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Renewable Energy Affiliates- An overview


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Renewable Energy Affiliates is an unincorporated JV established to promote, participate and develop renewable and green energy opportunities between International and RSA organisations. Contact

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Renewable Energy Affiliates- An overview

  1. 1. RENEWABLE ENERGY AFFILIATES “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” A USA / RSA Joint Venture Harnessing and Developing Renewable Energy Initiatives in Sub Sahara Africa Energy January 2014
  2. 2. RENEWABLE ENERGY AFFILIATES Overview “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Renewable Energy Affiliates is an unincorporated JV established to promote, participate and develop renewable and green energy opportunities between international and RSA organisations Renewable Energy Affiliates has three founder partners in Scandinavian Trade Centre based in the Republic of South Africa ,Sindal and AES Fargo based in the United States with a Sindal Affiliation in Denmark, Europe. Cato Ridge Electrical Construction makes up the team as a strategic partner and is based outside Durban in South Africa. Vision Our Vision is to become the SME business portal of choice in the green energy market where the development of international and RSA green energy initiatives, products and services promotes ,enhances and develops social development in Sub Sahara Africa. “International wind energy market watch”” AES Fargo RENEWABLE RESOURCE CONSULTING Mission The purpose of Renewable Energy Affiliates is to provide a corridor of technical excellence and support where we can facilitate commercially sustainable ventures between International and Southern African business entities that align to our vision. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 2
  3. 3. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Partner Locations AES Offices- Fargo, Dakota CREC Offices – Cato Ridge Sindal Offices- San Diego STC Offices-Durban Sindal Offices- Copenhagen Key REA Management  Gareth Pollit - Owner/Director STC Per Bjorvig - Owner/ Director STC  Anne Marie Howe - Owner /Director –Sindal Peter Sindal - Advocate/ Director Billy Batten -Marketing Manager  Bill Schwankl - Owner /Director – AES Strategic Partners  Kim Petersen - Owner CEO- CREC An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 3
  4. 4. RENEWABLE ENERGY AFFILIATES “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Our Process Renewable Energy Affiliates (REA) is a venture of four organisations that are able to facilitate business between international markets and Sub Sahara Africa particularly in respect of small to medium size businesses (SME), that singly would not have the capability or local knowledge to enter the market or conversely access the vast bank of knowledge and experience that exists through our international partners in the green energy field. Renewable Energy Affiliates offers a range of services designed to assist SME’s whether from the international arena or Southern Africa. REA interacts and does business with Renewable Energy Affiliates knowledge and experience to facilitate and establish partnerships. Renewable Energy Affiliates can source equipment and services, support business to establish in Southern Africa, monitor and advise companies on opportunities and act as a conduit to effective entry into the African market place. Renewable Energy Affiliates Founder and Strategic Partners complement each other and carry specific responsibilities in the Joint Venture. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 4
  5. 5. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Our Team Scandinavian Trade Centre provides the administrative hub of Renewable Energy Affiliates with specific responsibilities to Joint Venture administration, business development, finance , market research and development of opportunities for Renewable Energy Affiliates and its Clients. STC provides support to international companies in doing business in Africa. Sindal and AES Fargo provides all administrative and technical support , sourcing and liaising of organisations and companies. They are responsible to the Joint Venture for development of technical issues related to green energy. They develop all training and skills transfer initiatives with the African Partners. They provide technical consultancy to REA and its Clients. Cato Ridge Electrical Construction provide all African technical ,project and African conformance support to Renewable Energy Affiliates and where appropriate the party that enters contractual arrangements on projects in Southern Africa. They will develop all training and skills transfer within South Africa where this can be developed through projects. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 5
  6. 6. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Scandinavian Trade Centre was established in 2012 by Gareth Pollit and Per Bjorvig Per has been the Danish Consul in Durban for over twenty five years and now represents the European Union in KZN. His political and commercial acumen have assisted many companies over the years establish and gain a footprint in South Africa. Gareth is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has over 40 years civil, construction and marine experience. His recent roles include directorships and General Management of Civil engineering and Marine Companies in UK and South Africa. The establishment of STC was developed as a new initiative in assisting SME’s enter into new markets in Southern Africa. Full details of both partners can be found on the company web site at STC is a Level 4 BBBEE supplier. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector 6
  7. 7. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector 7
  8. 8. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” SINDAL’s founder and president, Anne-Marie Howe, started in the renewable energy business in the 1980s as the chief marketing officer and member of the management team and board for the US sales arm of a Danish wind turbine rotor blade company. Since then, Anne-Marie has enjoyed an exciting and educational professional career, serving in a number of high-level executive positions. Anne-Marie has spend a great part of her professional wind career in the US and Canadian marketplaces. She has also created global marketing strategies for a variety of European companies, carried out wind energy feasibility studies for municipalities in Sweden, solved transport logistic challenges in Egypt for a Danish blade manufacturer, and acted as a sub-consultant to a Danish government entity planning energy programs for Southern Africa. With her extensive technical and professional background in both the European and North American wind energy sectors, Anne-Marie provides clients with an invaluable bridge between markets. She currently puts her international knowledge and expertise to work as an independent consultant SINDAL Copenhagen: Under the direction of Peter Sindal, SINDAL Copenhagen is our business development arm. Peter holds a Master of Laws degree and most recently worked as a special consultant to the government of Greenland. His background, knowledge, and expertise are taking SINDAL into new activities and new geographic markets in areas that include Sub-Saharan Africa. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 8
