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XR Stories Funding Presentation 27/11/19

  1. John Rose Adams & Caroline White University of York. XR Stories.
  2. XR Stories will establish the Yorkshire and Humber Screen Industries Cluster as the UK Centre of Excellence in Immersive and Interactive Digital Storytelling. XR Stories is a £15m investment in R&D for the Yorkshire and Humber Screen Industries Cluster.
  3. Research Industry
  4. Collaborative R&D Enriching the visual environments of interactive story-driven games Moving from 2D to 3D and Retaining hand-drawn visual style while Managing production costs
  5. Strategic XR R&D Old Jim’s Library of Forgotten Curiosity and Infinite Adventure This R&D project brings academic expertise in game design and narrative together with Fierce Kaiju and regional coding and sound expertise to: • Identify best practice for player interaction and interweaving of story and interaction that is intuitive, coherent, and engaging • Deliver a polished prototype of Old Jim • Development and deliver pitch at GDC 2020
  6. Collaborative R&D By the rising tide of Humber: Flooding Andrew Marvell’s Hull in VR Masters by Research Digital Storytelling with Amarna3D
  7. More Masters by Research Lag-free audio communication in a multi- user virtual reality environment How do immersive storytelling technologies have the capacity to generate personal meaning?
  8. Strategic XR R&D Fund. To enable SMEs to collaborate with researchers on R&D challenges. • SmallGrants Up to £30,000 for early stage R&D • LargeGrants Up to £100,000 -late stage R&D focused on strong market intelligence to enable development to final marketplaces, clients, or investors.
  9. Strategic XR R&D FundR&D focused on strong market intelligence to enable development to final marketplaces, clients, or investors . Dec2019 Jan2020 Feb2020 Mar2020 Mar2020 Rolling Deadline Projects Start
  10. Young XR Fund £5,000- £30,000 to explore the future of digital storytelling for young audiences . Feb2020 Apr2020 Jul2020 Oct2020 Childrens Media Conference Application Deadline Projects Start
  11. XR Stories Funding Criteria: Collaboration: Between XR Stories partners to include at least one industry and one academic partner. Co-created R&D: Developed by the project partners with the industry partner being the primary beneficiary of the R&D activity. Co-funding: Partners must support the project through their own cash/in-kind support to unlock the funding that XR Stories holds. Shared IP: A model that is flexible and supportive with the maximum opportunity for successful leverage of any IP created.