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Engage and keep your community alive best practises and keys to success - sebastien borget

"This is a story of progressive success: launched in 2012, The Sandbox is a world crafting game in 2D with touch controls and access to over 200+ physics elements. It was nominated by Apple for Best Game of 2012 and 2013 and now enjoys over 13M players; 600,000 Facebook fans; and over 1.5M creations shared online. The Sandbox is considered a reference among ""Minecraft-like"" titles on mobile.

In this session, Sebastien will talk about the continuous game development over these 3 years of existence. With the experience of over 35 updates, Sebastien will explore best practices of game updates to keep players hooked, as well as effective community management, helping it become a viral hit!

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Engage and keep your community alive best practises and keys to success - sebastien borget

  1. 1. Engage and Keep your Community Alive Best Prac9ses and Keys to Success Sebas9en BORGET COO & Co-­‐Founder at
  2. 2. About Us Founded in 2011 13M players 25 employees 5 Games Released +2 scheduled for 2014 5 people in San Francisco 20 people in Buenos Aires
  3. 3. The Sandbox is a world building game with touch controls. Play and manipulate over 200+ physics elements presented in 2D pixel blocks that can interact with each others Craft amazing worlds, create pixel art, chain reactions, mini-games, chiptune music, contraptions, electric circuits or just play with physics. 13M Players Building and sharing pixel worlds 600,000 Fans on Facebook 1,000,000 creations shared on our gallery 34 Updates One per month 22 campaigns 325 Quests Levels
  4. 4. Launch on Google Play 1 Year Anniversary 50,000 Fans on Facebook > 4M > 6M > 8M > 10M 32th update > 12M Launch on iOS (May 2012) Our Growth 2 Year Anniversary 500,000 Fans on Facebook 300,000 Fans on Facebook Steam PC Launch
  5. 5. What’s our secret formula?
  6. 6. AnalyJcs Social Media User AcquisiJon Tracking Cross-­‐PromoJon Virality Going Further (opJonal) SDK Toolbox
  7. 7. To infinity and beyond!
  8. 8. Timing is key Updating regularly increase chances to reengage your players Prefer shorter release cycles Look at your Retention Numbers! Day 1, Day 7, Day 30, Day 60
  9. 9. Update Regularly UpdaJng keep your players engaged. OpJmal update cycle = every month!
  10. 10. Players Like New Contents New Features Bug Fixes FREE STUFF! Weight your Priorities! Players Dislike (or don’t care about) Marke9ng Features Various SDKs PAYING STUFF! Think about Players first Adapt to OpportuniJes: new OS or devices releases Define a Template for your Updates
  11. 11. Forced updates? Reduce FragmentaJon of User Base Good updates => More Trust from Players => More Players on Recent Updates Force minimum version only if absolutely necessary Automated Update feature from Apple / Android Top Game Versions by DAUs: 80% on most recent, 13% on previous one
  12. 12. Prepare your Roadmap 1.800 - Gaming 1.900 - Ninja Amplify Version Ouya Version 1.950 - Ecology Steam Version 1.995 - Farm Life Console Version The Sandbox 3D The Sandbox RPG The Sandbox 2.0 Version The Sandbox EDU 1.997 - Brainiac
  13. 13. Cross-Platform Strategy Go get your players where they are J Try to be available on as many pla]orms as possible! Leverage Cross-­‐Pla]orms OpportuniJes (Unity, Cocos2DX etc)
  14. 14. Still listening? I think I understand this guy...
  15. 15. Community Management 1) Acquire New Users - Social: Friends of friends - Virality - More Targeted 2) Engage & Retain - Engagement - Listening & User-Support - Improvement
  16. 16. Community Management Simple Facts -­‐ MarkeJng Team = • 1 Community Manager (intern) • Myself (not even full-­‐Jme) -­‐ Average Organic to Paid Users raJo = 95% -­‐ Monthly MarkeJng Budget = $10K USD max -­‐ Indies don’t have money, but crea9vity and mo9va9on!
  17. 17. Be fun and original It helps a lot when you are very creaJve J
  18. 18. Looking for inspiration? Best Prac9ses of Community Management Follow this cheat sheet
  19. 19. The Basics Just for starters.. Let’s get warmed up! TEASING NEW RELEASES
  20. 20. Intermediary Level Enough talking about your product! Now engaging players beyond it MINI-GAMES HOW-TO & TUTORIALS
  21. 21. Advanced Level I told you too much already Keep this a secret for this room REWARDING EVENT RELATED SUPPORT A CAUSE
  22. 22. Make your Own Video Promotion Do it first, do not expect others to make it for you Be creaJve – you will never lack of contents! A whole new User AcquisiJon playground
  23. 23. Turn Players into Evangelists Let your players take screenshots, brag about their scores or achievements on all social networks! IT WORKS EVEN BETTER WITH VIDEO REPLAYS! 2 solu9ons to consider: or
  24. 24. Use Videos Curators Players talking directly to players Can drive significant volume of installs... Or kill your game ReputaJon SJll very limited for mobile games, mostly PC games oriented
  25. 25. Launch Contests / Tournaments Increase Engagement by providing a reason to reopen your game regularly Enable Top players to express the full potenJal of their skills Shows off all features of your game Should remain open to everyone, not elite only
  26. 26. What’s next? Real World Events! IdenJfy where most of players are located Kick-­‐off your own Meetups / ConvenJon! Collect feedback straight from players
  27. 27. for today J Questions & Answers!
  28. 28. Ready to craft your own success?
  29. 29. Thank you! Mail: Twijer: @borgetsebas9en