Vhl veterinary medicine provides contents in three languages


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Garcia, Rodrigo Moreira BVS Veterinária disponibiliza conteúdo em três idiomas., 2011 [Newspaper/Magazine Article] http://eprints.rclis.org/16866/

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Vhl veterinary medicine provides contents in three languages

  1. 1. Newsletter VHL 104 25/July/2011 - VHL Veterinary Medicine provides c... http://espacio.bvsalud.org/boletim.php?newsletter=20110725&newsLang... Quarta-feira, 28 de Março de 2012 Newsletter VHL 104 25/July/2011 VHL Veterinary Medicine provides contents in three languages Researchers, professionals, students and others interested in scientific information have access to the Virtual Health Library in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VHL-Vet Brazil) to search its database in Portuguese, Spanish and English. “Our aim is to extend reporting of the initiative, in addition to maximizing access to the VHL-Vet, since we observed there is a considerable amount of search from other countries, mainly from Latin America, and from countries that the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science – University of Sao Paulo (FMVZ/USP) has agreements, such as United States, Germany, . Spain and Switzerland”, explained Rodrigo Garcia, librarian of the School and technical coordinator responsible for the VHL. Therefore language barriers are overcome in the endless space of knowledge found and shared by this initiative. Apart from the option of trilingual access, the VHL stands out by an attractive layout, differentiated services, such as the Online service, the Library blog, and the resource Widget, so that other sites can provide direct access to the VHL-Vet. Furthermore, it has strengthened the use of the social network Twitter and Facebook to disseminate its updates. By means of a chat, the operator, a Documentation and Information technician, immediately serves the users and, if necessary, refers the questions to those responsible for the respective services provided at the VHL. In its Facebook page, the institution has approximately 1500 . people connected to its social network, with posts written in three languages. “We gained taking part in social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, because they represent another information and communication channel with the users and public interested in our contents. In such spaces we share more than at the physical library and this difference is part of the role of the VHL”, stressed Garcia. Novelties coming soon According to the technical coordinator the next step is to consolidate the negotiation with the Latin , American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME/PAHO/WHO) to implement the integrated search iAHx and, with the SciELO (Scientific Eletronic Library Online), to establish the Portal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Journals. “In partnership with the BIREME, we also intend to develop a distance learning course (DLC) to train the cooperating centers of the VHL-Vet in methodologies and applications of the VHL Model”, concluded Garcia. Besides Rodrigo Garcia, the team comprises the leader Rosa Maria Fischi, librarian and technical director of the library of the FMVZ and manager of the project. Written by: BIREME/PAHO/WHO 25.04.2011 15:55:27 h Updated by: BIREME/PAHO/WHO 02.05.2011 13:27:14 h voltar1 of 1 28/3/2012 12:40