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Redbull GT


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Redbull GT

  1. 1. GTCREATIVEBRIEF2013 Launch of:SLCTD_ads
  2. 2. Nicklas Lange Creative DirectorMaria Redeker Media ExecutiveGamal AbdelNasser Account ExecutiveTadas Kavaliauskas Planning DirectorWE ARESLCTDSLCTD_ads
  4. 4. ESSENCEHealthyenergycanATTRIBUTES“Green”sensationaldesignConvientemeasureBENEFITSEnergy supplyingMind focussingRefreshingVitalizingPERSONALITYCaringEnergeticFastVibrantVALUESHealthy lifestyleHigherperformanceoutputSLCTD_ads
  5. 5. SOCIOECONOMIC• Income Level – Above average (£24,407 in UK)• Education – High-school graduate• Occupation – Young professional, managerial• and professional specialtyTARGET CONSUMERSEGMENTATIONPSYCHOGRAPHIC• Personality – Aggressive, ambitious, extrovert• Values – Actualisers, fulfillers, achievers, enthusiasts, experiencers, makers• Lifestyle – Sporty, hard-working, “on-the-go”, creative, settled inDEMOGRAPHIC Male and Female Main target age group – 20-35 Lifestage – collegiate; adult Household size – 1 - 2 Residence Tenure – rent home Marital status – never married(JOBS  CREATIVE INDUSTRY) Travel Media E-commerce Start-ups Financial SectorGEOGRAPHIC Urban areas – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff Rural areasSLCTD_ads
  6. 6. 20 - 35> 20< 5035 - 5020%25%10%BUDGETBREAKDOWN45%SLCTD_ads
  7. 7.  Successful introduction of Red Bull GT into the UK marketStart: two months before the launch. Creation of a desire for Red Bull GT by emphasizing benefits of the drinkbefore launch and when on sale → emotional response Reach a 10 per cent product market share after one year ofintroduction, hence benefit Red Bull’s market share. Strong brand awareness within the young and creative industry Gradually change consumer behaviour from drinking coffee to Red BullGT in the long term.MARKETING OBJECTIVESSPECIFICMEASUREABLEACHIEVEABLEREALISTICTIMEDSLCTD_ads
  8. 8.  Vitalize body and mind A green and natural product, which is trustedto be free of any nasty, unwanted ingredients. An energy boosting drink A one-of-its kind lifestyle and business drink It fills the gap between Red Bull Cola and RedBull energy drinkGTUNIQUE SELLING POINT:SLCTD_ads
  9. 9.  “Gives you wings” Master your duties and overtake competitors. GT is beneficial Healthy, refreshing, vitalizing, energy enhancing,mind focussing, tasty, Power of green tea plus additional ingredientswithin the drink “Green tea, green cans“ Our cans are recyclable and we support anenvironmentally friendly production.ENERGECTIC MESSAGEor how the consumer feels about Redbull?SLCTD_ads
  10. 10.  Keep the core identity of Red Bull Can shall follow the regular Red Bull desgin and shapepatterns. The logo will read “Red Bull”, followed by“GT” in green letters Red Bull GT is available at regular Red Bull suppliersbut attention given to target areas, i.e. businessdistricts within the major economic driving citiesMANDATORIESGIVES YOU WINGSSLCTD_ads
  11. 11. GT GREEN TEAGRANTURISMOItalian phrase gran turismo, is a homage to the traditionof the grand tour, used to represent automobiles, able tomake long-distance, high-speed journeys in both comfortand style.SLCTD_ads
  12. 12. Low Involvement Product/BrandFMCG: Little brand differentiationDO FEEL LEARNAWARENESS TRIAL REPURCHASEAdvertisingWord of mouthValue functionDistributionValue functionDistributionA – T – R MODELSLCTD_ads
  13. 13. £15.9m Total Advertising Budget 50% Red Bull GT Promotional Mix£7.95 Total Promotion BudgetBUDEGT BREAK-DOWNTOTALREVENUEMARKETINGBUDGET£217.4m Red Bull Total Sales in the UK 7.3% Beverage Industry Advertising£15.9m Red Bull Total Advertising BudgetRED BULL GTRED BULLGENERAL
  14. 14. GTSLCTD_a
  15. 15. SOURCES Mintel (Sports & Energy Drinks UK August 2012)• Office for National StatisticsSLCTD_ads