  9. 9. AES Fargo “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” RENEWABLE RESOURCE CONSULTING Bill Schwankl is the founder of AES Fargo and Renewable Resource Consulting - with a proven track record and over 30 years experience & accomplishments in new business and product development in the renewable energy business and the high tech simulation industry. AES Fargo is a company providing sales and service of wind and solar projects to homeowners, farms, businesses and educational facilities. Hundreds of projects involving solar thermal, solar PV, wind turbines and solar /wind hybrid systems have been developed, installed and are operational through AES in the last 30 years. Bill Schwankl Jesse Royer He has provided renewable energy consulting services to many cities and universities in the Midwestern region of the USA. Overall skills include creative development and strategic marketing of new products, advanced planning and new business development, creating new marketing strategies and concepts. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Dennis Williams Page 9
  10. 10. AES Fargo “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” RENEWABLE RESOURCE CONSULTING AES Fargo technical and support services extend to include recognised Wind and Solar Experts that have affiliated to REA through AES Fargo. Dennis Williams owns and operates Williams Power Systems in Rural South Dakota. Dennis has experience in many areas of the renewable energy field. He has worked as a commercial scale wind turbine technician and as a Lead technician for a small wind and solar company. He spent three years working to develop a 20 Megawatt, community owned wind farm that is operational in Minnesota, and was the plant manager of a publicly traded small wind turbine manufacturer. Dennis has over a decade of experience designing, installing and inspecting a large variety of renewable energy systems. Dennis has twenty years of experience in manufacturing, and has experimented with renewable energy for over thirty five years. Dennis and his family have been living with renewable energy on their property since 1999. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Jesse Royer has spent the last 13 years in the solar energy industry. Having held positions serving commercial and residential audiences, Jesse has gained knowledge and experience in solar energy business development, sales and marketing, design and engineering, project management, site supervision, installation, and operations and maintenance. Jesse has held general contracting licenses in Minnesota and California. He started his career in the construction industry as a self-employed contractor. As a builder, Jesse focused on sustainable building practices and started working in solar energy in 2000. Jesse’s most recent position has been as Director and Project Developer in the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL). This non profit making alliance is dedicated to making solar power accessible to everyone. US best practice will be engaged through AES Fargo, Williams Power and Jesse Royer in contributing to SME development in Rural Southern Africa Page 10
  11. 11. Strategic Partners “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Kim Petersen founded Contact Electrical mid-1984. In 1990 Kim’s brother Peter Petersen joined the company and Cato Ridge Electrical Construction (CREC) was registered. 9 skilled people were employed, to date the company Employ in excess of 160 skilled & semi-skilled employee’s. The company will carry out projects and initiatives identified through REA where the skill base can be untilised and brought together from many areas of the globe in a coherent fashion. CREC already possess the necessary certification and accreditation to • • BBBEE Level 4 Accredited with CIDB in South Africa across a wide range of construction groups. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Cato Ridge Electrical Construction provides services in the: • electrical construction and manufacturing industry, • In particular medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) overhead lines, • MV and LV cable reticulation, large industrial installations including • The petro chemical industry as well as PLC and DCs installations, etc. • Our modern manufacturing facility manufactures LV distribution panels, • Motor control centre’s etc. as well as Diesel • Generator standby plants • And mini substations etc. • Over the years Cato Ridge Electrical Construction has built a reputation • As one of the leading electrical construction companies in South Africa, • Constructing, and delivering projects to specifications, on time and within budget. Page 11
  12. 12. Strategic Partners “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Cato Ridge Electrical Construction has been involved in the electrical engineering business in Southern Africa for over 25 years and has the capability to design, manufacture, project manage, install, commission turn-key projects from small to large projects R 50’000.00-R 75m in time and on budget. Experience has been gained in the petro-chemical, steel, mining, cable and overhead line reticulation, (Particularly Eskom and Municipalities), paper and other large industrial installations. The management of Cato Ridge Electrical Construction all have practical “hands on” experience for all types of installations. Our motto is “if you cannot do it yourself do not expect someone else to do it”. A lengthy project list is available on request. An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 12
  13. 13. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Services Our services centre around small to medium size facilities that are best suited for local engagement and participation. Core Functions • Green Energy Product Sourcing • Corporate Partnering • Off Grid Solutions • On Grid Solutions • Project Development • Prequalification's and Tendering. • Project Management • Supply Chain Sourcing and Management • Marketing and Sales Advice • Skills Transfer, Training and Education An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 13
  14. 14. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Services Technical and Functional Focus • • • • Solar Energy Advice Solar Energy Design Solar Energy Installations Domestic and Commercial Systems • • • • Wind Energy Advice Wind Energy Assessments Wind Energy Installations Wind Energy Technology Transfer • • • • • Business Development Corporate Support Services Finance Grants Governance • • • • Solar Energy Education and Training Wind Energy Education and Training Operational training. Maintenance training An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 14
  15. 15. “Your Green Energy Portal into Africa” Scandinavian Trade Centre 185 Cato Road Glenwood Durban 4001 South Africa t +27(0) 31 202 9396 f: 031 202 9399 e :info Contact: Gareth Pollit t: 0027 (0) 828 222 532 Cato Ridge Electrical Contractors PO Box 434 Cato Ridge 3680 t +27(0) 31 783 4389 f: 031 783 4832 e Contact: Billy Batten t: +27(0) 31 783 4389 Sindal French Valley California USA t: +1 951 325 8010 f: +1 951 325 8011 E: Info @sindallundsberg,com Contact: Anne-Marie Howe t : +1 951 760 3985 AES Fargo 1607 Round Hill Drive Fargo, ND 58104 USA Contact: Bill Schwankl t: +1 701-729-1921 Renewable Energy Affiliates 185 Cato Rd Glenwood Durban 4001 t: +27 (0) 31 202 9396 F:+27 (0) 31 202 9399 An Opportunity in the Renewable Energy Sector Page 15