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Feyeshoppy Best Tempered glass in india


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It is surprising to believe that a small glass is featured with all the above stated characteristics and proved as one of the best mobile accessories. The glass screen protector is very specific in terms of the mobile’s model number. There is a different variety of mobiles for eg Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia and many more. It includes large assortments for various models of different companies including Samsung Note 2, Samsung Grand, Tablets, Laptops, for Apple, HTC, Blackberry etc. The glass is lightweight but tough enough to safe and protects the mobile screen from damages, scratches and dust. It may be that user can feel the screen protector costlier but it is full worth of the speeded money as it is very cheaper than your expensive mobile phones.

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Feyeshoppy Best Tempered glass in india

  1. 1. Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tempered Glass Screen 2. High scratch resistant;1. HD transparence; Features: 3. Strong impact resistance;
  2. 2. Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 Easy wipe and clean 1. Compatible with: Samsung galaxy S4 I9500. 2. Material: tempered glass. 3. Thickness: 0.33mm. 4. Surface hardness: 9H. 5. Border edge: round edge 2.5D. 6. Color: transparence.
  3. 3. FEATURES 1. HD transparence 2. High scratch resistant 3. Strong impact resistance 4. Strong adsorption capacity 5. Easy to paste
  4. 4. 0.33mm Tempered Glass We all are accepting awful amorous for the use of adaptable phones while abounding of us are trending for the purchasing of abundant and big-ticket corpuscle phones. The matte screen guard accepted appearance we all charge is the best operating functions, acceptable in designs, smartphones as able-bodied as buzz should be of awning touch. However, it is difficult to assure the adaptable awning from cracks, scratches and even from breaking. MATTE SCREEN GUARD
  5. 5. Glass screen protector sheets are optically clear. This means the panel has no result on the display’s value, contrast or glow. All devices built into the phone work through the crystal. Devices with front cameras are also natural. At the aforementioned time, these phones are advancing with the avant-garde technology and abundant prices which appropriate able handle and added care. Mobile phones became so acute that it has been replacing the computers and added accessories and alive as multi-tasking devices.
  6. 6. M/s Pantagone Satellite Mail Address: A-17, Janki Nagar Near Suyash Hospital Chunabhatti Kolar Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India Contact No.:9755593274 WhatsApp Us On : 9589038603