worry it’s easy! Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data
  8. 8.  Go to Google Analytics:  Add tracking code to the head of your page  THAT’S IT!!! 8Setting up Google Analytics Overview The Office
  9. 9.  Four Big Sections  Home  Reporting  Customization  Admin ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS 9Setting up Google Analytics Getting Comfortable
  10. 10. How to Set up Event Tracking We GOT THIS!! Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data
  11. 11. 11Setting up Event tracking The magic Code pt type="text/javascript"> ry(document).ready(function() { // When the page loads: console.log("Setting Hook Timeout"); setTimeout(function() { // After One Second: console.log("Hooking onto button Event"); // Stuff to Edit: var cssSelector = '.submit_button'; var eventCategory = 'Form'; var eventAction = 'Submit'; var eventLabel = 'Get Quote'; // Stop Editing. jQuery(cssSelector).on('click', function() { console.log("Triggeting Event"); ga('send', eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel); }) }, 1000); ipt> Harry Potter
  12. 12. 1. Open website in Google Chrome 2. Inspect Element 3. Click Network 4. Command+F search for “Jquery” 5. Install code into head of page 6. Test by inspecting element (don’t forget to clear cache by clicking on the circle) 7. CSS selector equals: . for class; # for id 12Setting up Event Tracking Setting it Up the hard way
  13. 13. Find Event (download link for a PDF): <button id="button">Please click</button> Place Code in Head: $('#button').on('click', function() { ga('send', 'event', 'button', 'click', 'nav-buttons'); }); More details: 13Setting up Event Tracking Setting it up the simple way
  14. 14. How to Set up Goal Tracking Let’s talk $$$ Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data
  15. 15.  What do you want to test?  DESTINATION  DURATION  PAGES/SCREENS PER SESSION  EVENT  We can set these up by going to the “Admin” section than “Goals” 15Setting up Goal Tracking Setting Your Goals
  16. 16.  Clients (and marketers) understand $$$  Take the Average Lifetime Value of a Client and than multiply by Conversion Rate! 16Setting up Goal Tracking Put a $$$ on It
  17. 17. How to Set up Segmentation The Little Things Matter Analytics 101: Harnessing the Power of Data
  18. 18.  Admin  View  Segments  New Segment  Select and Compare 18Setting up Segmentation Create Segment
  19. 19.  REPORTING  Conversions  Goals  Overview  Add Segment  Filter and Compare 19Setting up Segmentation Use Filters and compare
  20. 20. Key takeaways In Closing  Only test one thing at a time  Set up your events and goals  Give them a dollar value  Segment and compare conversions to understand your market 20
  21. 21. A gift For you  In Closing Here is access to our custom dashboard! 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Q&A 23Analytics 101: Harness the power of data