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Availability, accessibility,acceptibility in health service


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health sociology, health for all, barriers to health care, culture and health , availability of health service , accessibility of health service, acceptability of health service, public health,

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Availability, accessibility,acceptibility in health service

  1. 1. Availability, accessibility and acceptability in health services Dr Gargi Sinha MBBS (Lady Hardinge Medical College ,New Delhi ), Grad. Dip. Public Health (Edith Cowan University ,Australia)
  2. 2. Purpose For improvement in health services ,it is important to understand the concept of • availability • accessibility • acceptability Acceptability accessibility availability
  3. 3. Availability It means any health care facility should be • in sufficient quantity for a given population
  4. 4. Accessibility It means any health care facility should be  Accessible for everyone  Example, if a breast screening program conducted in a city ,it may be possible that women from rural and remote area cannot reach to the screening program due to distance or lack of transport  Hence, breast screening is available but not accessible
  5. 5. Dimension of accessibility Physical accessibility Non discrimination Information accessibility affordability
  6. 6. How acceptability is an important component? Example- It may be possible in some culture, not to visit opposite gender health practitioner for consultation . Hence , health services need to be sensitive regarding such matter Notice that a health service may be available and accessible however without acceptability of a service , people might not use the service .
  7. 7. Conclusion Drawing from above analysis , providing equitable health for all it is important to • Identify the factors such as structural and cultural . • Core attention should be given to vulnerable and margin Overall, to ensure right for health ,the understanding of availability ,accessibility and acceptability is essential for health practitioners
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