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Industrial Air Compressor

Gardner Denver sells the best quality of industrial air compressors which is the best choice of industrial users who works in big factories in Australia.

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Industrial Air Compressor

  1. 1. Industrial Air Compressors
  2. 2. Introduction Established over 150 years ago, Gardner Denver is a leading global manufacturer of compressed air and gas, vacuum and fluid transfer technologies. They provide various quality products like compressed air system, industrial air compressor, rotary screw air compressor, compressed air dryer and oil free screw compressor.
  3. 3. Why to Choose Gardner Denver ? Gardner Denver is an exciting company to be associated with their customers. Their working team is strictly bound under timely manner. They exactly know the needs of their customers in Australia & New Zealand. You can trust on their services and products.
  4. 4. Gardner Denver Products Gardner Denver’s products are highly energy efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. Some of their quality products are as below: ⇒ Compressed air system ⇒ Air compressor dryer ⇒ Industrial air compressor ⇒ Oil free screw compressor ⇒ Rotary screw air compressor ⇒ Compressed air filters ⇒ Reciprocating air compressor ⇒ Air compressor filter dryer ⇒ Compressed air dryer ⇒ Rotary claw compressor
  5. 5. Products
  6. 6. Services Gardner Denver has 20 service facilities located strategically across Australia and New Zealand, and with the team of over 60 factory trained service technicians which are available 24 hours a day. You can easily contact them by email or phone.
  7. 7. Locations of Service Center Australian Head Office New South Wales New Zealand New Zealand Melbourne Sydney Auckland Christchurch 13 – 17 Progress Street 30 Bearing Road 40 Anvil Road 1/8 Export Avenue Dandenong South Vic 3164 Seven Hills NSW 2147 Silverdale Harewood 8051 Australia Australia Auckland 0932 Ph: 03 359 0370 Ph: +61 3 9212 5800 Ph: 02 9624 0000 Ph: 09 426 0370 Fx: 08 326 0371 Fx: + 61 3 9792 0274 Fx: 02 9620 7955 Fx: 09 426 0371 Free Phone: 0800 800 370
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