The Galilee Society NewsletterIn This Issue:                                                           Issue 9, June 2004 ...
education, art therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy and didactictesting. Among the scholarships awarded were three schola...
of the family and the role of family therapy, post traumatic stressdisorder, the experience of litigation in achieving rig...
professional Arab NGO. The overriding goal of the Galilee Society is to achieve equitable health and socio-economic condit...
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Galilee Society Newsletter - Issue 9

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  1. 1. The Galilee Society NewsletterIn This Issue: Issue 9, June 2004 • Enhancement of Scientific Cooperation • The Galilee Society’s General Assembly between the Galilee Society and the German holds its Annual Meeting State of Northrine-Westphalia • Capacity Building: The Galilee Society • International Children Day: The Galilee s Awards 107 Scholarships for Paramedical Society hosts a Study Day on Arab Children Studies with Special Needs • Al-Nakba: Palestinians Remember • News in BriefEnhancement of Scientific Cooperation between the Galilee Societyand the German State of Northrine-WestphaliaFollowing a series of meetings between Galilee Society staff andGerman representatives, a high ranking delegation from the Germanstate of Northrine-Westphalia visited the Galilee Society’s RegionalR&D Center and Al-Maissam on 3 May 2004. The delegation was ledby Dr. Getrud Steinbr ck, the wife of Northrine-Westphalia PrimeMinister Dr. Peer Steinbr ck. Other members of the delegationincluded Dr. Hertmut Krebs, Deputy Minister of Science andResearch, Prof. Gert Kaiser, President of the Northrine-WestphaliaScience Center, and Dr. Gisela Steffens, Scientific Attach to theGerman Embassy, as well as other scientists and journalists.The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Mobada Simaan, Chair of theR&D Center’s Board, Prof. Bashar Saad, the R&D Center’s ScientificDirector and Dr. Basel Ghattas, General Director of the GalileeSociety. The delegation listened to a presentation given by the R&DCenter’s scientists regarding their work, followed by a tour of Al-Maissam and a presentation of the Galilee Society’s plans for theestablishment of a Sustainable Energy Center given by HabeebKarayanni, the Program Development Manager of the R&D Center.As an act of appreciation for the Galilee Society’s Regional R&DCenter’s work and in recognition of the Center’s need for financialsupport, the delegation presented the R&D Center with a generousgift of 25,000 Euros. Members of the delegation affirmed that thiswas the first step of a long-term cooperation between the GalileeSociety and Northrine-Westphalia. The Galilee Society was alsoexplicitly mentioned in the context of Israeli-German bilateralscientific cooperation, which is another important achievement forthe Galilee Society.Capacity Building: The Galilee Society Awards 107 Scholarships forParamedical StudiesIn cooperation with the Rea’yah Association, the Galilee Societycontinues its support for groups with special needs, particularlychildren, by contributing to and encouraging capacity building inparamedical fields. For the fourth consecutive year, the GalileeSociety distributed scholarships to Arab students studying forparamedical professions.On 7 April 2004, the Galilee Society held a ceremony in order topresent 107 scholarships to Arab students from the Galilee, Triangleand Negev areas of Israel. The scholarships were awarded tostudents undertaking study in the following paramedical fields;speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, special
  2. 2. education, art therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy and didactictesting. Among the scholarships awarded were three scholarships forPhD students.The development of the criteria for the scholarships, the review ofapplications and selection of scholarship recipients was carried outby a professional committee comprised of Galilee Society staff,Board members and external professionals.The Galilee Society requires the scholarship recipients to completebetween 20 and 37 hours of community service activities in theirarea of residence. These activities include working with children whohave cancer, undertaking occupational therapy at residential agedcare facilities, attending high schools to promote the study ofparamedical professions to Arab students and increasing awarenessof breast cancer amongst Arab women.In order to evaluate and assist in further developing this importantand unique project, the Galilee Society will conduct a survey of allthe students that have been awarded scholarships since thecommencement of the program in 2000.Al-Nakba: Palestinians Remember15 May 2004 marked 56 years of the Palestinian Nakba, literallymeaning catastrophe. This event, which occurred in 1948, resulted inthe exile of approximately 75% of the Palestinian population and thedisposition of about 97% of their land. This was followed by theoccupation of more Palestinian land; the West Bank and Gaza Stripon 5 June 1967.Despite the lack of movement towards a resolution for thePalestinian problem, compounded largely by the continuousaccelerated building of the Separation Wall and the denial of theRight of Return for Palestinian refugees and internally displacedpeople, the struggle of the Palestinian people is characterized bybeing a just cause that has become a symbol worldwide for otherstruggles for peace and justice.The Galilee Society’s General Assembly holds its Annual MeetingOn 29 May 2004, the Galilee Society held its annual GeneralAssembly meeting of the Galilee Society members. Participation inthe meeting was exceptionally high and about 50 members attended.The participants discussed and approved