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Advanced blogging, VT HRC


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Advanced blogging, VT HRC

  1. 1. Going Further with Blogs@VT Now you have created your Blog@VT with Wordpress. This tutorial will demonstrate how tocreate posts, customize your blog’s appearance, and install plug-ins for your blog.Adding Posts• Log in to your Wordpress Blog. Click the Post icon on your dashboard. You will be taken to the Post control page for your wordpress blog.• Next, click on “Add New” at the top of the page.• Let’s get acquainted with the posting and publishing boxes below: Give your post a title here. Embed media in your post like videos, etc. Format text, lists, and paragraph alignment. Type the body of your post in this box. Lets you preview your post before it goes up on your blog. If you want to make changes to your post later without publishing, save it as a draft. Once you’re satisfied with your post, click Publish to upload it onto your blog.More Info:
  2. 2. Changing Your Blog’s Theme• The theme of your blog is a predesigned layout of your Wordpress Blog. Wordpress has plenty of free themes for you to choose from. This tutorial will explain how to change themes in Wordpress.Step 1• At your blog’s Dashboard, click on the Appearance icon.• Notice how this page displays detailed information on your current theme. Take time to look at all the OPTIONS your blog will allow you to change.Step 2• Look below Available Themes on your screen to browse through the available free themes you can apply to your blog. Notice the Activate and Preview buttons located under each theme description.• Once you have previewed the theme you want, click activate and Wordpress automatically applies the theme’s layout scheme to your blog. Visit your site and see how your new blog looks!More Info:
  3. 3. Changing the Header• To change your Header image, click Header beside your theme OPTIONS.• The dimensions for Header images are typically 940 x 198 pixels. Any image not exactly these dimensions can still be used but will need to be cropped. Don’t worry, Wordpress will walk you through this in a separate page if it happens.• To upload your images, select Choose File and then Upload. Only .jpeg, .gif, and .png files can be used.• Be sure to visit your site to see the changes to your header image.More Info: