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Wheelz india prz


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Social media Plan

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Wheelz india prz

  1. 1. Social MediaPlan
  2. 2. Social MediaAnalysis
  3. 3. Choose ones with most traffic.Than how can you use them:• Wheelz India : 2,639 Likes• Conversations about the services, up coming deals.• Contests for winning free up coming deals.• Wheelz On Rent : 753 followers, 710 tweets• Tweets about the products & services, new offers.• RT, Testimonials by clients and passengers. • You can upload viral videos giving a picture of you car’s comfort, good maintenance etc. • Upload videos which are fun to watch and shareable. • Like a cartoon of Rajnikant saying, “Jab wheelz India sath to Rajni ko darne ki kya baat” • Promoting through a funny + catchy rhyming song. Like Kolaveri ,Gangnam.
  4. 4. Suggested Campaign
  5. 5. We add a bit to make it memorable.Concept: How memorable or comforting your trip was with wheelz India service. People can write about their trip story and how you (car service) made them happy. People can also post short testimonials or how we added a bit to their journey. Cars are hired on wedding occasions mostly, you can also tell people to post their most memorable pictures with or without car. You can post Feedbacks of your happy corporate clients also.The best 3 or 1 STORY, TESTIMONIAL or pictures will get discount on their second trip .
  6. 6. Suggest , so we can deliver best! Asking people to suggest you how to improve your services with same rates but addition to service. You can do this on twitter under the hashtag #Wheelz On Excellence Or #Add X factor.
  7. 7. Tie up with travel sites to publish your ads.
  8. 8. You can also advertise on yahoo India.