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Cjds thank yous


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Charlotte Jewish Day School thanks you for all of your help and support during the Kohl's campaign.

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Cjds thank yous

  1. 1. We are here today to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your devotion. Thank you for making this happen.
  2. 2. Maddie Bixen got votes at the vote-a-thon!!!!
  3. 3. Chris Epstein gave permission to get votes at BECO!!
  4. 4. Tracie Wilk raked in those votes at Winthrop College!!
  5. 5. BEN made a facebook account AIZENM AN and voted!!!
  6. 6. Arboretum Pediatrics allowed Rabbi Cohen to come to their staff meeting and present the contest to all the staff
  7. 7. Jayme Cojac , a former teacher at CJDS who now lives in Atlanta, set up a laptop at her NIFTY program and encouraged all to vote!!
  8. 8. “Hi, I am from Charlotte…”
  9. 9. Evelyn and Victor Osborne each made a Facebook page and voted!!
  10. 10. Stacey Simms posted it on her blog and mentioned it on the air!
  11. 11. Rochel Vorst took her 5 children to Discovery Place and “accosted” all who were there!