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Mobile Advertising


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1990'lar itibariyle mobil iletişim hayatımızda önemli bir rol oynuyor.

Bugün mobil iletişim sadece konuşmanın değil, görüntülü konuşmadan da öte internet erişiminin de ana cihazı demek. Bu bağlamda akıllı telefonların önemi çok açık.

Game Kudra olarak, sitemize eklediğimiz mobilitede ve akıllı telefonlardaki trendleri ele alan araştırmayı keyifle okumanızı dileriz.

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Mobile Advertising

  1. 1. How did our 2013 Predictions fare? Mobile Advertising Trends
  2. 2. PREDICTION 1 Smartphone Advertising will evolve to Smart Advertising. DID WE GET IT RIGHT?    
  3. 3. Brands have started to focus on Audience targeting & engagement instead of just targeting by Platform The Halls „Breathe to Change‟ campaign targeted youth and leveraged „Click-to-call‟ & IVR to drive engagement & support for a cause My E.G. targeted DiGi subscribers to promote their motor insurance by offering free talk time to users as reward Axe launched an exclusive „Trip to Space‟ contest through registration form on mobile and competition amongst audience In 2013, we witnessed a fair number of smart & innovative mobile ad campaigns on our network focused on increasing engagement with the target audience, based on their mobile usage and behavior, irrespective of the mobile platform they were present on. Source:
  4. 4. PREDICTION 2 Developers will blend InApp purchases with Ads based revenue in parallel DID WE GET IT RIGHT?    
  5. 5. Advertising & In-App purchases continue to grow as preferred revenue models in 2013, while developers have started moving away from Paid Downloads 38 % 2012 2012 Pay per download Advertising In-app purchases 25 % 18 % 26 % 2013 2013 19 % 33 % 32 % 34 % Revenue models adopted by mobile app developers (%) Freemium 84% of the top 100 highest-grossing apps in Google Play store are free. Popular apps and games such as Zynga Poker, CSR Racing, Line messaging app have successfully devised a suitable revenue model using in-app purchases, branded content and in-app advertising. Source: Developer Economics, App Annie Note: Percentages will not add up to 100% as developers could select multiple revenue models
  6. 6. PREDICTION 3 Telcos will try to get back into the Mobile Advertising space DID WE GET IT RIGHT?   
  7. 7. Many leading Telcos ventured into the rapidly growing mobile advertising opportunity with strategic partnerships India Singapore Indonesia UK Philippines Aus & NZ US EU, LATAM Indonesia The mobile advertising opportunity has prompted Telcos to extend partnerships or turn to inhouse development of a mobile advertising platform. Many Telcos have started relying heavily on partners to gain expertise and build a strong position in the mobile advertising space.
  8. 8. PREDICTION 4 Windows Phone 8 will not stop Android‟s “mass market” smartphone momentum DID WE GET IT RIGHT?    
  9. 9. Android continued to gain mass adoption as it crossed 80% of world‟s smartphone market share Share of Global Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System (%) Others BlackBerry Windows Phone iOS Android 1Q12 2Q12 3Q12 4Q12 1Q13 2Q13 3Q13 Oct‟12 Windows Phone 8 launch Stringent hardware spec requirements at the launch of Windows Phone 8 limited its mass adoption. Since the growth in smartphone market is projected to come from emerging countries, Windows Phone devices are now being made available at the entry level segment as well to entice masses. Source: Gartner
  10. 10. PREDICTION 5 Consumer‟s mobile lifestyle will allow Brands to converge advertising, distribution & transactions! DID WE GET IT RIGHT?    
  11. 11. Mobile is TURBO CHARGING the 4Ps of MARKETING Product introduction, decision process and actual purchases are happening now at consumer‟s fingertips. Marketers have started integrating Mobile in the overall media mix facilitating advertising, distribution and transaction through the same channel. Lines between advertising, distribution and transactions continue to blur. Source: Google Play
  12. 12. Author Dippak Khurana CEO & Co-Founder, As the CEO and Co-founder of, Dippak plays a central role in today‟s mobile ecosystem working with Telecom providers, Mobile Content companies, App Developers, Publishers and Advertisers. As an Internet & Mobile industry veteran, Dippak has successfully played key roles in making revolutionary introductions in this space in the last two decades.