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Church & Communications


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A presentation given by Fr. Jerry Martinson, S.J. at the EAPI's Social Communications in Pastoral Ministry workshops in 2009. Includes "The Church vs. the Media", "Models of the Church", "The Church Speaks about Communication", etc.

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Church & Communications

  1. 1. The Church & Communications
  2. 2. The Trinity Father: The Creator source of creativity Son: Word/Incarnation communication, dialogue, identification with listener Spirit: Inspiration/Breath & Communion Building community & society
  3. 3. The Church is Communication Cardinal Avery Dulles
  4. 4. The Church vs the Media Fear of losing control led to fear and suspicion of the media, condemnation and avoidance of media The Church gradually moved toward cautious use and imitation of the media The Church now promotes active involvement in the media Cardinal Martini: “The Hem of His garment”
  5. 5. Models of the Church ~ Cardinal Avery Dulles Preacher: missionary, herald; homilies Teacher: authority, top down; catechism, dogma, clear ideas and teachings Sacrament: encounter with Christ; place, environment, ritual, atmosphere Body: mystical body, community; sharing Dialogue: respect, cooperation; listening, openness, interaction Disciples of the Master: all these;
  6. 6. The Church Speaks about Communication Vigilanti Cura ~ 1936: Pope Pius XI’s encyclical focused mainly on Film Miranda Prorsus ~ 1957: Pope Pius XII’s encyclical on means of communication
  7. 7. Inter Mirifica ~ 1963 Media: A modern day pulpit Social Communications: Announce the Gospel Media Education: How to interpret and use mass media
  8. 8. Inter Mirifica ~1963 All have the right to communicate & receive information The Catholic Press is important for teaching Communication should be a part of every pastoral
  9. 9. Communio et Progressio ~ 1971 Pastoral Instruction: Theology of communication Communication can create Communion Pastors need communication training
  10. 10. Communio et Progressio ~ 1971 Training of Catholic lay professionals Communication should be a two- way dialogue, not just a one-way pulpit
  11. 11. Evangelii Nuntiandi The Church would be guilty before the Lord if it did not make use of communications Mass media can help us to meet Christ Mini/Group media can help us to understand and accept Jesus Christ
  12. 12. Evangelii Nuntiandi Mass Media is the New Aereopagus Like St. Paul, the Church must enter the aereopagus and announce the Word of God
  13. 13. Redemptoris Missio New Way of Being Church
  14. 14. Redemptoris Missio Social Communications creates a New Culture Mass Media - chief means of information, guidance, and inspiration Young people are conditioned by the mass media
  15. 15. FABC Dialogue with The Poor Cultures Religions
  16. 16. Aetatis Novae 1991 Pastoral Instruction on Social Communications – 20 years after Communio et Progressio Practical Guidelines for Pastoral Planning according to all previous documents Public Relations
  17. 17. Asian Synod - 1998 Applied documents to Asian Situation Triple Dialogue Asian Media Experiences New Way of Being Church Pastoral Planning
  18. 18. Church Use of Communication Internal Church Communication ---- Ad Intra External Church Communication ---- Ad Extra
  19. 19. Internal Church Communication Administration: e-newsletters, email, websites, texting, Skype conference calls, multimedia Community Building: teaching, homilies, catechetics, liturgy, religious AVs, media literacy, creative use of digital technology, blogs…
  20. 20. External Church Communication Mission & Evangelization Direct: televangelists, radio & TV preaching Indirect: dialogue with society on issues; articles, interviews, public witness (Mother Teresa), media literacy
  21. 21. Types of Communication used by the Church Intrapersonal Interpersonal Group Mass Interactive Digital Multimedia
  22. 22. Catholic Communication Organizations UCIP Intern. Catholic Press Assoc. SIGNIS (formerly Unda and OCIC) Catholic Film, TV, AV FABC Commission for Social Communication UCAN Union of Catholic Asian News
  23. 23. The Church & Communications