2014 Summer Internship


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Williams Sonoma Summer Internship

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2014 Summer Internship

  1. 1. By Garrett Anderson Operations Intern A Summer Spent With Williams- Sonoma
  2. 2. Senior at the University of Arkansas, studying Supply Chain Management I live in Memphis, TN. (Germantown) I went to St. George’s Independent School. This is my second summer working with Williams Sonoma.
  3. 3. Managers: Jeff Laughter, William Luckhardt, Adam Watkins, Jon May, and Matt Crangle Manually hand pick, bumblebee gun picking, mass picking, conveyor belt SOP-Click Here
  4. 4. Group similar items close together in the mods Increase LPH picked Decrease jams/clustering of the conveyor belts/mods Decrease the number of stops per carton
  5. 5. Mod 3 is jamming and level one is getting way to congested Find “best sellers” and move them to level four (an empty floor) Group similar items that often sell together Put lighter products on high shelves and “top sellers” in the center, middle shelf.
  6. 6. Meet with William Szekely, to find out how to use his program, Qlikview. Find top sellers for all previous sales and create a prediction for what will sell high this summer. Create an excel file systematically placing each SKU in a mod location. Meet with Donna Ballard and Bangone Sithongsouk and give them the SKU numbers, old locations, and new locations for each item beings switched.
  7. 7. Sanchez Hunt 1050 picks in just 6 hours-over 1400 at the end of the day and 240 lph vs the average 77.52 Better flow of totes into mod 3
  8. 8. 7/14/2014 7/15/2014 7/16/2014 7/17/2014 145.2955083 146.0376974 148.3069943 151.9974747 303.5056968 256.6228514 270.1042874 226.0915868 Lines/Work time Other Lvls Avg. M3L4 In only 2.5 zones vs the 16 of every other level (176 total)
  9. 9. Sort Shine Safety Sustain Stabilize Standardize
  10. 10. Distinguish what is needed and what is not A place for everything and everything in its place Maintaining cleanliness Maintain and monitor for adherence Following the rules to sustain Maintain a safe work environment
  11. 11. Separate and color code each area in OB2 Walk each area, speak with associates, and forecast how many trashcans, brooms, and dust pans each sections will need Designate a specific location for each
  12. 12. Order additional equipment and broom holders. Physically move each trashcan, broom, and dust pan to each location I had planned. Mark each location and piece of equipment with the color coded tape and also number each Create a checklist for the lead/manager of each area to ensure each item stays in its location and every section is cleaned daily. Example Checklist-Click Here
  13. 13. Didn’t work quite as planned.. Perhaps a better solution could be..
  14. 14. Hundreds of cartons sent from PZ with either mispicks or missing items At the same time the “swamp” (extras area) was overflowing
  15. 15. Searched through Reddwerks to see where each carton went wrong, for written proof Excel File-Click Here Results: Items were picked and lost in PZ there were no PZ indicators on certain items that were meant to be monogrammed Enforce that PZ keep there extras and “mispicks”, then go through each carton and see if the missing piece was in the extras
  16. 16. Click Here
  17. 17. My managers, namely, Jeff Laughter, Adam Watkins, Jon May, William Luckhardt, and Matt Crangle Everyone who helped me acquire this internship such as Dean Miller, Staci McDougall, Leslie Zurburg, Whitney Adkins, Cathy Quinn, and Craig Connors