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Remove Plan

  1. 1. Redpath Sugar Refinery Sugar Beach E02 E03 Sherbourne E06 Common East Bayfront E10 E04 (Corus Quay) E07 E05 (George Brown) E11 St E13 NK10 NK4 Victory Soya Mills Silos NK11 NK7 NK8 NK12 0 20 50 100 200 300m NTS Inner Harbour Remove elevated expressway and build new boulevard Proposed Land Reclamation for Promontory Park Keating NK20 NK20 NK20 Keating Rail Yard St Leslie Ave il lti-Use Tra Mu ore Blvd E Lake Sh NK20 NK9 dge Promenade Waters E ating Channel Ke Proposed Munitions Street Bridge Port Lands NK24 NK23 Villiers St Don Greenway New Don River Bridge & DVP On/ Off Ramp Saulter St N NK20 NK20 Waters Edge Promenade & Boardwalk Proposed Pedestrian/ Bicycle Bridge NK20 New 6-Lane Lake Shore Blvd East of Don River Carlaw NK20 NK5 NK20 Future Sediment and Debris Management Facility NK20 South Riverdale Morse St Parliam E09 EB12 E15 Multi-Use Playfield Wilso d Rail Line NK20 Potential Broadview Ave Extension d il Yar n Ra Harbour Lea NK3 ns Quay E Quee ail Yard Don R Bouchette St E14 E08 NK2 Ave orridor Rail C Logan Ave E18 Parliament Slip Yonge Slip Jack Layton Ferry Terminal Foot of Yonge Park (Future) Jarvis Slip E01 Station Union Eastern Booth Ave E17 NK1 NK0 t (re-aligned) Cherry S E16 (Parkside) Martin Goodman Trail (50m) Proposed Trinity Street Underpass t E22 ain Line gston M Kin Stormwater Management Facility Samll S East Bayfront LRT Transit E21 Aitken St (Future) E20 Bonnycastle St E19 Bala Underpass Mill St Cherry ent St Lower St Jarvis Lower Cooper St New 8-Lane Lake Shore Blvd West Don Lands (PAN AM Village) y Harbourfront Centre orridor Distillery District Corktown Common a Don Roadw Freeland St Potential Harbour St Extension Queens Quay E Rail C St Lawrence Lake Sh ore Blv dE Richardson St Yonge Lower Yonge Station t y Bay S t St Union Sherbo (40m) Frederick St Air Canada Centre St Lawrence Market Poten tial Coope r/ Chu Extens rch St ion New On/ Off Ramp to Gardiner Expressway Front S a Parkw alley Don V ver Don Ri Union Station urne S t Downtown McLeary Park Port Lands