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9 still analysis of double indemnity


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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9 still analysis of double indemnity

  1. 1. This is a Universal Studio film which is an international company which distributes films. The first still is a man walking towards the Camera although you cannot see the man, or know his significance. The darkness is typical Noir convention but the background add contrast to him.In this still there is a typical NoirNeo light sign above the manworking, the city is dark andgloomy but the sign tells you whatcity it is which is not normal for FilmNoir
  2. 2. In this still the man is emerging out of theshadows, which is a typical Noir Convention. Although it is hard to see, in this clip Mr. Ned is wearing a trench coat. Which is a convention of Film Noir In this still we see Mr. Neb in his trench coat talking a porter in the lift, from the size of them both you can tell that Mr. Neb is the dominant one of them both
  3. 3. Smoking is a typical convention ofFilm Noir although it is moreassociated with the Fem Fatal. In this still the man is confessing to a murder that he committed for money and a women, which is typical Criminal boss behaviour. In this still, Mr. Neb is having a flashback of he is describing how and why he committed the murder.