Adam Japko, Connecting with Users: What you Should Know About Search and Analytics


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  • Now, there some tools that you can use (and we use at Z) to make social media marketing an effective and less time consuming endeavor.First is HubSpot, which has been fantastic for helping us manage our content on our website, and make decisions about the type of content that perform well.
  • Adam Japko, Connecting with Users: What you Should Know About Search and Analytics

    1. 1. Content Traffic Conversion Harvesting Blogging and Social Media Marketing Dividends
    2. 2. Unprecedented Drop Residential fixed investment fell from 5.2% average share of GDP during 20 years prior to Great Recession to 2.8% between 2008 and 2012
    3. 3. Rising Tide
    4. 4. Grabbing More Than Your Static Share Focusing on market share decreases dependency upon macro environmental variables, like economy, and drives more exceptional results
    5. 5. Instinctively, Connection Marketing on SMBs Minds
    6. 6. Knowledge and Experience Gap
    7. 7. Interruption Marketing is Over
    8. 8. Mass Media Built For Low-Choice, Interruptive Mass Marketing
    9. 9. Buyer Beware : Seller Beware
    10. 10. Shoppers Increasingly Trust Online Opinions
    11. 11. Consumers Are Comfortable: Are you?
    12. 12. 4 “web fitness” questions 1. Does your blog/website traffic increase month over month? 2. Do you generate a larger number of leads via your blog/website month over month? 3. Do you convert a larger number of customers from your blog/website leads month over month? 4. Do you analyze your results each month so you can continuously improve results?
    13. 13. 3-part Web Marketing Mantra
    14. 14. SMB Internet Marketing Priorities & Challenges • Web Discovery 1. Proprietary Traffic 2. Social Media • Traffic Management 1. Visitor Conversion 2. Analysis & Optimization • Barriers 1. Time 2. Expertise 3. Budget Predictable Discovery Convertible Traffic Optimization Getting Found is the “Head Pin” of Web Marketing!
    15. 15. There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your site
    16. 16. Content Lives At The Center Of Connection, Traffic & Lead Conversion
    17. 17. 1974 Robert Hunter Scarlet
    18. 18. Dispelling Web Marketing Myth #1 “More Traffic Is Better” • Let’s take two fictitious examples – • 1000 search visits/day – • 10,000 search visits/day
    19. 19. Web Marketing Myth #1: Interactions Spell Success • Let’s say NiftyAtlantaLandscape.comis user focused – 35% meaningful interactions (conversions)/day • And AtlantaLandscapeSpam is traffic focused – 2% meaningful interactions (conversions)/day • Then NiftyAtlantaLandscape is more successful – More users (350 vs. 200) engaged each day – More likely to have repeat users and grow search traffic • AtlantaLandscapeSpam is: – tarnishing their brand – creating hazard of losing their search traffic
    20. 20. Grasping Long Tail: “Becoming Most Important Web Page” Source: Doug Cook Search Director Twitter, Yahoo, Able Grape
    21. 21. Specificity of Long Tail Source: Doug Cook Search Director Twitter, Yahoo, Able Grape Landscapedesignpastures treesmaintenancetopiaries LandscapedesignAtlanta pasturestreesmaintenance LandscapedesignAtlanta pasturesandtrees LandscapedesignAtlanta pastures LandscapedesignAtlanta Landscapedesign
    22. 22. Two Ways Consumers Discover You Through Search: General and Specific Direct Long Tail Search Discovery Consumer HOUZZ Dominant Content Provider
    23. 23. World’s best web page for landscape design content
    24. 24. Blogs Are Not Optional In Web Marketing Website that allows you to: •Add content easily/ often •Neatly organizes content for search engines • Can be your main website • Most commonly an extension of your main website •When properly integrated, lends SEO values to MAIN WEBSITE
    25. 25. Blogging Is Content Marketing A. Content that lives on the blog: •Video, Stories, Photos • Stuff that you talk with prospects and customers about • Content = keyword authority • Create high conversion thru long tail search
    26. 26. Example Post 1
    27. 27. Consumers Find Your Content
    28. 28. Example Post 2
    29. 29. Let Searchers Find You!
    30. 30. Example Post 3
    31. 31. Page 1 - Long Tail Search Results…
    33. 33. Conversion Rates & Analytics • Conversion rate is the % of site visitors who take a desired action – sale of product – requests for meeting – membership registrations – newsletter subscriptions – brochure downloads – webinar attendance – project gallery views – client testimonial page visits • Or just about any activity beyond simple page browsing • Using Analytics to know your web conversion rates can inform your internet marketing ROI
    34. 34. Great News For Bloggers: Keyword & Page Alignment Drives Top Conversion Rates
    35. 35. Bounce & Exits
    36. 36. Minimize Bounce Before Conversion
    37. 37. Optimizing Visitor Paths • First define conversions • Create low to high commitment conversions • Check analytics for paths to points of conversion • Know your top landing and exit pages and why they rank that way • Optimize these traffic points? 1. Direct to low commitment conversion opps 2. Align landing page content with arrival keywords 3. Entice more page views leading to conversion Conversion Pages Should be Your Top Exit Pages
    38. 38. Social media is a way to show Google people are interacting with your content…OUTSIDE OF YOUR WEBSITE Intersection of Page Rank, Search And Referral Traffic
    39. 39. Schematic: Integrated Content & Social Marketing
    40. 40. How Does Google Know?
    42. 42. Social Content Marketing Applies to Any Subject: Fine Wine
    43. 43.
    44. 44. Content Marketed Across Social Platforms
    45. 45. WineZag’s Target Conversions Subhead
    46. 46. Simple To Do Checklist • Determine what “conversion” means for your website: Pick 3 ranges of commitment • Familiarize with your website’s linking and social sharing opportunities • Determine how often you update your content. Start thinking about a blog • Install/log-on/familiarize with your Google Analytics account • Check: – Traffic: last month and year – Exit pages – Sources – Keywords – Landing pages
    47. 47. it takes a system IntakeProces s Content & Platforms Feeds, auto- posts, trending topics, keyword alerts Sale > smb enters environment News, photos events. Prdcts, sales, links comments, sharing Content sources Fan Activation campaigns Measurement & reporting Training
    48. 48. 65 @adamjapko Adam Japko Adam Japko