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Designing and creatives.


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Designing and creatives.

  1. 1. Creative planning: we had to introduce a nonexisting product. We come up with footwears having detachable heals and front panels. I have done the creative part, few pictures.
  2. 2. EVENT management Project: Organizing Microsoft imagine cup competition in Agra. I designed logo and banner for it.Logo
  3. 3. Banner
  4. 4. Brand planning: An event for promoting i-pad 1, designed a racing track and invite card for it.
  5. 5. Invitation card
  6. 6. Sales promotion project: I designed amagazine/print ad for Samsung washing machines.
  7. 7. Brand planning: I Did lift branding for Honda CR-V
  8. 8. Media Planning: I did the creatives, out of home promotion throughhoarding, danglers, standees. Few examples below.