4 seasons in nontropical areas


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4 seasons in nontropical areas

  1. 1. 4 seasons in nontropical areas Members : Galih Rahayu Febriana Pangku Shillazid Pradytia Herlyansah Restu Ramadhan
  2. 2. Seasonswinter SpringAutumn Summer
  3. 3. winter¤ In the world, many countries have 4 season.¤ Spring, summer, autumn and winter.¤ Example: Winter in Japan¤ In Japan, the people has many activities inwinter season.¤ In this country, Winter season become inDecember until February
  4. 4. Japanesse people activities in Winter1. Christmas in Japan.2. Snowboarding, sky, and make snow man in Hakuba and Nagano.3. Their make Oden, a traditional food from Japan with their family.4. Their stay in traditional house in village5. Their take bath with hot water in their house6. Their see Winter traditional festival in Tokyo, they called Yuki Matsuri
  5. 5. Gallery Back to menu
  6. 6. Spring¤ This season is a season of transitionfrom winter to summer.¤ spring make the day becomes longerthan the night.¤ Spring is a time of growth, renewal, ofnew life (both plant and animal) beingborn .
  7. 7. Spring In Japan¤ Spring in Japan begin around March 21 until June21.¤ Spring in Japan always celebrate festivals, one ofthem is Hanami festival
  8. 8. Hanami¤ Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoyingthe beauty of flowers.¤ hanami celebrations usually involve eating , drinking,playing and listening music Back to menu
  9. 9. SummerSummer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons
  10. 10. Summer In Japan• Summers in Japan from June to September and bring a mixture of high temperatures and high relative humidity.• Japan is the Land of Gods and they are the reason cities and towns pulse with festival excitement. The intense spectacle and traditions of these 12 renowned matsuri draw millions of people each summer .• One of them is Akita Kanto Matsuri . Back to menu
  11. 11. Autumn
  12. 12. AUTUMN IN JAPAN¤ Starting in mid september until november¤ When the autumn begin the colors aremostly found in the mountain where entireslopes turn orange, yellow and red.¤ In the second phase of the autumn leafseason, the colors descend into japan’scities, where they can be viewed in parks andgardens.
  13. 13. What people do in autumn • Finish the harvest • Put away everything from summer • Prepare everything for winter (clothes/home/food) • Watch the leaves on the trees change color • Rake them when they fall off • Celebrate hallowen • Watch the weather turn cold • Hiking Back to menu
  14. 14. Thank’s for your attention