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Accenture & Genuine Parts: Jay Dettling and Thomas Cook


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The need to provide an omni-channel buying experience touches all industries, and the auto-parts business is no exception. In this session, hear how auto parts industry leader Genuine Parts is leveraging hybris to pivot their business into a digitally oriented commerce engine that drives higher levels of value and service to B2B customers, and more revenue for the company.

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Accenture & Genuine Parts: Jay Dettling and Thomas Cook

  1. 1. Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Jay Dettling Managing Director, Accenture Digital Thomas Cook Senior Director of Digital Channel Management, Genuine Parts Company Speakers
  2. 2. Accenture Digital & hybris
  3. 3. Accenture Digital 36,000+ Digital professionals serving 4,000+ in 49 countries 32 Accenture Interactive design studios, R&D offices and Centers of Excellence 400+ Developed applications for over 400 clients in FY15. 50+ 50+ centers and 225,000+ professionals in the Accenture Global Delivery Network Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. 4
  4. 4. Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Accenture’s CEC practice has delivered the largest and most complex hybris engagements in the world. Our partnership has successfully delivered over 55 eCommerce engagements with global brands, and C4C projects. • Accenture has made significant investments in building our CEC skills across the globe – Established hybris competence delivery centers in North America, Italy, India and Mexico – Existing SAP CRM Delivery Centers – Significant onshore hybris team growth planned for the next 14 months • Accenture is a the Only Global Platinum System Integrator for hybris • Accenture has more than 36,700 SAP-skilled professionals globally, with over 615 hybris resources, and 3,500 SAP/CRM resources, and 100 C4C resources Accenture’s CEC Capabilities hybris Global Partner of the Year 2013 & 2014 hybris North American Partner of the Year 2011 & 2012 (Acquity Group) hybris Newcomer of the Year 2010 (Acquity Group)
  5. 5. About Genuine Parts Company
  6. 6. Who is Genuine Parts Company? Genuine Parts Company, founded in 1928, is a service organization engaged in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, industrial replacement parts, office products and electrical/electronic materials. The Company serves tens of thousands of customers from more than 2,600 operations and has approximately 39,000 employees. With over 87 years of distribution expertise, GPC's commitment and reputation for just-in-time service position us as a critical partner in our customers' success. NYSE: GPC
  7. 7. Who are our customers?
  8. 8. Experiences and expectations in our personal lives affect our expectations in our business lives
  9. 9. Today – At Home And Work, “Digital” Is A Persistent Layer Of Our Lives
  10. 10. We’ve been digitally focused for 15 years, but… Without someone thinking about “digital” across the enterprise full time it’s quite common for this to happen internally… It feels the same way to the customer too.
  11. 11. Our approach to “digital strategy” • Understand our customers like never before • Improve time to market • Stop redundant investments • Build a community of like-minded digital natives • Manage and measure digital channels like any other asset • Grow top-line • Grow bottom-line • Build our brand(s) Focus Areas Business Measures
  12. 12. “I still prefer my local NAPA for most parts, but Amazon is pretty damn convenient...” So why are we doing all of this?
  13. 13. Our digital framework 6.0 Shared Platform Build a core set of information technology, infrastructure and process that provides a common foundational platform for digital business 7.0 Organization, Governance and Change Ensure the linkage between delivering value of the strategic roadmap and the enabling organization structure 5.0 Integrated Business Optimize and actively manage core enabling capabilities required to attain digital goals including channel strategy and management, and fulfillment 1.0 Customer Experience 2.0 Digital Marketing 3.0 Content Management (Web/Product) 4.0 Analytics & Insights Establish the brand- defining customer digital interaction layer across all touch points and deepen relationships with key customer segments Plan, execute, and manage campaigns that drive traffic (existing and new customers) through the purchase funnel Manage and deliver relevant content that engages with internal and external stakeholders to drive measurable results Provide foundation, insights, and forecasting into customers relationships, marketing and digital effectiveness to drive increased sales Provide compelling and relevant experiences to grow share of wallet and retain customers Increase customer acquisition and brand awareness via digital marketing Optimize channel mix and pricing based on customer preferences to drive uplift Establish a CoE to implement and share leading digital capabilities
  14. 14. Why hybris? Digital Foundation hybris Commerce B2C B2B … Product Analytics Asset Mgmt Digital Mktg Content, CRM, Social, Tag, etc. Why hybris? #1 – It complements our business strategy How? • Provides top-tier functionality and architectural options for B2C and B2B • Allows centralized administration and management across instances, geographies, and implantations • Provides a foundation for growth with shared logical and physical architecture, components, cockpits, templates, content, assets
  15. 15. My observations and lessons learned There is no “digital” strategy only business strategy
  16. 16. My observations and lessons learned Plan the 12 course meal, but serve tapas
  17. 17. My observations and lessons learned Plan the 12 course meal, but serve tapas You must interact and observe your customers regularly to learn – not just during a phase in a project.
  18. 18. My observations and lessons learned Be flexible with a bias towards solving the problem, not the technology Take comfort in knowing it won’t be right (the first time) – Assess, Adapt, Adjust, Repeat Don’t celebrate the failure – but what the failure has taught you.
  19. 19. Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. B2B sellers are also looking beyond existing capabilities to the technologies that will drive the future of their businesses. What’s on the Horizon? 62% 56% 49% Automated pricing optimization Personalized recommendations Wearable computing in distribution centers Source: Accenture – “Building The B2B OmniChannel Commerce Platform Of The Future” report
  20. 20. Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. Commerce Everywhere Copyright © 2015 Accenture All rights reserved. 21