the financial audited report,(prepared by the Consultancy Firm Ernst & Young) the internal auditreport and the narrative report submitted by the General Director. Anew Board of nine members was elected consisting of three womenand six men.International Children Day: The Galilee Society hosts a Study Day son Arab Children with Special NeedsOn 26 May 2004, in recognition of International Children’s Day, theGalilee Society in conjunction with seven other human rights,science and health organizations hosted a study day entitled "ArabChildren in Adversity - Reality and Outlook". The study day whichwas held at the Al-Qassimi Academy in Baqa Al-Gharbia wasattended by approximately 200 participants.The study day consisted of two sessions in which a number ofprofessionals including staff from the Galilee Society gavepresentations and facilitated discussion on a number of topicsincluding effects of political violence and war on children, psychology
  3. 3. of the family and the role of family therapy, post traumatic stressdisorder, the experience of litigation in achieving rights of childrenwith special needs and the adversity of children with special needsliving in the unrecognized villages in the Negev.During the course of the day participants discussed and identifiedfactors that affect children in Israel, such as environmental factors,poverty and lack of adequate infrastructure in Arab towns andvillages. One of the recommendations to come out of the day was aconcept to collaboratively develop a diagnostic tool to identifychildren with special needs, as participants of the study dayrecognized that there are many Arab children in Israel who havespecial needs that have not been identified.News in Brief* Mr. Jacques Salles from Palestine 33 at the Galilee SocietyOn 14 April 2004, Mr. Jacques Salles from the French NGO, Palestine 33, visited the GalileeSociety’s Al-Maissam Center and the Regional R&D Center where he was introduced to theGalilee Society’s projects and activities. Mr. Salles presented the nutrition safety projects that hisorganization is undertaking in the Gaza Strip and expressed Palestine 33’s willingness to start newpartnerships and projects with Palestinians in Israel.* The Galilee Society Updates and Upgrades its WebsiteAn updated and upgraded version of the Galilee Society’s website came on-line in April 2004.Users can now navigate the website with greater ease. The website features new items, such ascomprehensive information about Al-Maissam, previous versions of the Galilee Society’sNewsletter as well as many new pictures of the Galilee Society’s activities.* Galilee Society Participates in the Fifth Anglo-Israel ColloquiumThe Fifth Anglo-Israel Colloquium entitled “Ensuring a Healthy Environment for FutureGenerations” took place in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel from 7-10 May 2004. Dr. Basel Ghattas, GeneralDirector of the Galilee Society, participated in the colloquium and had the opportunity to discussand exchange ideas with environmental experts and scholars who attended the colloquium.* Dr. Hassan Azaizeh at USDA to Enhance Common Scientific ProjectsDuring a recent tour of the USA between 13 and 16 May 2004, Dr. Hassan Azaizeh, SeniorScientist at the Galilee Society’s Regional R&D Center visited the US Department of Agriculturelaboratories and offices in Oxford, Mississippi and Beltsville. Dr. Azaizeh met with Prof. SteveDuke to discuss the results of a common research project, which aims at researching MiddleEastern flora and plant extracts and US natural products as a source of Bio-acaricides to introducebotanical pesticides as substitutes for synthetic pesticides. Dr. Azaizeh also visited other researchunits and met with a number of prominent scientists at the USDA.* Galilee Society Litigates for the Enforcement of the Sajour Stone Quarry’s Closure OrderFollowing the reluctance to enforce a court order issued in 2003 for the closure of the Sajour StoneQuarry, the Galilee Society submitted a contempt of court suit against the Police, Local andCentral Planning Committees. The Galilee Society’s appeal was denied by the court under theclaim that the Police and Planning Committees are making the necessary preparations for theenforcement of the court decision. The Galilee Society intends to appeal to the Supreme Courtagainst this decision.* Galilee Society is represented at the Annual Conference of the Israeli Water AssociationDr. Isam Sabbah, Senior Scientist at the Galilee Society’s Regional R&D Center participated in theannual conference of the Israeli Water Association held on 19 May 2004 in the Kfar Hamaccabia.Dr. Sabbah gave a presentation on “Reducing the Environmental Impact of Olive Mill Wastewaterin the Middle East Region” based on the research conducted as part of the Galilee Society’sproject regarding Olive Mill Wastewater, funded by MERC /USAID.* Free Access to the Rikaz On-line DatabankFull access to the Rikaz on-line databank will be freely available in the near future and asubscription to use the databank will no longer be required. Additionally, the main pages of theRikaz website will be available in Arabic. We invite you to take advantage of the Rikaz on-linedatabank by visiting the Rikaz website at for valuable information on thePalestinian minority in Israel.The Galilee Society- The Arab National Society for Health Research and Services is a leading, community-based,
  4. 4. professional Arab NGO. The overriding goal of the Galilee Society is to achieve equitable health and socio-economic conditions, and increase development opportunities for Palestinian Arabs in Israel, as individual citizensand as a national minority through research, advocacy, demonstration, capacity building and awareness raising.The Galilee Society P. O. Box 330, Shefa Amr 20200, IsraelTel: 972 4 9861171 - Fax: 972 4 9861173 - Email: