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Ganttic: Resource Planning Features Overview


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Ganttic is a resource planning software that you can use for scheduling people, rooms, equipment, machinery etc. Ganttic knows how to handle enterprise level data - with filtering and different views of your plans, you will have a good overview of your plans. All the changes made in Ganttic appear real-time which makes reallocating resources smooth and diminishes miscommunications. You can choose whether you want to plan a week, a month or a year - and everything in between - ahead with the adjustable timeline. With Ganttic planning means dragging and dropping tasks. As said before, reallocating is as simple. With every package, you can add an unlimited number of users. You only pay for the number of resources you have in use. If you have up to 10 resources, using our software is free for you. For having your plans at one place, you can sync resources to your Google Calendar. Ganttic works great for you even if you have to schedule resources for multiple projects at once and you can set milestones and deadlines if you want your team to be posted about the important dates regarding your projects. Any data you have in Ganttic, you can report, and you can send the reports out automatically. You can have your plans to go thanks to our iOS and Android apps. Ganttic is used and loved across the industries. Our clients are planning resources with Ganttic in Services, Engineering, Software Development, Manufacturing, Creative Services and others. Since the basics of Ganttic are easy to use, the implementation time isn't long.

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Ganttic: Resource Planning Features Overview

  1. 1. Resource planning for the small and the big. Resource Planning Software: Plan, Schedule, Manage
  2. 2. Ganttic overview Discover the Planner
  3. 3. Ganttic overview Your team members are the resources. So are the rooms, machinery, equipment etc that need to be scheduled Schedule Resources
  4. 4. Ganttic overview All changes made in Ganttic appear real-time See What's Going on With One Glance
  5. 5. Ganttic overview From days to weeks and months and years. The choice is yours Adjust the Time Period
  6. 6. Ganttic overview Everything that's going on or only one project at the time and everything that's in between See the "Big Picture" or the Details
  7. 7. Ganttic overview Discover the Features
  8. 8. Ganttic overview Just drag and drop tasks! It's as easy as that! Drag and Drop Scheduling
  9. 9. Ganttic overview Every user can have a different set of rights and permissions. And yes - there is no limit to the number of users with every package Add Unlimited Number of Users
  10. 10. Ganttic overview Have all your plans at one placeSync with Google Calendar
  11. 11. Ganttic overview Allocate tasks to resources across multiple projects Manage Project Portfolio
  12. 12. Ganttic overview Keep in track of everything that's going on and get notifications through our iOS or Android apps Go Mobile
  13. 13. Ganttic overview Keep your team posted about the important dates regarding the projects they are working on Add Milestones or Deadlines
  14. 14. Ganttic overview Any data you have in Ganttic can be reported. And you can send out the reports automatically Create Flexible Reports
  15. 15. Ganttic overview Ganttic in Use
  16. 16. Ganttic overview Clients by Segment Services 32% Engineering 14%Software Development 11% Manufacturing 9% Creative Services 8% Other 26%
  17. 17. From designing marketing experiences with Monday Interactive Marketing
  18. 18. To providing services with Pure Technologies
  19. 19. Ganttic overview "I came across Ganttic and about 3 other tools, and I found Ganttic to be most user-friendly and easy to use." Michael Marra from Endo Pharmaceuticals
  20. 20. Ganttic overview "It took me 5 minutes to be impressed." Alex Trebus from Light-H-art
  21. 21. Pricing
  22. 22. Ganttic overview Sign up for a Demo
  23. 23. Get in Touch @ganttic Ganttic LLC Kompanii 8-3 51007 Tartu Estonia