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How to use the repository(1)


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Published in: Technology, Design
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How to use the repository(1)

  1. 1. TOWARDS BECOMING ONE OF NIGERIA’S LEADING UNIVERSITIES BY Prof. Morenikeji, Chairman, Web Content Committee
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION As part of efforts by the present administration of Prof Musibau Akanji in achieving the following objectives: 1. To position FUT Minna among the top 10 Universities in Nigeria. 2. To strive and be rated among the first 1000 universities in the world. 3. To achieve university Mission and Vision of being “……a centre of excellence, recognized nationally, regionally and internationally….” Prof. Musibau Akanji
  3. 3. WEB CONTENT COMMITTEE A web content committee with representative from each schools in FUT Minna was set up to achieve the aforementioned objectives.
  4. 4. Achievements so far Introduction of : a) FUT Minna Repository b) Learning Management System (E-Learning) c) Online Staff Profile d) Email facilities for all members of staff and students e) New webpage outlook After the inauguration of the committee, the following have been achieved so far
  5. 5. INTRODUCING THE USE OF :  Repository  Registration  Uploading Papers  Staff Profile  Registration  Uploading Information  Learning Management System  Registration  Uploading Course materials
  7. 7. To Use the Repository, Visit the University website on Click on Publications and click on Repository.
  8. 8. Alternatively, Visit on a web browser
  9. 9. Click on Edit profile to Login or Register as a new user
  10. 10. Click New user to register for an account or provide Login details to login to your existing account
  11. 11. To Register, Enter a valid email address in the space provided and click on Register. An Email containing a link will be sent to your inbox which you have to click to complete your registration
  12. 12. Click on the link in the email to complete your registration
  13. 13. Fill in all required information and set a password for your new account. Click Complete Registration
  14. 14. How to upload papers/lectures etc
  15. 15. To make submissions to the repository, Click on My Dspace and Login as described earlier. Click on Start A New Submission to submit your papers to the repository
  16. 16. Select the collection you wish to submit your paper to. Click on Next.
  17. 17. Describe the item you wish to submit to the repository. Click Next.
  18. 18. Give further description on the item you wish to submit to the repository
  19. 19. Select type of article
  20. 20. Click on Browse and select the file you wish to upload. Click on next
  21. 21. Verify your entries or click on correct one of these to correct your entries. Click next to proceed
  22. 22. Click on Grant License if you agree to the terms of using the repository.
  23. 23. Click on Either of the options circled below to return to your profile , view communities and collections or submit a new paper to the repository
  24. 24. Please Note that all your Submissions are Subject to the License of use for the collection to which it is submitted and will be displayed on the Repository after approval by the collection Admin. Notice
  25. 25. VC flagged it off on 22nd May 2013 We have uploaded 1) 1 Inaugural lecture by the VC himself 2) almost 250 Thesis an dissertations 3) Some Lecturers have been uploading their publications So far…..
  27. 27. To Use the LMS, Visit the University website on Click on Publications And click on LMS & Open CourseWares. www.futminna.ed 1. Click on Publications 2. click on LMS & Open CourseWares.
  28. 28. It will Display this browser
  29. 29. How to Register and Login
  31. 31. Go to University webpage and Click on Staff Profile
  32. 32. This page will pop up. Use your staff number (PF-XXXXX) to login. PF Number Must be 5 digits long! Example: PF-00001 or PF-01900 Initial password is your first name. Changeable upon login
  33. 33. Staff/Student Audit Exercise
  34. 34. Thanks. FUTMINNA Web Content Committee